Work in the Psychic Industry

Work from home

Work in the Psychic Industry can be either full or part time and for both male and female workers. If you know your self to have the basic requirement of being able to listen to people then this could well be the way forward for you. Do you feel you have psychic gifts but not a lot of confidence ? this is the way to gain that confidence as a Psychic Reader.

Bite the bullet and acquaint yourself with a set of Tarot or Angel cards with the meanings on the front. The reason I say this is because a concise and accurate reading comes from the divination of the cards. This is the secret to all true readings.

Tarot Programmes

A lot of today’s readers use tarot programmes, which can be quite costly but research reviews before you buy. Some readers swear by them and receive spot on feedback from their clients. You have to start somewhere so why not learn as you go and as long as you advertise your readings for entertainment purposes only then there is no comeback if you get this wrong. If you feel you are making a mess of things then immediately offer to refund the client but with a prayer and a bit of meditation before you embark on your readings, you will get better each time. With the tarot meanings in front of you, the laying out of the cards is your own choice and you must work to that sequence. ie card 1 the recent past, card 2 the present and card 3 the future. These three cards and in that sequence can give you a lot of information. There are lots of handy Tarot Meaning books to have on hand to get more information from the card. I would advise Nancy Garens Tarot Meanings which gives different categories ie love money work etc and a wealth of knowledge. If you have conducted your divination properly it should be easy to connect to your client.

Telephone readings

I advise phone readings where you either work for one of the many phone companies out there or you work for yourself. You will need your own website if you go self employed and you will need to be seen on Google and the social media sites to get clients.

Working for a Psychic Line, well the wages are £5 to £7 per reading. If you can manage two readings in an hour then that is £10. There will always be a job for you as a psychic reader. Most people start out on the psychic lines then once there confidence is stronger, they go on to self employment with a website and eventually go into One to One readings and teaching. It is a job for life and how quickly you move forward depends on you. A basic knowledge of Psychic development and how to protect yourself would be an advantage but it is something you don’t have to digest in one year or 10. It is through dedication and a love of helping others that you will win through.

The downside to this type of work is that you have to put up with peoples moods good and bad. Sometimes they can be abusive so disconnect immediately and sometimes they can be very charming. Some people just want to talk and be heard and you are helping to comfort them so listening is very important. You will hear some shocking problems and I have often sat with my mouth open speechless but also there are fun times too. The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Same Day Psychic Answers

Same Day Psychic Answers

You can send me your most pressing questions and as long as I receive them before 8 pm you will receive a same day answer. Sometimes it is not convenient to use the phone for a psychic reading. Everyone in the household or office, can hear your conversation so not much privacy at all.

With a Same Day Psychic Answers, email reading, you are guaranteed privacy.

I notice since the “stay at home” policy has been in place, that the number of psychic telephone readings has dropped down. Now! is this because husbands and wives, partners are all under the one roof or is there another reason.? Sometimes we treasure our little bit of privacy and by using the email service no one can hear or see your answers, unless you want them too.

Sadly the amount of medium ship readings have increased and I do not charge for a bereavement reading. It is so painful for those left behind and I am only too happy to use my gifts free of charge for the genuinely grieving. However we can all help and pray daily or as many times as you feel you need to. All prayers are heard and sending love to someone who has gone home before you is wonderful for them, also asking for healing for the earth plane and the devastated families left behind to cope helps too.

Sylvia Browne predicted in her book “End of Days” that this pandemic would just get up and leave mysteriously, well lets hope Sylvia’s predictions were correct. End Of Days is available in ebook formula on Amazon for a few pounds. If you try to buy the original book it would cost a small fortune.

Send your email Questions after purchase either by contact form on the email page or by emailing me at lily for a quick answer to your questions.

Keep well and keep safe and if life and people are getting on top of you, remember they are all probably feeling the same way deep down, but dealing with life in a different way. The power of prayer and a bit of meditation in Nature, listening to the birds or the crash of the waves or if you cant get out! play your favorite music for an instant lift. A good film on the box for a bit of escapism. God knows we all need it.

Keep Well and Keep Safe

Food banks for Pets

Food banks for Pets

If you are one of those kind and thoughtful people who donate to the food banks please don’t forget out beloved pets. I have noticed a few times that it is human food only, that goes in the collection boxes. Not once have I seen dog or cat food which I am sure would be very welcome. People who are struggling to buy food and are forced to use those food banks, must surely be struggling to feed there pets too or going without themselves! to feed our hairy friends.

Donate Pet Food to Food Banks

Sharing food means lots of love being shared too. Canine and feline fur babes cannot live on human scraps and tidbits for long. If people can only just manage to feed there children what chance do the animals have of a regular healthy diet. Please donate, even one tin can help. When shopping I always put teabags or coffee in the collecting boxes and that is when I noticed there was not one tin or packet of pet food.

Sadly animals are let go of, because poor people cannot afford to feed them. The animal shelters are over run with abandoned animals. With the covid19 nightmare upon us, financially we will all be struggling in the future. Please remember our furry friends in anyway you can. PDSA for our sick animals and Cats Protection also for those who are wilfully neglecting animals there is the Cruelty to animals and will not be tolerated and the Police should be called along with the SSPCA.

Cats Who Stray

We all know the worry when our puss doesn’t come home one night for supper. Cats who stray cause so much worry and upset around the family. When their absence runs into 3 or 4 days, the feelers are out. Hours are spent searching the neighbor hood looking through the photo box for mugshots of puss to place on a missing poster and social media.

Neighbour’s are alerted, the animal charities and vets informed, in fact our puss has never been so famous. Psychic mediums are asked when the cats return will be. Cats who stray turn the world upside down until they saunter home having spent time with a new found friend. A kindly old lady has started to feed your cat and he decides he likes having a second home and might have a break there.

My cat called Georgy went missing for 6 weeks. I didn’t know whether to grieve for him or to keep praying and try to think positive during his absence. It was the not knowing that was the worst emotion of all.

6 weeks later and I heard that familiar cry as he jumped in the bathroom window and although he was very pleased to see me I was shocked. He was in great condition, obviously well groomed and fed and he just cuddled up on my lap and went to sleep. The wait was over and no explanations needed or forthcoming. Was he a traitor to me? and preferred a change of food elsewhere. I will never know but he never went away again and broke my heart.

Cats who return

Cats who stray can come back as an imposter. Another cat I had disappeared for 2 months and turned up. After a year of his return I took him to the vet for a check up to find out this cat was whole but my other cat had been neutered. Black cats look all the same to me.

A Reading with a Psychic Medium

What do you expect when you have A Reading with a Psychic Medium. What is a medium ship reading? Will the reading be scary and conducted in the dark?. Spirit people don’t like the dark, they prefer constant light which can dim or lighten when needed. The beautiful fluorescent colors that encompass and surround spirit are breath taking. I feel very honored and loved to be trusted to see glimpses of the spirit realms. The colors of the rainbow make me want to cry with the beauty of it all. When I conducted a medium ship reading recently, all the spirit loved ones of my sitter, were sat around a huge table. Celebrating the fact that they were having communication and a reunion with there earth family through me, the Medium. A Reading with a Psychic Medium is not scary. Visualization is the key and anything they want they can have. A lot of laughter and talking going on and spirit peeps who hadn’t seen there spirit friends for a while either. Now you might think why would spirit people eat and drink like we do on earth.

What is the spirit world like

The reason is when we pass over to spirit the surroundings are kept very much like the earth plane. But without the earthly difficulties and worries of all descriptions. A medium ship reading wakens us up to what is going on. When we wake up in the spirit realms we are welcomed by our family members. A reading with a psychic medium can bring lots of happiness and laughter. We do not feel totally lost when we are greeted by spirit loved ones. Just as we can send our thoughts of love to them, that thought, is picked up instantly, by the person or persons in your thoughts. A thought is a thing.

What a psychic experience

A reading with a psychic medium, is a great experience. Of course our spirit loved ones have emotions too and worry and cry for us. If this was not the case then what is love all about? I can get quite emotional conducting a medium ship reading and I don’t even know the sitter or her/his spirit family. It is just such a wonderful experience for all concerned and very much proof that we cannot die. A reading with a psychic medium can change your life for the better. Only the physical body dies off, but our soul or spirit goes on and on. Spirit people can materialise as if in there earthly body, otherwise how could we all be recognised.

Are You a Psychic Junkie

Are You A Psychic Junkie

A Psychic Junkie is someone who can have up to 5 + readings a day. Are you a psychic junkie? It is great to have a psychic reading by phone or email. A psychic reader gives you the answers you wanted to hear, hopefully. You experience a feeling that all is well after the reading. To find in about an hour, you are full of doubts about whatever problem you are trying to deal with. Why not ring up for another psychic reading with a new psychic reader and so it goes on. Are a Psychic Junkie. The readings become like a drug you must have. The cost goes through the roof and then you question were those people who predicted my future authentic psychic readers.

The truth is you have to “suck em and see” but the proof is always in the pudding. You have to wait on those predictions coming right. I like to have a psychic reading but it has taken me years to find a few tried and trusted psychics. It is therefore good to write down the readings you have had and make notes about the outcome in the future. How to cure a Psychic Junkie is to stop completely before your phone is disconnected because these readings can run into hundreds of pounds. Yes you are worried about the future but adding financial burdens to it is not helpful. Bite the bullet and how about asking the Angels for help or learn to self read a pack of Tarot Cards with meanings instead.

I hope this helps you kick the habit. Think positive and positive things will happen. A pack of good tarot cards can be bought on Ebay for £6 upward and

One to One Psychic Prediction

One to One Psychic Prediction

One to One Psychic prediction is available by appointment only.  Please ring 01333 313351 or enquire by email to  The only thing you have to bring, is yourself.


A private One to One Psychic Prediction cost £45 for an hour, which is very competitively priced.  Refreshments are available.  I am based in Pittenweem, fife and people travel from as far as Newcastle, to have a reading with me.


People book readings for anniversaries, birthdays and as gifts for others.  This is a very special gift to give someone. Just ring 01333 313351 to make your appointment.  Please enquire to see if there are any appointments free on a certain day or evening.

Medium ship Readings

A medium ship reading has to be booked in advance as I have to meditate first, to get the best connection for you. A One to One Psychic Prediction can be conducted without any tarot cards or other aids as I am listening to the spirit guides and helpers.   I like you to leave here happier in the knowledge that your loved one lives on, in a better world.


One to One Psychic predictionPsychic Readings in person
One to One Psychic Prediction


What can a Psychic tell you


What can a Psychic tell you?  Psychics are probably one of the most misunderstood groups of professionals. What can a Psychic tell you?, well most things, but solving a mystery on demand doesn’t work for me. How a person died and who did it?

Some of the questions I am asked

Who stole out my purse? Most people are unrealistic about what information we can give you.  The month a persons house will sell. How much? Everything from lottery numbers to the address of the house they will move into.  One lady even asked me what her shares would be worth if she sold them.  Major decisions must be taken by you the client. We cannot do that for you but what we can do is suggest a positive direction.

Psychic Phone Readings Now
What can a psychic tell you

Signs and Symbols and Tuning in

What can a psychic tell you? hopefully the truth.  Genuine psychics are very intuitive and can pick up on most things without being given any information.  We have to tune into the person we are reading for first, then let the information build up.  We can see where a separation turns right around and a fresh start is coming.  If the relationship has ended for good I see a brick wall on the pathway.  Some times the higher power shows me symbols instead of pictures. An aluminium shoot represents a persons mental health and if they are at the bottom middle or top of the shoot.  Some one at the bottom tells me a relationship has broken down or there has been a recent passing.  A devastation has taken place in there lives.

I conduct psychic email answers to questions, some of the content of the questions are shocking.  However, if I receive any answers from the higher power, who am I to criticize? If I get no answer, then I will say so and ask the client to choose another question.

Whether you are an existing client,  thinking about giving a psychic email a try, then please check out my feedback and accreditation.

With Love and Light

Joan Lily Porter

Same Day Psychic Email Answers

Same day psychic email answers.  Your reply, same day if ordered before 9pm.

Same Day Psychic Email Answers

Do you have a worry or feel anxious about a situation in your life?

Send your question to me at 

A One Question Email Answer costs £7.99 and upwards.

The reason I can deliver so quickly is because you will receive an answer and not a full blown psychic reading. I will tune in with your question and relay what the guides have said in reply.  This is a very popular service and the last same day psychic email answer will be no later than 9pm at night.  I need my beauty sleep too! If you order later than 9pm you will receive your reply the next day.

Psychic email questions are performed with me tuning in with the higher power.  I listen to what I am being told and also anything spirit show me clairvoyantly and report it back to you.  This is a very fast way to sort out a problem. The email questions are very competitively priced.

You can ask any questions about anything except the sex of a child. You can have either a One, Three or Five Question email answer. Your reading is payable on the website by Paypal or most bank cards.

I hope to hear from you one day soon. Please check out my feed back.

Tested and Accredited by Tony Stockwell
Tested and Accredited by Tony Stockwell



All too many of our beautiful cats go missing, never to be seen again.  The probability is they have been killed on the roads. Make cats deaths by traffic accountable for. Sign my petition above. Cats have a terrible habit of dosing under a car where they feel safe from passers by. Drivers can hit your animal and speed off. The drivers do not care about the distress and pain the animal may be left in.  As long as they get away with the confrontation and blame of the incident. The devastation caused to the family and worse still is the “not knowing” what has happened to Tiddles  or Patch.

I feel strongly that all cats should be given one right. That right being a report filled out to the local council at the very least.  Luckily as we progress more and more close circuit cameras are going up so it wont be so easy to “hit and run”

If you have killed an animal then at least have the decency to report the incident or even get the cat to the vets. Don’t leave it to someone else to clean up while you make a run for it.

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Same day psychic email answers