Pet bereavement

If you have any experiences of your deceased pets returning from the Spirit Realms then please share with me, to have your story published on my website. I can change your name if you would prefer but by sharing, you are helping other bereaved pet owners to accept, heal and know that there little Tiddles or Basher the Bull Dog still lives on.
Pet Bereavement is a very deep and painful subject just as a human passing is and to some the passing of a much loved pet can be just as bad emotionally.
Some people who live on there own rely on there pets as with the disabled and blind. What a lovely gift from god to own a pet. Rat, bird, cat, dog, horse or stick insect, when care is given along with that a love is born which grows and grows. Where ther is love there can be no parting , only in the physical sense of the solid body but our soul and spirit lives on whether we wear fur feather tooth or claw.
We sall have to do our time on the earth plane and just as it can be bad for humans it can also be worse for animals who cannot speak or properly defend themselves. Animals are mute but certainly not stupid and there language I believe and ours is universal. When you talk to your dog or cat using one liners, thinking they wouldnt understand anything else then try this! try chatting to your pet just like you would do with a human friend. Watch that pet listen to your every work intently.