One to One Psychic Readings in Fife

One to One Psychic Readings in Fife

One to One Psychic Readings with me, or a private sitting, is where you come to my home for your psychic reading in Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland. Your consultation can be by Tarot, Angel Cards and if specifically asked for Mediumship.
Private Psychic Readings are available in the day time from Mon to Saturday from 8am to 5pm at a cost of £35 and in the evenings from Mon to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm costing £40 for Tarot and Angel Card prediction.  All readings are for 30 minutes but do not worry I do not cut you off abruptly.  Spirit helpers and loved ones, are good timekeepers and usually decide when it is time.

The Evening bookings are very handy for people who work through the day and you can be fitted in, on your way home from work or when you are free from your days commitments.  I will happily fit you in at a time convenient to yourself.  All readings are strictly confidential and would never be discussed with anyone else.

One to One Psychic Readings in Fife
A Welcome Cuppa Awaits you

Private Psychic Readings are very popular so it is always best to book an appointment to save any disappointment.  Gift vouchers are available to if you want to purchase a psychic reading for a friend or family member.  What a lovely surprise and gift to give someone.

A Spirit Love Story



A Spirit Love Story

It was during World War 11, November 1941 to be precise when, as a member of the WAAF, I lived loved and died inside.  As a radio operator, based at Biggin Hill, we were all feeling very war weary, while  trying to cope with the never ending bereavements, all around us.   Comforting our families and even complete strangers and comrades.  It was a living nightmare.  On a lighter note, I would like to share with you A Spirit Love Story that has kept me alive and happy, right up to today, in 1980.

Serving as a radio operator in the Waafs I could keep up to date, with my gunner husbands’ whereabouts.  On sorties and dangerous missions it was always a huge worry, so I was very lucky doing the job I did, that I could be kept  updated.  When after 12 missions, he returned home to base, I was one of the few who felt guilty, because I hadn’t lost anyone so close to my heart, but my turn arrived.

On parade
A Spirit Love Story

One day Pete was killed in the air and I was left feeling lost shocked and devastated.  We had only been married 9 months and I cried for my love and also that we had never managed to have our baby which we so desperately wanted.  At least I would have had a very small part of him if I had been lucky enough to become pregnant.

6 months after his death, when I had cleared out, most of his belongings, I kept my head held high as I continued to work away and refused to leave the WAAF, even after the war had ended.  I had nothing else to live for.

I felt his presence more and more as the months went by, and looking back, probably he was always around me, but in my grief, I had created a brick wall, regarding communication from him in the spirit world.

One night I was awoken by a strong sense that I was not on my own and I felt the rush of love and joy, because my husband Pete was lying next to me, warm and very real in the bed.  I felt warm, happy and very well loved, like nothing had happened to us.  We made beautiful love, the best ever.  It was happiness and contentment, multiplied by 100.  I thought if this was just a dream, which I was enjoying so much, then do let it continue.  I did not want it to end.

My husband Pete seemed very happy too and we went off together to a lovely house he had built in the spirit realms.  Every daydream I had ever had about our home and life together was starting to unfold at great speed.  Yes it was all there and when I looked down there was a large bump in front of me and I realised that our baby was due.

After the birth of our daughter, who we named Rosalind, we were reunited with family and friends, even old comrades who had lost there lives in the war.  Some kind aunt brought a soft toy called Jerry the giraffe,  for our baby girl and gifts of baby clothes and toys from everyone.  We had a great party to celebrate our daughters birth and also being reunited with everyone belonging to our families,  who had passed over.  The champagne was flowing and everyone was enjoying themselves immensely.

After our guests, had gone home to there own houses, a knock came to the door, and there stood a man with white hair and white robes with a beautiful glowing light surrounding him.  Pete informed me that this being of light, was a highly progressed soul and that he had come to advise us.  The kindly spirit being, informed us that our baby was an unwanted pregnancy and as no one would lay claim to her in the distant future, that she was ours for all eternity.

We had not managed to conceive on the earth plane and she was ours for ever, so we were never to worry about this fact in the future.

A rainy day in Finchley Central, London, brought me back to the realisation that I was in fact in my own bed and still on the earth plane.  Where was my beloved Pete and my beautiful new born baby Rosalind.  I felt I had been bereaved all over again and cried and cried until I decided to pull myself together and make the bed.  There in front of me on the pillow was Jerry the Giraffe we had given Rosalind and a strong smell of my husbands aftershave.  Oh how I pray for Pete to come and collect me for another visit to our real home in the summer land.

I realise that my visit to the spirit realms was a taste of things to come and now I knew who and what waited for me when it was my time to go over.  I have no fear of death and every night I dream or maybe I actually travel across with Pete and Rosalind.  I can never replace my wonderful husband so I am happy at 70 odds to know my time here is not for much longer.  I also know now that, had Pete showed me what lay ahead in the spirit world for me 20 years earlier, that I would have tried to take my own life to be with him.  Maybe some things are best kept secret when it comes to our futures after our ‘earth plane death’.  Jerry the giraffe sits on my dressing table and when I feel lonely I pick him up and sleep tight with him in my arms.  I have grown to love my visits to spirit and the great speed in which I am taken there.  Astral travel is wonderful, but always better when someone comes to collect you and take you over.  My family await my permanent arrival over there in that wondrous place where flowers are huge and highly scented, with fragrances you could not imagine, and you can actually see the flowers breathing.

I have never seen the being of light again, on my many other visits.  I feel sure that the spirit wise ones, test us out to see how much truth we can handle and can we get on with our lives on earth, after our experiences?.  There is no other man for me and yet I came close to loving again, but somehow I knew there would always be three of us, Pete, myself and  our beloved daughter Rosalind.


Lily (C) 2015







Psychic Gift Vouchers For All Occasions

Gift Vouchers for All Occasions

Looking for something different to give family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas time.

Look no further as  Psychic Gift Vouchers for all occasions, a Psychic Phone reading, psychic email reading or a one to one private sitting, can be quite an original gift.  Scroll down for prices and payments by paypal and most bank cards.

Psychic Gift Vouchers
Psychic Gift Vouchers (cards for all occasions)

Psychic Telephone Readings

For a psychic phone reading you can either buy here and tell me who it is for and when they would like there phone reading or I can send a gift card to yours or there home address, or a gift voucher by email.  The recipient can then arrange with me when they would like there reading and at a time convenient to themselves.

Psychic Email Readings

A psychic email reading works much the same way, either a gift card can be sent out or a voucher sent to the persons email address, either way an email reading can be delivered very quickly or at a time convenient to the recipient.

One to One Private Sittings

A one to one psychic reading, where the recipient of the gift comes to my home for there reading can be delivered in the same ways as above and arrangements will be made when the one to one reading will take place.

A lot of people are lonely at Christmas time or on there birthdays and maybe have no one to talk to, so what a treat to be booked in for a psychic telephone reading.

There are no private one to one readings on Xmas Day but telephone and email readings will be available all day and evening.


Psychic GIft Vouchers

Bad Psychic Reading



When a psychic reading is not true
Bad Psychic Reading

Bad Psychic Reading

As a professional psychic medium  and tarot/angel card reader of many years I am shocked at the amount of people who ring up for a phone reading or arrive for a private psychic reading only to tell me they have had a bad psychic reading and can I help them to clean up the mess in there heads and hearts.  Some of the nonsense that is passed on to clients is shocking to say the least.

Unfortunately it is a rat race out there in the psychic industry with bandwagon psychics who have not got the faintest idea of the damage they are doing to peoples lives by giving out any old prediction?  and those who get a few things right about a person, suddenly labelling themselves as a psychic.

Relationships and love issues being the most popular questions asked of a psychic.  I blame the companies who employ those people.  Yes they are tested out! but anyone can give the most positive information, to be told they are hired.  A lot of the big companies are only interested in profit and not the psychic readers welfare.  How long they have been online reading, the duration of psychic readings being the most important requirement to those companies.

There are also many reputable psychic companies supplying readers, who will not employ any person without testing them out twice by two different testers.  Feedback from other clients is so important and not the waffle that the reader is telling you about themselves in their profile.  The proof is in the pudding and you must shop around for a psychic whose reading and predictions have unfolded accurately.

It angers the authentic psychics and mediums that we are all put under the umbrella of not being trusted.  I am one of those people who get annoyed.  A psychic reading can change your life and you may act upon the guidance you have been given.  You could be hanging onto a relationship, when it is truly dead in the water and all because some so called psychic has told you what you want to hear.

My advice to any developing psychic is to never give false hope.  If you don’t know the answer then tell the sitter to wait and see.  A cheat will never develop there gifts properly.  It is a very difficult job we do and so much is asked of us.  At times the demands of clients can be over whelming but if you stick to ” I am not picking up anything around your question” which means you have to wait and see..rather than give them untrue information.

When you find an accurate psychic then stick with them because the channel has already been opened to the higher power, each reading will get easier and easier.  Good Luck with your psychic Career.



Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, Fife

Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, fife

Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, Fife, are available by ringing 01333 313351 or by emailing me at  to make an appointment.  Private psychic readings, Pittenweem, fife, are very popular.  These particular one to one readings have proved to be in demand, and people enjoy there reading in a relaxed atmosphere.  I have a lot of repeat clients who like a psychic reading every few months depending what is going on in there lives.  Each psychic reading lasts for 30 – 40 minutes and I always leave it in the hands of the spirit guides and helpers as to when the reading should end.  People can record their psychic readings on there mobile phones or take notes.

A one to one or face to face, psychic reading can be very powerful as I am tuning into your energy.  A psychic telephone reading is where I work  with the voice vibration, which can be quite powerful but not quite as strong as face to face contact.

face to face private readings
Private psychic readings, Private Healing Sessions

Spiritual Healing Sessions

I also give private spiritual healing sessions when asked to do so.  The healing sessions last for 30 minutes and are not just for physical ailments.  Maybe you have been feeling a little down in the dumps or your energy feels low.  Like any  holistic healing, it can take a few sessions before you will feel the true benefit.  Like a bottle of medicine, you cannot expect to feel a whole lot better with just one dose but you should certainly start to feel the benefit mentally, after your first healing.

I am a qualified spiritualist healer for people and animals.

Medium ship Readings

I only conduct medium readings if asked specifically.  A lot of people prefer not to contact deceased loved ones for what ever reason and want prediction and guidance about current affairs and prediction into future ones too.  With a medium reading you cannot always guarantee who is going to communicate with you.  In my experience if someone was pushy on the earth plane then usually they will get to the front of the queue of people wanting to talk with you.  Whereas someone who was very quiet may hang about in the background waiting for a chance to talk to you.  The amount of people who say “Oh but I thought my Mum or this person would have come through” If he/she didn’t manage to communicate with you, then chances are he/she was there and waiting there turn.  Sometimes when loved ones want to communicate I can only describe it as a double decker bus unloading with all your loved ones.  Never feel your loved one doesn’t want to communicate with you.  Usually they are not at the front of the queue ie personality wise even though they are oozing with love for you.  Time runs out and then you can be left disappointed.  Keep trying or go to a Spiritualist Church or spiritual meeting which will cost you the collection fee.  You will be amazed even listeneing to others readings.

The best psychic readers

The best psychic readers
The best psychic readers

The  best psychic readers are those who are experienced, have professional certificates, and who look after themselves.

Obviously we all have to start somewhere and develop our god given gifts. I worked for The Circle for 7 years and we were expected to attend various courses, to obtain accreditation ie being tested for accuracy and the professional delivery of a psychic reading.  Also to obtain liability insurance. Those requisites made us the best psychic readers on the internet.

We all know the cost of marketing a psychic website and the fierce competition we face.   Word of mouth and social networking can bring a lot of work our way.  Repeat clients If we are any good at accuracy and delivery.

Some of the less reputable psychic companies don’t care how long there readers sit online, as long as they make profit for there company.  If that psychic readers durations and earnings do not come up to the companies profit margins then they are asked to leave.

The best psychic readers are those who work for only a maximum of 4 hours at one time, get plenty of fresh air and have a good, fresh and nourishing diet.

Psychic readings can take it out of the reader after a 4 hour stint and where there is pressure and the odd vile client, the mental strain can be quite draining.  If I was upset by someone I would not be in a hurry to read again that day.

90% of clients are good decent people who do not expect miraculous solutions to there every problem, but just want honest guidance and prediction for the future.  The other 10% of callers can be very nasty, abrupt and demanding, which builds an instant blockage and wall of dislike, both ways.  Not the right conditions for clear communication and time to politely hang up the phone when this happens.  Like any professional service, bad behaviour is not tolerated.

The best psychic readers are those who do not ask questions and tune in with whoever and get into the psychic reading in a polite and professional manner.  There are some brilliant psychic readers online, one who I use all the time.  Yes I look forward to a bit of psychic guidance and prediction myself, too.  I cannot read for myself.!!

The bandwagon psychics who tell you what you want to hear and seem to work for hours on end, usually because they are being paid a pittance.  I feel so sorry for them and often send healing out to all the new psychics who are being nothing less than exploited.  It is certainly not an easy job and my biggest reward is not monetary, but the satisfaction of reuniting a bereaved person with there so called deceased loved one and more importantly giving absolute proof of who we are communicating with, from the spirit realms.  Dogs and cats, rabbits and hamsters, birds too, they all come in  and very rarely do I conduct a mediumship reading without the families deceased pets coming in too.  This is where I give a description.

Trust your psychic and build up trust there and each time after, the link will be stronger.

I wish you all many happy and accurate psychic readings.

Joan Lily Porter    2015-10-09


What can I do about Money worries

Money Worries

What can I do about Money worries
What can I do about Money worries

What can I do about money worries is a question I get asked every day, in my psychic telephone readings and psychic email readings.

I cannot wave a magic wand through my readings and indeed asking if finances will get better is the most common question I have to find an answer too.  It is disheartening for all concerned if the answer I come up with is something along the lines of “in order for money worries to cease, changes must be made”.  Sometimes work and income, is just not an option, whether through illness, lack of jobs or other commitments.  The demands in Scotland for food banks have increased 400% and who do we blame.  Well I have my own thoughts on that question.

Money worries cause relationships to collapse, homes to be repossessed, landlords to go on the war path, and is the most common cause for sleepless nights which doesn’t help with ill health and folk with depression.

Lets consider that we have had to give up all those expensive habits like drinking, smoking, buying clothes and treats.  We have eradicated all those ‘want to haves’ and have even fore gone the ‘need to haves’ to clothe the kids and  cope with the bills and daily living expenses.  No wonder depression has hit Britain with a vengeance. The people my heart goes out to are those who have just given up and taken there own lives.  If I wasn’t self employed I would be in a similar position with no physical work because of Sciatica.  I thank God for my gifts every day that I can work from home.

Get the law on your side and make sure you keep close contact with any creditors you may have.  Without stating the obvious, have you even considered moving away and starting again.  Is there some work you could do for yourself to improve your lot, like baby sitting, dog walking, and house sitting.  Renting out a room.

Dog Walking can be very lucrative and I know of one man and woman who walk 12 dogs a day at £10 a dog, 4 days a week, while the pets owners are at work.. No paper trail.!! and they boast about it too! It is a case of beat the system or be beaten, out in that big wide world, I am being told.  Think of all the other services you could provide from your own home as your base.  It is going on now so why should you sit on the fence?.

These days to have a spare room is a bit of a luxury.    Great for those of you who do not have children, that you can move on and start again somewhere new..  but for those of you with children then I suggest you have to swallow your pride and take all the help you can get from social services and those kinds of bodies.  Ask and you will receive having children in your care..

What can I do about money worries.. get on that phone to the angels and ask for the inspiration and strength to get through the phase that you are in. On a practical note, swallow your pride and ask for help from family, friends and charities.  The whole country is aware of how difficult it is to raise a family and meet the bills. Think of how you can utilise some of your spare time to make a bit of income.

I hope this post on what can I do about money worries will inspire some of you readers and if not then let me wish you well in any changes you plan to make.




Help! I think I am being haunted.

We have all had the feeling that we are not alone in a room.  Help! I think I am being haunted.  Something has touched our hair and yet there is no one there, that we can see.  An object falls to the floor but it has sat unmoved for months. A feeling of dread about something we cannot quite put our finger on.

We are all psychic and at certain times can be very tuned in to the spirit realms, whether we are aware of that or not.

On a day to day basis we usually have so many material things going on in our lives, our awareness of spirit is almost blocked out.

Help I think I am being Haunted
Help I think I am being Haunted

There are times too when we can feel quite frightened.  On those occasions I would suggest that you say a Prayer of Protection.  The lords prayer or your own words asking who or whatever to leave you alone.

An Uncle of mines who was always experiencing spirit visitors told me what to do.

“sit up and tell whoever or whatever, in the worst language you know, to leave you alone and to go and annoy someone else”  Well in my younger years I have tried that particular routine and didn’t feel too proud of myself.  Now that I have no fear of spirit I ask the spirit person to walk towards the light of spirit, to be happy and reunited with there own families and animals.  Creepy feelings should not be tolerated by anyone.

There is of course a dark side to the spirit realms and this is why we have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help us.

If we have been emotionally upset, ill or just generally run down,  a spirit person can latch on to our weak auras and psyche quite easily. Remember to pray and ask the person to go away.

Sometimes a spirit loved one well let us know they are around.  At times of worry or illness in your life, they do come around to bring us healing and love.  This should be nothing less than a warm feeling of love and peace.  If it does not feel warm and safe then recite your words gently.  It could be that you are a budding medium and weren’t aware of it before.  If those feelings happen on a regular basis then attend a Spiritualist Church or group to understand what is going on in your life.

I am a great believer in incense and smudge sticks to cleanse negative energy from my home. I conduct a lot of readings from my home and by phone and email, and I can pick up on negativity which I clear at least once a week by going from one room to the next.  Cleansing every corner of your work space and home, with smoke from the incense can be wonderfully uplifting and reassuring.

Lastly do not dabble with an ouiji board unless you really know what you are doing.  You can open yourself to all sorts of spirit energies using one of those.  I should know because I had a bad spirit attach itself to me when I was a young inquisitive.   I eventually got whoever to leave, with the help of my spiritualist church helpers.  I felt an unbelievable fear with this entity hanging around and that is why I would like to help anyone suffering this by writing this post.

With Love and Light to All who read this and can identify with me.

What Can A Psychic Tell Me

What Can A Psychic Tell Me

A common concern today is the sale or purchase of a property, because of the expense and commitment involved, many people want as much information as possible.  Love and relationships where there are a lot of emotions at stake. Have I got the job? when will my life change for the better, on which dates will those things happen.

Nothing changes in this life, unless you the client, brings the necessary changes about, like starting to join social groups and saving money and looking for jobs and applying.  What can a psychic tell me is a fair question.  There is no magic wand and yet I do believe in magic but again one has to be positive and take positive actions to bring those things about. A lottery ticket, a prayer to the universe, visualising yourself getting what you want.

The majority of people have very unrealistic expectations of timings and think we can just answer every question with pin point accuracy.  No psychic is 100% accurate though and any one who tells you that they are,  is either too confident or working from ego.  No one likes a boaster.

A normal psychic reader, on the other hand, can hear and see very accurate pictures and even the dates in the months ahead.  As a rule of thumb if I cannot hear (clairaudience) or see the timing written in the air (clairvoyance) but know and sense that my prediction will happen, then I will answer that it will be within the next 6 months or longer if I feel that is the case.

what can a psychic tell me
What Can A Psychic Tell Me

A psychic reader cannot change your life.  He/ she can give you good guidance from the higher power but if you do nothing about that guidance then life will stay the same. I always think if you act like the victim, then you can be the author of your own misfortunes at times.

Of every one hundred people I read for I would say I will get one client who is really hard work and who comes back over and over only to be told the same thing. These people are usually the ones that dig there heels into the situation they are in and blame everyone round them.  I once had a lady whose husband had told her of his affair but she refused to accept that he no longer loved her and 6 years later, this affair was still going on, and she refused to leave him so he lived with the x and the current lover under the one roof,  this lady phoned every psychic she could think of, demanding nastily, to know what she should do?  I should know because I worked for 3 different online psychic websites in that 6 years.  When you’ve read for the same person with the same problem over and over again it becomes very hard work indeed and hugely draining mentally when they are just down right vile.

Skeptics are harder to read for, or people who are suspicious of your motives, the testers and the victims, negative people and the very depressed because they build a wall between themselves and the psychic.

A good psychic will not predict death or illness but we are allowed to warn you to take extra care, pregnancy and sex of baby questions I refuse to answer because of the sensitivity and emotional involvement. You can tell if someone will be pregnant and yes! what sex the foetus will be, but if I cannot see that pregnancy resulting in a birth, I would rather not say and that is why I refuse to answer those questions.

I have people ask for lottery numbers, when will I meet my soul mate, will my x lover return, but what if I cannot see a happy ending to any of those questions.  What is the point in building some poor soul up for a fall.   They have rung me for genuine psychic guidance and help and that is what I am here to give.

If we could give out lotto numbers I do not think there would be a poor psychic on the internet but alas this is not so.

Some information given from the higher power can be mind blowing, and the sitters mouth just drops open in amazement but over all I do not predict, on non endings.  Who and for what purpose would it serve.

Find an accurate psychic and stick with them because each time the pathway of communication becomes easier at each phone session or sitting.


Crippled Man Walks Back from the Spirit Realms

While conducting a private psychic reading, face to face with my client, I asked her who the man was building up in the distance.  This man called Robert was walking towards me carrying a folded up travel rug.  I could not think why he was drawing our attention to the blanket he was carrying, then suddenly the lady sitter said “it cant be Robert because he was a cripple when he passed over, but he did always insist on his favourite rug to cover his legs while in his wheelchair”.  Robert the crippled man walks back from the Spirit Realms.

All other blankets itched through his trousers she said and we giggled at this, but then the realization dawned that Robert had actually walked back from the spirit realms and onto my wave length to let me see he had full use of his legs now and no longer needed the cherished travel rug, which he had folded up so carefully and handed to me.

The giggling soon ended and myself and the client just burst into tears at the subtle message conveyed to us and also the intense emotion all three of us felt, and I do mean Robert too was feeling tearful but elated.

Psychic Phone Readings
Loved ones returning from Spirit World

It is not unusual for a psychic medium to pick up on the intense emotions we feel when communicating with spirit people and there loved ones.  I keep tissues handy at all psychic readings I conduct.  It is not all boo hoo! and depressing in content, as some psychic readings can be a real hoot! and we have tears streaming down our faces with laughter, for all involved.

Communicating with people in spirit is such a wonderful gift and to this day I feel so proud that I can reunite people with there so called? deceased loved ones.  Honestly they are more active than you and I at times and it is indeed because we are not tuned in with their higher vibration that we can hardly see them in this daily life.

Never feel you have lost anyone to the Spirit realms.  The chances are they are having “a ball” with there loved ones who went into the other room before them. They will visit you regularly and be around when you are crying and laughing. Celebrations and baby’s being born. Our spirit loved ones miss nothing.

Sometimes if I let the odd swear word slip I apologise to my Mum in spirit straight away.  She could not abide bad language.  Not that I swear often I hope.