Astral Travel

When you fall asleep, your spirit body separates from your physical body. Your spirit body makes for the Astral planes. This is the phonemona known as Astral Travel or an OBE. Out of Body Experience.

Usually in the morning on waking we cannot remember anything about our travels but for all you know you could have met up with a loved one and had a high old time together the night before. We could have visited a planet with strange creatures.  If we could remember our travels to the Astral Planes or visited the Spirit Realms and  experienced the beauty there , we would all be queuing up to get there permanently, so the Higher Power in its great wisdom, wipes our memories of each visit. Bells can ring at times when some thing or person seems very familiar to you, or you feel you have met a person  somewhere else. The imaginary step or door that isnt really there but yet your astral body knows different, that it really is there. We can hover a few inches above our human bodies or visit other planets even. The sky is the limit and thats an awful big sky.

We can however, train our minds to Astral Travelling and with a bit of concentration, be quite successful,  for the luckier people among us, they just close there eyes and concentrate on nothing, and off they go, travelling without a vehicle. The lower planes we visit can look very similar to our earthly surroundings but if you have been lucky enough to have visited the higher planes then anything is possible. I personally have seen huge living breathing flowers and I have met up with so called deceased relations and chatted and had a good time with them, like there is no death.  I could hear the huge flowers breath and the scents were breathtaking, but those are the spirit realms where we meet our folks and animals and enjoy each others company once again,  and see all the beautiful scenery.

I am a great believer that a lot of those obe’s are erased or we would want to skip out life on earth just to get there, but no, we have to do our time here, and depending on who we have helped and what we have given of ourselves, depends on where we will end up in the spirit realms.

A good deed a day can earn you, your place for later, and no matter what wrongs are committed in your life on earth, everything is forgiven, if and when you can forgive yourself.

Astral travel is quite safe so whether you want to visit the planets or the spirit realms Life is a great adventure. Joan Lily 2015

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Astral Travel


Pompom my Spirit Cat

This is pompom my spirit cat.  She was summoned to the spirit realms two years ago, after being very ill.  We had a brilliant 12 Years together and she enjoyed her tickles and loves and oh I had better not forget about her prawns at every meal or else!.I was nagged into submission all the time. A very loud purring, very vocal puss cat. As a tiny kitten I wondered where the loud noise was coming from and sure enough it was Pompom purring from under her mother, at 2 weeks old, the size of a grasshopper too.

Tickily Pompom
Pompom my Spirit Cat

Today she jumped down as she has done twice before and landed next to where I was working and the same thing happened with the picture of her above my head. The picture started to move from side to side. It seems I get a loud visit every few months and other days she is just around everwhere, coming into my thoughts with the other animals I have lost in the physical sense. I also have a labrador and two stbernards dogs in spirit and hopefully they wont try one of her landings from what seems to be 3ft above.  I sense her sitting in her favourite spots in the house and I just know she is there. Pompom has reminded me of just how strong her personality was when she was an earth cat and how as an angel cat, she has never changed. She will not be told what to do and used to demand that her food was brought to her bed because with 4 other cats in the house, she was terrified she lost her bed. Again the loud cries didnt die down until she got what she wanted.  Who said animals were mute.

For any one who has lost there beloved animal, try hard to visualise them or send your thoughts to them because this can help you both to connect. Your pet will pick up on your thoughts and your love and just never ever feel that there passing is the end.  Today I did nothing to entice her to come. She was always the boss in my house and I guess she always will be, even as a spirit pussy cat. Thank you for your wonderful visit Pompom.

What does a spirit person look like

What does a spirit person look like? A spirit person or animal or bird, looks exactly the same in there spirit bodies, as they did in life here on the earth plane. The only differences I can find, is that they are free from any aids for disability and illness and are totally free from all impediments and ill health. They usually look  there best and choose the age they want to be, to materialise and present themselves.

If anyone can remember the TV series The Invisible Man, then this is where only certain people can see the invisible man.  Randall and Hopkirk was a good example too. For our younger readers and developing psychics, there is truly nothing to fear and our Spirit Loved ones would do absolutely nothing to frighten us in anyway.  If you sense, with fear, then this is not from the normal Spirit Realms.

Just as in life here on earth, there is good and bad, we must protect ourselves by saying a prayer or just asking the bad feeling to go and do one!. I have even been known to swear at lower spiritual entities and this is where fear is born.

When you try to contact anyone in spirit you open the doors to let whoever in, so do make sure you surround yourself with white protective light before you attempt to communicate.  I cannot stress the importance of this.  People who say your guides in the spirit realms protect you, obviously havnt had dealings with the lower realms..I have and I avoid this like the plague. Those people are folk that refuse to accept an eternal life or that there physical body is actually deceased, the spirit person can look perfectly normal but they may be bad people or even evil. Never but never dabble in anything you do not know enough about concerning the summoning of spirit beings.


A spirit loved one or friend will come when summoned, and it is convenient for them too, and you should sense nothing but Love and maybe a sense of weepiness, over all it is a wonderful truth., where the feeling you sense is of lightness, love and even laughter.


Do protect yourself, all you would be psychics and mediums.



Are you nervous of a Psychic Reading

When new clients come to my website and want a psychic reading but are too nervous to ring, I will take the time to reassure them, that there is a huge difference between a psychic reading and a medium ship reading.

I do not use medium ship unless it is specifically asked for.  For most of us we cannot comprehend the fact that life is eternal and only the physical vehicle, the human body is deceased. The spirit and soul of that person  goes on for ever.  Just the same as our beloved pets who pass through the veil. Our time on earth is only part of our lives.  We live in darkness compared to our Spirit loved ones.  Over in spirit is a land of sunshine and happiness and I for one wont be sad to reunite with my parents, dogs and cats, rats and birds.

I once visited spirit,  (astral projection) and saw how the animals lived.  The Lion does lie down with the lamb and the instinct to kill, leaves those animals, who hunt and kill.  I found myself sitting in a group of animals and birds, in the long uncut grass, and before my eyes, was my two recently deceased cats, a badger, a big tiger and a bird of prey sat on the branch of a huge tree.  They were in conversation with each other, which proves that animal and human language is unscrambled in the ether and the mind so that we all understand.  I never felt so much love or so accepted in the animal kingdom.  Never think your pet doesn’t understand every word you say.

Most of the psychic readings I conduct are by Tarot and Angel cards, giving psychic prediction and seeing what has gone on in your life and what is coming up,  this is called clairvoyance which is nothing to do with “being spooky” and contacting “the dead”.  If I told you that “the dead” were more active than you and I at times, and are around us all, listening and laughing and crying, along with us, bringing in love and light. Spirit people know how difficult it is for us here on earth and honestly you would not believe what goes on unseen and the help we do get from spirit loved ones. Death is not the End, it is the Ascent To Heaven.


I hope this has explained the difference between both types of readings.

Love and light

Joan Lily  (c) May 2015

Have Faith in the Higher Power

I have conducted many psychic readings for clients throughout 2017 and the amount of negativity told me that Yes! 2017 was a negative year for a lot of people. Have Faith in the Higher Power. Many people are struggling financially out there, which means everything else is put on hold ie relationships, caring for others, and sharing, because it seems to be dog eats dog. A survival of the strongest.

Because of the psychic energy building up in my Reading Rome at home I decided that a good old cleansing from negativity would be best, to get rid of the residual psychic energy, and went round my whole house with burning incense to cleanse. I then stood at my front door in the dark, (In case the neighbours spotted me talking to myself) and remembered all the not so good things that have happened in my own life and other peoples, and visualised a large newspaper, screwed the paper into a large ball of negativity, then threw it out into the atmosphere. It felt good, like a feeling of release somehow. Do try this in your own life and ask the universe to dispose of your crumbled newspaper ball, and to send in Positivity. Have faith friends because faith and positivity can be hard to muster at times. Even the cleansing with incense will make your home feel better, and for your own personal nourishment then how about a prayer to the Angels and the Universe to help you in your life. If you are negative, because you are maybe a tad depressed, cleanse yourself under a hot shower and again the power of prayer can work wonders…Remember every word and thought is heard upstairs in Spirit and acted upon. Have no doubts about that.

Wishing all who read this article a Very Happy and Prosperous 2015 with Good Health and Bags of Happiness. from Lily XXX

How Much Faith Should I have in a Psychic Reading

Getting the timing right
Psychics Timing

We have all been there, hanging off a telephone, listening to the psychic readers every word, hoping to hear what we want to hear. How much faith should I have in a psychic reading? Be realistic and as for timing not many psychics can give the correct timings ie dates, times etc. they can only tell you what the higher powers are telling them. All psychics have to differentiate between what is imagination and what is really coming from the powers that be. I don’t give timings apart from soon, wait and see or ages yet, because unless I see timing written clairvoyantly I will not guess at a time. I have been there myself and counted the days down, on a calendar, to find the event doesn’t happen on the predicted day. A great high after a psychic reading but an awful low when that psychic reader has got it wrong, big realistic and don’t live on false hope. It can leave you feeling pretty flat.


Timing should be where the psychic reader can hear the time clairaudiently, clairvoyantly or other wise they should keep quiet.

Deceased Pet Returns from Spirit Realms

If someone asked me as a psychic medium “Will my deceased pet return from Spirit Realms I would say definately yes. My deceased pet returns from spirit realms, when she feels like it and not from any beckoning from me. Yesterday while working on my psychic email readings, a weight landed next to me, but I couldn’t see anything, then the photo of my deceased cats, on the wall above my head, started to move gently from side to side, for a good few minutes. I swear that is what happened.  All I know is, I sensed the cat and that she, was a she, was big and heavy, and my table shuddered, with the landing. Who says our beloved pets cannot and  do not come home from the Spirit realms and when they are dead they are dead. What utter nonsense.

Tickily Pompom
My Cat Pompom visits from the Spirit Realms

Like our spirit humans the continuity of life is eternal and I truly beleive that all my cats and dogs will be waiting to greet me along with my human family, when it is my turn to go home to the Spirit lands.

In the first week of my latest cat Fluffys, passing, I was taken over to spirit in astral travel, and there I saw all my animals including a tiger, a badger, unbeknown cats and birds in the trees.  The grass was long and all the animals looked so happy and content and of course pleased to see me as I sat under a tree. In the bible it quotes “that the lion will lie down with the lamb” and that was certainly the case here.

I often see my labrador and st bernards dogs too but in my mind as I couldnt imagine, one of there landings on my table.  My visit to Spirit, also proved to me that the spirit realms seem to be higher by about 3 feet and I have certainly heard other mediums discuss this. Maybe this is why a lot of sightings of humans are with no feet. Just a thought but as with all things spiritual there will be plenty to think about.

I believe that our language is universal and is scrambled in the universe for all to understand ie humans and animals.

If you would like to communicate with your pet in spirit please contact the lady below. I have read Jackie Weavers books and would recomend you read them to help you cope with your loss.


Jackie Weaver Animal Psychic

Pet bereavement

If you have any experiences of your deceased pets returning from the Spirit Realms then please share with me, to have your story published on my website. I can change your name if you would prefer but by sharing, you are helping other bereaved pet owners to accept, heal and know that there little Tiddles or Basher the Bull Dog still lives on.
Pet Bereavement is a very deep and painful subject just as a human passing is and to some the passing of a much loved pet can be just as bad emotionally.
Some people who live on there own rely on there pets as with the disabled and blind. What a lovely gift from god to own a pet. Rat, bird, cat, dog, horse or stick insect, when care is given along with that a love is born which grows and grows. Where ther is love there can be no parting , only in the physical sense of the solid body but our soul and spirit lives on whether we wear fur feather tooth or claw.
We sall have to do our time on the earth plane and just as it can be bad for humans it can also be worse for animals who cannot speak or properly defend themselves. Animals are mute but certainly not stupid and there language I believe and ours is universal. When you talk to your dog or cat using one liners, thinking they wouldnt understand anything else then try this! try chatting to your pet just like you would do with a human friend. Watch that pet listen to your every work intently.