Addicted to Psychic Readings

Would you believe me if I told you that once upon a time I was addicted to psychic readings by telephone.

I am human too and have weaknesses and needs like everyone else.

It all started when I fell in love with this man.  Yes! I met him on a dating site.  The first and the last time I would use a site like that I quipped.  From that period onwards I decided if some man was for me I would leave it to fate,  I have been on my own ever since because I have put my heart and soul into my work.  Call me a hermit if you like and maybe a big coward too! not wanting to go out there for another dose of pain and disappointment.


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Addicted to Psychic Readings

The psychic readings helped,  filled me full of false hope.  I read into those readings what I wanted to believe.  Out of 50 readings for an example, only 3 told me the truth, the guy was just a waste of space and wouldn’t be around for long.  He was looking for a woman with money and a ready home for him.  I had my phone disconnected because all of those psychic readings cost double what I earned.

How did I stop the cycle of psychic readings each day, afternoon and evening?  It was like I needed a hit like a cup of tea that hits the spot.  I did without my phone for 1 month until I could pay the bill.  In that month I hated myself for being without my phone and for being so stupid.  yes! I learned to loathe this man and that feeling of stupidity on my part made me move on.  The pain was incredible but once my phone gave out its first ring after the silence I had to control my urge for another reading.  I prayed to The Angels for the strength not to use the phone for readings and every time I got the urge I prayed and it worked.  I found my strength in the Angels.

All those psychic readings were a buffer to help with the pain I was feeling.  Pity, it was all one sided.  A shame he didn’t know I owned my own house and was self-sufficient.  A few months later he had the nerve to contact me but I just told him I was far too busy decorating my home and that I had met someone new.  I did meet someone new and that was The Angels, every night before I went to sleep I would ask them for the strength to move on.

I pray for anyone caught up in the psychic reading trap, that you find the strength to stop it.
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Joan Lily Porter, aged 61, Scottish born and bred,Popular and Accurate Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritualist Healer since 1974. Angel and tarot card reader. Obsessed with domesticated and wild animals, especially small furry ones. I love my work as a Clairvoyant medium, tarot and angel card reader. No two days are the same in my work and I meet some lovely people to read for. My greatest joy is to connect a bereaved person with there spirit loved one and to give proof of that persons survival. I enjoy reading the cards and the positive feedback this generates. I live in a tiny fishing village called Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland. My home is right by the sea and in stormy weather I have been known to pick seaweed off my front door handle.