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Psychic Phone Readings Now                          

Psychic phone readings now are available from 7am to 10 pm without an appointment, 7 days,   A purely first come first served basis.  Gift vouchers are also available (see relative tag) If however,  you would like to book your reading for a particular time in the evening, this is no problem either.  TEL 01333 313351

Arrangements can then be made by the client to have their Psychic Reading when it is convenient to them after work and in the evenings. All Prices * Scroll down, click on the arrow and highlight your choice.

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Telephone 01333 313351

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People ask me if a psychic telephone reading can be accurate.  Of course, it can be, as I use my psychic senses.  Tarot card reading, angel cards and clairvoyance, all help with the process.  Sometimes when a client is very open to spirit I do not need tools of any kind. Instead, I listen to my spirit helpers and pass on what guidance they give.  I also work with your voice vibration and pick up messages that way.

Psychic phone readings now, offers an accurate way to obtain guidance and prediction in whatever is going on in your life or indeed coming up for you.

As I use your voice vibration to work with all I ask is that you speak clearly without giving me any information about yourself.  It is a great thrill for me to be able to tell you what is going on in your life.  No psychic reader, worth his/her salt will ask you questions unless it is to elaborate on a point.  A psychic reading by phone or an email reading with me Joan Lily, is where I give you information with no prompting from yourself.  Yes! it is a challenge sometimes but the rewards to me are not always monetary.

You will be helping our furry friends, mainly cats protection and PDSA for all animals as with every purchase of a psychic phone reading a percentage will be deducted at source in PayPal so we are all helping each other.

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