Colin Fry

In Loving memory of Colin Fry
Colin Fry

What a tragic waste of not only a comparatively young mans life, but such an astounding spiritualist as Colin Fry.

I have been proud to learn from him, over the years and have admired the work he has done, with great pride and honour.

It is indeed a gift from god to have the powers of mediumship and healing but as  in any work, it can be very demanding  too.  Colin Fry was an inspiration to us all.  Some Psychics and mediums are meant to be in the spotlight because they seem to have an extra something,  good looks,  a great personality, a certain charisma and certainly humility to working with the public.  Unforgettable and incredible accuracy and informative communication from the other world.

I listened to two people talking about Colin Fry when the news of his cancer, became public, and over heard “well if he is such a great Medium and the Spirit World  is all they say it is, then why aren’t the higher beings sending us some help and inspiration about finding a cure for cancer.  Doesn’t the spirit world know?

Food for thought and even after my 30 plus years working as a psychic medium, I cannot answer the question either.  Is cancer man made? like accidents, plane crashes, and all sorts of horrific events that shatter the world.

I am sure on Colin’s arrival in spirit, that he would be welcomed with open arms and given a very high place in the spirit realms to rest and enjoy.

Like all psychics and mediums we receive the information and transmit it but we all must have one hundred questions we would like answered on arrival in the spirit realms. We can only take what we are given and respect that which we are not given.

With the greatest respect for a wonderful man and spiritualist pioneer, I wish his family healing and onward happiness knowing that Colin is okay again and will be among them all.

My Partner has cheated

my partner has cheated
my partner has cheated

My partner has cheated on me.  What a blow to the heart, body and soul and not to mention the self esteem.  All that so called love and respect, straight out the window. The first thing not to do, is to feel sorry for them, and their big mistake.  The big mistake was, that they were found out.

Luckily I had two close friends and when I told them that my partner has cheated on me, they were so supportive. We all need a confidante and I do not mean the perpetrator.  As a victim of being cheated on myself, I remember thinking how my life was over, but once the hurt subsided and the real anger set in, it was easy to just ignore my other half and his begging for forgiveness.  If they dont beg for forgiveness then you didnt have much of a relationship anyway, or the love was one sided, and you are well shot of a deceitful partner or lover.

I could see how much it hurt my partner to be totally ignored and ejected from my life and boy did I make him suffer, just staying silent. Enough vile words were exchanged when I found out, I can assure you.  The texts and emails rolled in and I unplugged my phone from the wall.

Let them suffer with there guilt and uncertainty about the future,  if there is one left for you both.

No letters texts or emails, and I remember deliberately avoiding the places he would go, but I was lucky in that I had good friends male and female who kept me up to date with his movements, how he was looking. Very sad usually, which used to give me some pleasure.  Revenge is sweet though.

Had I used different tactics and been too forgiving, too quickly, and just taken him back into my life, he would have done the same again, but next time he would have made sure he wasnt caught.

We did eventually give it another go but as it happened I fell out of love with him, because of his inability to keep his pants up! ISex was never the same again, and I met someone truly wonderful, who I am still with, so dont sit crying and losing sleep.  Just ask yourself if you deserved to be walked over and humiliated and if the answer is no! then move on, once your heart has had a chance to heal, and it will.

When someone strays from a loving relationship I wouldnt give any second chances unless I felt I had done something to deserve “the treatment”.

Happy hunting I say..


Can Magic Spells Work

candle magic
Can Magic Spells Work

Before I would part with any hard earned cash I would ask myself “Can magic spells work” and when am I likely to get results. I am presently conducting a study on some of the Magic Spells out there on the internet, just ready to purchase but always in the back of my mind is do magic spells work. Do fairies and the little people exist.  What proof do you have that a spell is being carried out on your behalf. Of course we can send something in the post to say the spell has been done, but was it really?

Being very open minded I would love to believe in fairies and I do believe in the power of the moon

Today and quite by chance I watched beautiful colours on my carpet coming from a crystal sun catcher on my window. I got my little home made magic potion of heather mint and other dried herbs and placed the little pot in the centre of this beautiful light with the hope that the lovely colours and powers from the crystal would empower the contents. Tonight I shall make my wish at my front door and blow a little of the contents up and into the Universe.

I shall let you know of any outcomes and would be pleased from anyone else, who has good or bad news from casting spells at home, to help with my little study.

I once bought a spell online and alas I did not see anything positive to date but it is nice to have hope. Maybe they do work and maybe they don’t but I will have a good try with different spells to find out. A lunar calendar is a good idea because at certain times of the year the Moon is more powerful. If you are not into spells how about a plate of silver coins under the full moon or a sprig of mint in your purse and bank statements to bring in money.

My Cat

deceased pets
My Cat Fluffy

This is a beautiful poem titled My Cat given to me by a dear friend who passed to spirit at the age of 42. Linda passed with throat cancer and yet never smoked in her life. The gift and poem was not given to me until after her passing, by her partner. The poem is called  My Cat and was written on place mats inside an ornate tin.




My Cat

You’re loveable, playful, intelligent, bright,

Sleepy by day and active by night,

Gracefully beautiful, impeccably groomed,

No need for fine feathers, expensive perfume.


Sultry, provocative, seductive and more,

You’re the one my heart will always adore,

When the day has been bad and life feels flat,

I return home to you my darling cat.

It always amazes me how spirit loved ones can communicate with us, just like the discovery of these place mats. Having lost three cats in a very short space of time, I was musing about all the happy memories I have of them and just how much I missed them all, when Linda came into my head with lots of memories of our friendship and apart from having a good chuckle at out misdemeanours, she also  showed me where to find the mislaid tin of place mats. I am now using them constantly and they give me a lift to know that Linda knew how I was feeling that day.

Our spirit loved ones never cease to care for us here on earth, or to give us strength when we are feeling sad. I also heard that my feline babes are well and happy but they miss me too so it is not one way, this feeling of loss. However I am aware that they visit me often which is a great comfort and when something goes bump in the night I know exactly which cat is up to his old tricks. Spirit cat or not.

Psychic Development School

In September 2015, my psychic development school will commence in Pittenweem, fife, where classes are for 6 weeks and will cover one to one tuition in most areas of psychic development. You will be given a short interview over the phone to check you are genuinely interested and suitable.

The psychic development school classes are from 7pm to 10pm, every Monday for the duration of the course. ie 6 weeks

Psychic Development School
Psychic Development School

The psychic development course will cover meditation, prayer, angels,protection, communication and healing to start the first two weeks with.  There is practical work to do, both in and out of class. Be prepared to work hard but also to change your life.

Maybe you have a desire to learn more about what really goes on around us and beyond, or to become a psychic reader and earn a living,  you will always find work and be needed, either as a psychic reader giving guidance and prediction or a hands on animal or person healer. If this sounds just up your street then you can contact me below

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Your Message

At the end of the course you will be assessed and awarded a certificate for successfully completing the course.  This certificate can help you to obtain credibility in the Psychic Industry and I certainly would not accredit anyone who I did not feel was up to the mark. Psychic development can take years of practice and experience, but if you are prepared to work hard for the 6 weeks of the course and do a little practice at home, there is nothing to stop anyone, moving ahead with there psychic abilities, which all of us have, lying dormant or we do not really feel good enough to go there, through fear or lack of confidence.,  I will disperse with those negative feelings on my course.

The course costs £90 and is payable in advance to ensure your place.

I need friendly, kind and warm people who will blend in with everyone else on the course and that is why I can tell by a phone call if you will be suitable. Remember I am a psychic telephone reader!! No refunds will be given once the course starts.

The course includes all stationary, print outs, one to one tuition, and a few surprises.

Saturday Workshops will be available in September too for the more advanced students, where a whole day is spent together, practice readings, sharing experiences, healing for all, and hopefully a good laugh because our spirit guides and loved ones like a laugh too!

Too Many Psychic Readings

too many psychic readings
too many psychic readings

Too many psychic readings in a short period of time, can leave you feeling even more confused, if not bewildered.  As a rule of thumb, go by the majority of psychic outcomes and wait!

The trouble is when we want to know, now, we are impatient and need clarity and constant support, and this can cost the client, a fortune in back up readings not to mention a lot of frustration.

A psychic reading can console and give you a great high, especially when the reading is positive, but ten minutes later, when the buzz has gone and we find we need more support. If the outcome is negative, we think, well maybe that reader has got it wrong.  Do not beat yourself up about feeling this way, instead think of the financial cost of trying to run too quickly.  Be honest with yourself and your expectations and try to ground yourself and use your head ie financially, and not your heart for solace.

The secret, is to find an already tried and tested psychic, where you have had accurate outcomes before, and stick to that reader like glue.  The reason I say this is because the channels of information coming from the higher power, have already been opened, thus making further communication easier.

Do you know why I am telling you this, it is because Yes! I have done it too and I too have suffered emotionally and financially and phoned countless psychics for reassurance.  I cannot predict for myself, alas, but I am very lucky in that I have found an accurate psychic, for my readings and needs.

On that note can I suggest that one psychic reading by your trusted reader should suffice for 3 months or until you next need a bit of reassurance, guidance or prediction.

Candle Magic for Spells

Candle magic for spells, intiates ritual. It acts as an announcemnt of your intention to work candle magic for spells.  In candle magic we use Black candles, to rid ourselves, or a situation of negativity, Silver candles are for psychic power and moon magic, Brown is to create wealth and positive situations around others, Green is for nature, fresh beginnings and abundance, and Blue is for wisdom and healing. These colours are just a few that are used as the focus for magic, but the ritual needs to be properly prepared.  You can anoint a candle with oil to cleanse it. Say a prayer to the candle for cleansing.

Choose a new candle and an essential oil that corresponds with the spell. Anoint the candle and if the ritual is intended to send energy out, you should wipe the oil along the candle from the middle to the ends.

If you are performing a spell that aims to achieve or attract something, wipe the oil from the ends of the candle into the middle.

Wind a length of couloured ribbon around the candle to bind your intention to it.  Choose a colour that corresponds with your magic.

Casting spells using candles is one form of basic magic that is simple to do. A spell is a set of words that are sung, chanted or written, that asks for a specific kind of change to come about. Lighting a candle to signify you are beginning the spell and then snuffing it out at the end gives your spell a start and finish.

I will be adding basic simple spells and you can even make up your own words but I shall tell you of basic spells and ingredients each week and the outcomes of the spells I have tried myself.

candle magic
Candle magic to improve our lot

Help from the Angels

Share the Wealth
Help From the Angels

Whenever I am feeling a bit low or fed up with my lot, I pray for help from the Angels, for upliftment, guidance and strength.  Maybe work hasnt been going too well or I am worried about finances, in which case I pray to the angels and ask them to send me in work or the means to pay a bill. I swear that every single time I have asked for help, that help has come to me and usually within a few hours.

I believe that if we are not greedy in what we ask for, that help will be delivered. It is amazing how sometimes worries can be alleviated, through a friend, or finding money you didnt think you had, or a bit more in the bank account than you had reckoned on. Physical and mental health issues can sometimes do with a lift and who better to ask than the angels.  I do not pray to any particular archangel or angel, I just pray, with faith, that I will be heard.

If we all put something back into the universe ie helping someone every day, no matter how menial, a good deed a day, praying for someone elses welfare or sending absent healing to people you know are ill, the stray and sick of the animal kingdom, all those deeds thoughts and prayers are heard and acted upon.

Asking for the not so easy to acquire, ie a new job when you havn’t even bothered to look for one or the lottery numbers for Saturdays draw, is a big ask, but with a positive mental attitude and effort on your part you can make your wishes come true.

Quite a few people I know ask for help from the angels, in that they ask for a parking space to be available or the train to be late, or the boss to be in a good mood. I have heard of hundreds of different forms of  help, coming from the Angels or the higher power.

Be good, act good and all will be good.

An Angel A Day

An Angel A Day
An Angel A Day

Angels are very important in my work as an online psychic reader and whether the messages given to me, to pass on to you, are by phone, email or in person,  I treat all messages with the utmost respect.  An Angel A Day, can give us so much strength and by praying or sending your thoughts to an Angel, know that you have been heard and somehow guidance and strength, will arrive.

Those messages sometimes, do not mean anything to me, but could mean everything to you, because  The Angels and Spirit Helpers do not want us, the mediums and psychics, to know all about your private affairs, which could be very delicate issues that you are dealing with in your life.  Spirit messengers or angels, in their wisdom, use discression which can be very astute, for the delivery of those messages, especially in groups or from the platforms in our churches, where there are public listeners there. When we are given, no message, and just a symbol is shown to the medium from spirit, this is when I realise that the symbol is very significant and private to you, but has to remain that way.

Privacy is so very important and a lot of people ask me “how much privacy do we have, if spirit is all knowing, and all seeing?”, well believe me when I tell you that our spirit loved ones are not interested in encroaching on our private moments. ie the bathroom, or bedroom, but they love to come around when there is a discussion going on, a good laugh or celebration, or indeed if you are feeling on your own. Many times I have felt my Mother and Father around me when I am just getting on with my life.

A special memory comes into your head, that is your spirit loved ones, communicating with you.