Psychic Phone Readings Now

psychic phone readings now
psychic phone readings now

In a hurry for an accurate telephone reading.  Ring me and I will fit you in today or night time. At psychic phone readings now, you will receive an accurate reading and predictions that will light your pathway tomorrow and in the months ahead.  Some people like a general reading just to see how there life is shaping up.  I like to give proof of past situations then go on to predicting what is coming up.  Some people have lots of questions and that’s just fine too.

I have been conducting psychic phone readings for the last 15 years.  Do read my feedback from happy clients who return time and time again.

People wonder if a telephone reading can be accurate. How does it work.  It works with the reader tuning into your voice vibration and seeing clairvoyantly what is going on in your life and coming up for you.  Using Tarot and Angel cards can work very well and I usually shuffle the cards and stop shuffling when you tell me to stop.


I am also offering all clients 10 minutes free at the end of there paid time as 20 minutes never seems to be long enough and this insures that we cover all areas that you may have questions about.


Same day psychic email readings

Psychic email answers delivered same day and evening
Psychic email answers delivered same day and evening

Same day psychic email readings can be very accurate.  They can be delivered quickly.  They save waiting for answers.

I have had brilliant feedback about my  same day psychic email readings. You send your questions to me via the website where you will find the form to fill in with your details and your questions.  Depending how busy I am depends on how long you have to wait for delivery.

As long as you order before 6pm you are guaranteed delivery same day.

Using the same methods as all my readings.  I will tune into your questions then wait for clairvoyant pictures to reveal themselves.  I may or may not use tarot cards in your reading.  This is dependant on what you ask for though.

Clairvoyance for seeing pictures.  tarot card readings for predictions.  Angel card readings for guidance and prediction.

If you have a problem then pray to the angels for help with it.  The Angels love to help us but only if we invite them in to our lives.  We all have bad times to deal with and even I go to a trusted psychic for guidance.  When you find your accurate psychic reader then hold on to them for dear life. Same day psychic email readings can give you something to refer back to in the future.

At least with a same day psychic email reading you have written proof.  Can refer back to your reading time and time again.

Same day psychic email readings are available 7 days but remember the 6pm deadline for same day delivery.



How a psychic telephone reading works

How a psychic telephone reading works is up to the reader.  In my own experience I use your voice vibration and also clairvoyance to tune in with you.  Through out your reading tarot cards may or may not be used depending on your personal choice.

Angel cards can be very beneficial in giving us guidance too.  Every day I shuffle my pack of Angel Cards and blindly choose one card for me for that day.  Pray to the angels for guidance while you are shuffling and you will be amazed at your card and guidance for that day.

Through the clairvoyant pictures I see, I can tell a lot about your life.  I also listen for voices from Spirit and maybe a name and description.  I am not in charge of how the reading will be delivered.  What the content will be lies with your questions.

Timing is very difficult and if I do not see a date written in mid air or hear a date then I cannot tell you.  Maybe this means that you just have to wait and see.

This is how a psychic telephone reading works for me as your reader.

I am available 7 days from 8am until 10am at night every night.


Psychic Prodigy

Psychic Prodigy

A world famous favourite among the religious psychics is a female – Joan of Arc, born in 1412

Joan heard even as a child what she later described as voices.  These voices prompted her as a teenager to don armour and lead the French army against the English to end the siege of Orleans, her home town.  After Joan suffered several

Psychic Prodigy
Psychic prodigy
Joan of Arc
Psychic medium

defeats at the hands of the English, they captured her and returned her to the French theologians (who were English loyalists).  They called her a heretic due to her ability to hear voices.  A psychic prodigy indeed.

To save herself, Joan recanted her reports of the voices she heard and appealed to the pope.  However, she was shortly returned to prison and raped by her captors, after which she withdrew her recantation and espoused renewed faith in her “voices,” causing her captors to burn her at the stake as a heretic at age 19.

A posthumous retrial in the mid-15th-century cleared her of heresy; it took only another 500 years or so before the Church proclaimed her a saint in 1920.

Psychic Masters

As you may have noticed, , many records of amazing psychic events occurred around the turn of the millennium 2,000 years ago. Remarkable leaders Buddha, then Christ, and a little later Mahummad and Zoroaster,all visionaries and all referred to as prophets-lived at that time.  Those leaders both benefited from and added to the growth of ides that were passed along the Silk Road between the East and West.  Their brilliance survived the formidable Dark Ages that followed, an era that leaves a gaping hole in our knowledge of many subjects.



Spiritually Cleansing the body and mind

cleansing your mind
Spiritually cleansing the body and mind

Spiritually cleansing the body and mind is essential for mental and physical health.  As a psychic reader online I find I soon feel clogged up with other peoples problems. Hard as you may try to develop the hide of a rhino.

Clutter in the home can fuzz up your senses too, so a good old clear out of cupboards and drawers can be a great mental lift.

To cleanse yourself, imagine standing in an oval tank.  This tank has an inlet hole at the top and an outlet hole at the bottom.  Say a little prayer to the higher power and ask for cleansing to take place. To do this visualise a power water hose blasting in the top hole and visualize a grey matter escaping from the bottom hole at your feet.  Visualise the water swirling around your brain and work your way down until you feel cleaner and lighter.

Another way to cleanse yourself is to just brush your self down with your hands, from the top of your head, right down to the tips of your toes.

The home can desperately need a spiritual cleansing and to do this.  Buy Incense sticks or a sage smudge stick and light very carefully and walk around every corner of your home, even the cupboards and let the smoke cleanse and protect.  In all cases a few words to upstairs asking for help to cleanse and protect will work wonders.

I have to say I do not agree with throwing clothes and ornaments away if they have not been used for a year.  I store my summer clothes for two years, then bring them out again.  Goodness I forget exactly what I have by then! Same with winter clothes.  This is not being mean, it is just not being wasteful.  The fact is you liked those clothes before and chances are you will like them again, given a break from them.


Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

Psychic Development School
proof that the angels help us

Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

The other day I prayed to the Angels to send me in more work.  This post is Proof that the Angels help us in times of need.

One website I have was not bringing in much work and after my prayer suddenly it seemed to take on a life of its own.  The website is not very high ranking either, but I have not looked back and have been so busy since about an hour after that prayer.

This is proof that the angels help us but only if we invite them into our life.  They will not just step in and interfere.

What can we ask the Angels for

Some people ask the Angels for money to pay the bills.  Romantic obstacles to be lifted from their lives.  Guidance to find a new job.  Strength to cope with all sorts of situations.  Healing for those who are sick.  Those are just a few examples of what we can ask for.  I have even heard of people asking for a parking space when they reach there destination and each time I hear a very positive report of the Angels at work.  Angel cards can be a great friend to have by your side.  Choosing an angel card a day will give you guidance on what to work on for that day or that week.

Do have faith that they will come to you and help.  Maybe not in an obvious way to start with but you will soon feel better for asking for help from them.

Ask the Angels for help


Ask the Angels for help

When we are feeling confused and feel we have no one to share our problems with.  Ask the Angels for help.  Invite them into your life.  They will not just come in and take over your problems uninvited.  Yes we have guardian angels around us all the time but they cannot cover every eventuality in our lives.

At one time in my life I would never charge for a psychic reading because I felt it was a gift from god after all.  After working and giving free psychic readings at charity events for years, I have just stopped doing this.  Sometimes I ask the angels for help by asking for them to send me in some more psychic work.

Life leaves us wondering, what we get given free from anyone.  I only give free readings to raise funds for charities I support personally like PDSA and Cats Protection.

As for not charging for psychic readings, when giving those readings is your vocation in life, it is also our bread and butter.  In the old school of the “Spiritualist movement” you would never dream of charging fee for a psychic reading but now even that school of thought has expired because churches have to be paid for,  mortgages and rent, heating and lighting. Travelling expenses for the working medium too.

Ask the Angels for Help
Ask the Angels for help

Ask for help in the love and work areas, ask for money to help pay the bills, god will find a way, but only if we ask.

Asking someone to send out positive thoughts is not always the answer.  Feeling very low, it can be difficult to feel positive about anything.  A prayer to the angels above will firstly make you feel as if you are doing something about your circumstances and just watch for changes for the better starting to happen.




Cats that go missing

Cats that go missing

I once experienced a cat that went missing  and he was my favourite tom cat and seemed very happy and content and lived with me and his sister cat and others.

cats that go missing
cats that go missing

One day he didn’t come home and after we had tried every conceivable way of drawing attention to hi disappearance,  posters with photos on lamp posts and in shop windows around the town and in the local papers.  We gave up after a few weeks and continued to grieve for him.

6 weeks to the day of his disappearance, he came in through the open bathroom window and I recognised his cry from where I was standing in my kitchen and thought this cannot be, but it was, it was Georgy sure enough.  He was well fed and groomed but must have got fed up with his second home, and seemed happy to be home.  All cats have a second home they say.  I never believed that to be true until then.

He never went away again though and lived until he was 14 when illness ended his life.

Cats who are forced to live with young children who don’t know any better than  to pull pussy’s ears, can and will make up there minds to leave and you will never see them again.  They are usually the cats that turn feral and join other stray cats because surely this is a better option than to be hurt by children physically.

As a member of Cats Protection and one who has to go in to peoples homes to assess if the potential owners are suitable, their homes and the environment are taken into account but I am on my guard where there are young children.  Not all young children would hurt an animal and some can be so gentle and caring but unfortunately the majority are not taught by busy parents, not to hurt the cat or dog.

Some cats are just plain unlucky and maybe go off chasing another cat in play or because one is in heat, and in the excitement get knocked over by a car.

It seems so unfair that cats can be killed on the roads and the incident doesn’t have to be reported.  Presently I have a petition running to make this a legal requirement to have to report an accident and with enough signatures the petition will then be sent to Parliament, but I have a long road to go with this yet.  If you have been patient enough to read my post and would like to sign my petition then you can do this at the foot of the Home page