Psychic Phone Readings 10 mins free

Psychic Phone Readings 10 mins free

Psychic Phone Readings 10 mins free, are available 7 days a week without an appointment.  For evening appointments after work hours, please book in advance.

Welcome to my Psychic Reading Website, Enjoy! Psychic Phone Readings 10 mins free

I am offering 10 mins free added onto your  psychic reading of 20 or 40 minutes.  I buy my psychic readings online too and 20 minutes never seems enough time.  Once you have found your accurate psychic reader,  a good idea is to have a second reader.  Each time you have a psychic telephone reading you can alternate between them.

Psychic phone readings with utmost sincerity

I enjoy my psychic readings for any questions I need an urgent answer to.  For communication from my spirit loved ones. Reassurance sometimes when in an indecisive situation. I understand what it is like to need to hear from someone and I conduct my medium ship readings with utmost sincerity.  Medium ship Readings must be booked in advance to get the best outcome.  Psychic Phone Readings with 10 mins free can help.  My psychic predictions are very accurate but unfortunately you have to wait for the outcome.  I use tarot and angel cards and see clairvoyantly what is going on around you and coming up for you in the future.

Psychic phone readings 10 minutes free will be an enjoyable experience for you.  It is not up to me to end the psychic reading.  It is when the client is satisfied. I wish you Brightest Blessings.


psychic phone readings
Psychic Phone readings 10 mins free

The best psychic readers

The Best Psychic Readers

same day email readings
The best Psychic Readers

The best psychic readers are those who are experienced, have professional certificates, and who have high standards.

Development of Psychic Gifts

We all have to start somewhere and develop our psychic gifts. I worked for THE CIRCLE for 7 years and was required to attend various courses, to obtain accreditation. They employed only the best psychic readers. Testing for accuracy, the professional delivery of a psychic reading.  Required to enable us to obtain liability insurance.  Those requisites made us the best psychic readers on the internet.

Ways a Psychic Gets Known

We all know the cost of marketing a psychic website and the fierce competition we face.  The ways a psychic gets known is by Word of mouth and social networking.  Accurate readings bring repeat clients.

Psychic Sweat Shops

Some of the less reputable psychic companies don’t care how long their readers sit online, as long as they make a profit.  A psychic must work for 10 pence a minute, after 200 minutes the rate goes up to 12 pence. No one earns a good wage as an online psychic.  The companies that pay well I could count on one hand.

The best psychic readers are those who work for only a maximum of 4 hours at one time, get plenty of fresh air and rest. Have a good, fresh and nourishing diet.

Psychic Burn Out

Psychic readings can tire the reader after a 4-hour stint. Where there are pressure and the odd vile client, the mental strain can be quite draining.

90% of clients are good decent people who do not expect miraculous solutions to there every problem. They just want honest guidance and prediction for the future.  The other 10% of callers can be very nasty, abrupt and demanding.  This builds an instant blockage and wall of dislike, both ways.  Not the right conditions for clear communication.  Time to politely end the call when this happens.

Brilliant Psychics online

The best psychic readers are those who do not ask questions and tune in with whoever and get into the psychic reading in a polite and professional manner.  There are some brilliant psychic readers online, one who I use all the time.  I look forward to a bit of psychic guidance and prediction myself.  I cannot read for myself.!!

Phonies and Charlatans

The bandwagon psychics who tell you what you want to hear. The poor psychics that work for hours on end.  It is certainly not an easy job and the biggest reward is not monetary, but the satisfaction of reuniting a bereaved person with there deceased loved one. More importantly giving absolute proof of who we are communicating with, from the spirit realms.  Dogs and cats, rabbits and hamsters, birds too, they all come in and very rarely do I conduct a mediumship reading without the families deceased pets coming in too.

The psychic part is being able to give accurate and concise readings and the guides help with this.  The client gives feedback any time up to a year after the reading.

Trust your psychic and build up trust and after each reading, the link will be stronger.

I wish you all, many happy, genuine and accurate psychic readings.

Joan Lily Porter


Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression


Here we are 4 months along the road, and still dealing with grief and depression. It may as well of happened yesterday.  When will it feel easier to cope with the physical loss?   We must learn to live with what is, and be strong for other loved ones too.  There is help out there. Through your faith and church or through the organisations I mentioned in Part 1.  If you do not believe in any religion why not give the Spiritualist Church a go. See what you think about your experience after you have been.  There is also free physical healing given there, which covers mental healing too.  Mental health issues should be dealt with by your GP.  Suicidal thoughts! well you need a huge cuddle, and a cuppa. Maybe a trip to your doctor.  Do not be ashamed of your feelings because it is a natural part of bereavement.

A Rose to Brighten Your Day

Suicidal Thoughts

Dealing with grief and depression, takes a strong focus but most of all faith and courage.  Suicide is a pretty selfish act. To bring more grief to our families.  Especially, when peoples lives are taken from them, through illness and accident.  God is not to blame.  It is not Gods wish for people to die horrible deaths.

I am so lucky and blessed to have my faith and gift of medium ship. Thanking god every day for my experiences with spirit, but I too must experience the physical loss.  Chatting away to my son Kevin all day and night because I know I am communicating with him.

Waking up in Spirit

Imagine waking up in spirit and not wanting to be there but wanting home with ones family. How frustrating must that be?.  I do not believe we wake up in spirit and everything is hunky dory.  When we pass through the veil we can need healing too. Depending on the circumstances in which we passed over.  Was there a long illness or a sudden death.  We will never be prepared that is for certain. Do our passed loved ones not grieve for us? Yes they do.

Light a Candle and Pray

I suggest to all my sisters and brothers out there dealing with grief and depression, to light a candle next to your loved ones photo. If that doesn’t help you, then remember that every thought and memory we have of our loved ones, they will know about. They can see us but we cannot always see them.  Spirit loved ones will do there utmost to attract our attention. From Electrical disruptions to feathers and animal behaviour changes.  The dog or cat watching a certain chair.  Animals are very psychic and intuitive and are usually the first sign that you have a loved one with you.

Light a Candle and Pray
Kevin's Grave Stone
Kevin’s Grave Stone

Please contact me if you are finding your bereavement hard to cope with and I will do my best to help you

For Part.1 of Dealing with Grief and Depression.

Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression.

Part 1

Recently I lost my son Kevin to Pneumonia.  He was only 40 when he passed to spirit and if it had not been for my great faith in life after the physical death and the spirit realms and how we all go home there, I would never have come through the great void he has left behind.  He passed through the veil 15 months ago and it has taken me until now to talk about my loss with others.

We have to grieve the physical loss first, no matter what our beliefs tell us. Nurse our broken hearts and try and  make some sense of what has happened. My daily prayers help me and give me strength.  The prayers help me because I know Kevin will hear every word or thought I send to him.

We must think of how our loved one must feel, having lost there life.  Now whether they were young or old, suffered illness or were suddenly taken from us “How do they feel? leaving there loved ones on the earth plane.  They grieve too, for us, someone has to be strong and say well “do we sail or sink into the bottomless pit of depression.”

Dealing with Grief and Depression In the early days is hard going.  I contemplated suicide to be with my son but what stopped me was! I thought how dare you end your life voluntarily when Kevin had his life snatched from him, through illness.  Needless to say I am still here.  Imagine the shame on your family, not to mention those loved ones who have passed through the veil before you, to do a cowardly thing like that.  We will all be united in the spirit realms. Kevin’s passing means he can teach his family when we all go over to the spirit realms. This feeling of loss is only temporary until I can see him properly and do what we used to do together.

As a spiritualist medium Kevin was well aware of my work and the communication  is fantastic between us.  I have 3 well tried and tested mediums who conduct my readings. I take turn about every 4 weeks and it is almost like Kevin is stood right next to me.  He can tell the medium what I am wearing and what I have been doing that week, so it is the physical loss we have to cope with.

Go to your local Spiritualist Church or hire a well established medium.  I can recommend spiritualist and psychic mediums to you if you email me at and save you a lengthy search, not to mention monies.

If you really cannot cope then how about joining a group online ie

Visit your GP to discuss what can be done to help you numb the pain a bit. Most GP’s direct us to Cruse so worth having a look and reading what others are going through.  This alone can be a great comfort knowing that others are going through what you are.

For Part.2 of Dealing with Grief and Depression.

Our Loved Ones in the Spirit Realms

Our Loved ones in the Spirit Realms

We all wonder about our loved ones in the Spirit Realms. I am amazed when people say a dead person is resting in peace. As a spiritualist medium, I know only too well that our spirit loved ones are busier than you and I.
If they are not fussing around worrying about us, they are guiding us and trying to send us inspiration.
Anyone can communicate with a loved one in spirit. You certainly don’t have to be a medium to make that contact.
All it requires is a peaceful place to sit in the quiet. A place where there is no noise or anything to distract you. By sending your thoughts to a particular loved one you are making contact.
Because a spirit loved one does not have a human body anymore, they have instead a spirit body which can pass through anything solid. They can travel faster than the speed of sound.
Imagine sending a thought into the atmosphere.  How long did it take you to send it?  We are dealing with a super duper higher power when we transmit our thoughts to our loved ones in the spirit realms.
Send your love to your grandparents or parents and relatives. Talk to your favorite loved one as if they can hear you because the truth is that they can hear every word and every thought you send. Sometimes we have thoughts we don’t want to send out. In this case, our thoughts are kept private where no one can read them.
It is down to us if we wish to stay in touch with our loved ones in the Spirit Realms. I feel so sad for those who have made the transition to the spirit realms and after their funeral, they are remembered for a short while then forgotten about. This must be so hurtful to our loved ones in spirit, to be forgotten about in this way.
A spirit person has feelings too.
For those who do not believe there is a beautiful life ahead for us after the earth plane, I feel sorry because to lose a close relative or friend must hurt ten times more. Believing they no longer exist. How painful that passing must be.
With love and Light
from Joan Lily Porter XX

Angel Messages every day

Angel messages every day

Angel messages every day, where  you do not have to be a psychic reader. Know about your life and the pathway ahead.  Buy a set of Angel Cards with the meanings book from Amazon, Ebay or your local book store.  Whether you can read the Angel Cards or not is immaterial.  Divination is the key.

Once you have your box of cards and meanings book you have to learn about divination.  Divination is learning to sit peacefully and clear your mind, then ask the angels to send you messages.  Shuffle the cards and cut the pack then choose the first two cards. Look up the meanings of both those cards and hopefully, you will receive uplifting guidance and even some answers to problems on your mind.  Do the same every day that you feel you need help from the angels.

Angel messages every day can help all of us.  Whether things are good or bad in our lives.  We may even be worried about others and Angel messages can help us there too.  Our guardian angel is aware of what is going on in our lives and with our families.  If a problem or worry affects us it affects our guardian angel too and they will pull the stops out to get a sign to you.  Feathers are common, repeat numbers, dreams and numerous other things happen to get our attention.

Divination is the act of seeing the future using prayer, and meditation with tarot, angel, crystal ball or focal point to tune into.

Psychic Workshops in Fife

My Psychic Workshops in Fife are due to start soon. In one day pupils can get a basic training in protection prayers, meditation and how to tune in with the higher power. A one to one programme where everyone is active and not just sitting listening to the tutor. You will actively tune in with the higher power and learn one to one healing and communication.
The classes will run once a month or where there are more than 10 booked for one class, two separate classes will run on different dates.
Obviously, there are many aspects to psychic development and mediumship. Specialist workshops will run in mediumship, and working in the psychic industry. Healing for Humans and Animals (separate classes)
Each class starts at 9 am prompt and finishes around 4 pm. Tea breaks and a lunch break throughout the day. There are cafes in Pittenweem or alternatively, you can bring a packed lunch and make tea and coffee in the classroom.
The classes will start soon and will be advertised on facebook and twitter. Pittenweem is where the classes will be held.

Psychic Workshops in Pittenweem

I have asked many people which day they would prefer and it seems a Saturday or Sunday suits most. Where there are too many pupils for one class then a Sunday class may follow.  I hope to make the classes interesting but fun too and more importantly where we can all share our experiences of strange happenings and how we feel about the higher power and working under that umbrella.

I hope to see you soon and my website will keep you posted on dates.

Spirits Subtle Messages

I don’t know if you have ever had a psychic or mediumship reading where spirits subtle messages can leave you with your mouth open in wonder.
How did that psychic woman possibly know that?. The truth is the psychic or medium is listening to or seeing what the wise ones in spirit are conveying to them telepathically. Depending on how tuned in, the psychic is, depends on how clear you will get your message relayed.
If the psychic is not properly tuned in then messages can be very vague. When you are given names and places, situations and current affairs pertaining to your life and those events register with you, then this means the psychic is on the ball. Has properly tuned in with the higher power before your reading or sitting. We are the telephone link between the spirit realms and the earth plane. We are not special in any way. Just very lucky to have the gift of seeing what most others cannot.
A wonderful gift and one to be taken very seriously. People scoff at my work on a daily basis but if their minds are closed off or they do not understand that there could be another part of our lives not yet visited then they are entitled to there opinion too.
I read many peoples books and their viewpoints on the afterlife and communication. Do not believe everything you read is my viewpoint. Make up your own mind about what lies ahead and be proud of your decision. The truth will be revealed when we go through the veil at the point of the physical death.
Messages are given from spirit to us in a very subtle way so that only we can understand them. Can you imagine sat in an audience having your life revealed in from of all. That would never happen. Spirit loved ones are conveying messages to boost us and direct us onto the correct pathway. That has got to be good. Thank you for reading my post. Joan Lily XX

Did Jesus Die on the Cross for Us

Did Jesus die on the cross for us

The Bible is full of rubbish I feel, with stories handed down and added to over the centuries. Did Jesus Die on the Cross for Us?  How can we tell what is real and what is false in that Bible? There are some beautiful teachings and stories in the bible and the hell’ us sinners will face when we pass over is really quite frightening.  Some of the writings by negative angry people, bible thumping about something they believe in.  Of course,  I could have it all wrong too.

My first huge disagreement is that Jesus died on the cross to save us all.  What nonsense.  Do you think God would want his son killed so cruelly when he had just started his preaching and spreading the word of God?  Where is the love? Jesus did not die to save us all.

Jesus was cruelly crucified on the cross by man, not God.  By a man’s greed for power and ego.  We all blame God when there is a disaster which incidentally is nearly always caused by man.  Human error in every occupation across the board and man made machinery, cars, and trains to name a few.  Illness and fatalities caused by bad diet and lifestyle.

If we all lived on fish and loaves of bread and vegetables from the land, I wonder if the disease numbers would fall.

Yes, there have been medical breakthroughs that can save lives from the womb to the grave. Mother nature has a lot to answer for too, but again she gets blamed for every disaster.  Between Mother Nature and poor God upstairs, they are the whipping boys.

I do believe that we get the real answers revealed slowly when we pass through to the spirit realms.  In the mean time, our children are being taught that Jesus died to save us all.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Thank you so much for reading my post.  Please leave any comments because this is a subject I would be interested in hearing other peoples views on.[sgmb id=”

Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily

All About Psychic Email Readings

Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily.  The usual time was 7 pm and clients have been asking for this later time.  Especially if you are working all day and have dinner to make, kids to see too, the big kid in front of the tv with his shoes off! waiting to be served dinner.  The list is endless for us housewives or house hubby’s, whether you are working all day or not.

I will answer any questions until the last lot of questions come in at 9 pm, then questions after that will be

Psychic email readings answered to 9pm
Psychic email answers same day

worked on the next morning. Only I will do your reading as I work on my own.  This is a popular service even more so than a telephone reading.  The reason is, other people can hear you on the telephone.  A psychic email reading is silently delivered and quickly.  Sometimes telephone readings have to be booked to ensure your reading is when you want it and can fit it in with your daily routine. You can order an email reading at any time of the day or evening then just wait on your answers.

If my readings are ever late then I always give my clients a free one or two question email reading.  If I am a bit slow it is due to the volume of work but you will be answered as you come in the queue that same day.

I use clairvoyance and clairaudience to conduct my readings and I can only give you what I hear and see from the spirit guides and helpers.  If I can not get an answer then I will tell you this and refund you for the reading.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it has the client has to “wait and see” or work it out for their self.  Its the way of spirit communication and I would not be doing my job to just reply with any old answer.

I am a genuine psychic medium and take my work very seriously.  I hope to hear from you and thank you for having the patience to read my web page.

Kind regards from Joan Lily XX



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