Work in the Psychic Industry

Work from home

Work in the Psychic Industry can be either full or part time and for both male and female workers. If you know your self to have the basic requirement of being able to listen to people then this could well be the way forward for you. Do you feel you have psychic gifts but not a lot of confidence ? this is the way to gain that confidence as a Psychic Reader.

Bite the bullet and acquaint yourself with a set of Tarot or Angel cards with the meanings on the front. The reason I say this is because a concise and accurate reading comes from the divination of the cards. This is the secret to all true readings.

Tarot Programmes

A lot of today’s readers use tarot programmes, which can be quite costly but research reviews before you buy. Some readers swear by them and receive spot on feedback from their clients. You have to start somewhere so why not learn as you go and as long as you advertise your readings for entertainment purposes only then there is no comeback if you get this wrong. If you feel you are making a mess of things then immediately offer to refund the client but with a prayer and a bit of meditation before you embark on your readings, you will get better each time. With the tarot meanings in front of you, the laying out of the cards is your own choice and you must work to that sequence. ie card 1 the recent past, card 2 the present and card 3 the future. These three cards and in that sequence can give you a lot of information. There are lots of handy Tarot Meaning books to have on hand to get more information from the card. I would advise Nancy Garens Tarot Meanings which gives different categories ie love money work etc and a wealth of knowledge. If you have conducted your divination properly it should be easy to connect to your client.

Telephone readings

I advise phone readings where you either work for one of the many phone companies out there or you work for yourself. You will need your own website if you go self employed and you will need to be seen on Google and the social media sites to get clients.

Working for a Psychic Line, well the wages are £5 to £7 per reading. If you can manage two readings in an hour then that is £10. There will always be a job for you as a psychic reader. Most people start out on the psychic lines then once there confidence is stronger, they go on to self employment with a website and eventually go into One to One readings and teaching. It is a job for life and how quickly you move forward depends on you. A basic knowledge of Psychic development and how to protect yourself would be an advantage but it is something you don’t have to digest in one year or 10. It is through dedication and a love of helping others that you will win through.

The downside to this type of work is that you have to put up with peoples moods good and bad. Sometimes they can be abusive so disconnect immediately and sometimes they can be very charming. Some people just want to talk and be heard and you are helping to comfort them so listening is very important. You will hear some shocking problems and I have often sat with my mouth open speechless but also there are fun times too. The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Are You a Psychic Junkie

Are You A Psychic Junkie

A Psychic Junkie is someone who can have up to 5 + readings a day. Are you a psychic junkie? It is great to have a psychic reading by phone or email. A psychic reader gives you the answers you wanted to hear, hopefully. You experience a feeling that all is well after the reading. To find in about an hour, you are full of doubts about whatever problem you are trying to deal with. Why not ring up for another psychic reading with a new psychic reader and so it goes on. Are a Psychic Junkie. The readings become like a drug you must have. The cost goes through the roof and then you question were those people who predicted my future authentic psychic readers.

The truth is you have to “suck em and see” but the proof is always in the pudding. You have to wait on those predictions coming right. I like to have a psychic reading but it has taken me years to find a few tried and trusted psychics. It is therefore good to write down the readings you have had and make notes about the outcome in the future. How to cure a Psychic Junkie is to stop completely before your phone is disconnected because these readings can run into hundreds of pounds. Yes you are worried about the future but adding financial burdens to it is not helpful. Bite the bullet and how about asking the Angels for help or learn to self read a pack of Tarot Cards with meanings instead.

I hope this helps you kick the habit. Think positive and positive things will happen. A pack of good tarot cards can be bought on Ebay for £6 upward and

Private Psychic Readings in Fife

Private readings

A private psychic reading in Fife with me can be an enjoyable experience for us both.  For instance I am offering psychic readings by Tarot,  Angel Cards and Clairvoyance.  Medium readings are very popular too and a persons life can be changed for the better,  after a psychic reading.  Read my feedback page.  A private Psychic Reading in Fife can be easily reached by bus if you do not have a car.

Private Psychic Readings in Fife
Joan Lily Porter
Private Psychic Readings in Fife


We will start by asking the higher power for help and guidance with your reading.  I will then read the tarot and Angel cards and tell you what I see there.  Clairvoyance is used where spirit show me pictures like a television screen.

Love  and relationships, friendships, work and career, house moves and finances are some of the areas that will come up in a psychic reading.

Private Psychic Readings in Fife can be easy to travel to,  and more fulfilling than a telephone reading.   If you are not keen on a telephone reading or email reading,  a one to one consultation is for you.  You could visit my home here in Pittenweem at a time, suitable for us both.

Home Visits.

Visits to your home if there are a minimum of four people up to eight.

The booking must be paid for in advance to safe guard against time wasters. This fee also covers petrol and travel costs.  This payment will be non refundable if your guests, do not turn up.   A psychic reading in your home will cost £35 per person and I do work at nights and weekends.   Saturday morning are  for my private clients visiting my home.  Private Psychic Readings in Fife are very handy for a celebration. a gift to someone.  Or just a night in,  with the girls and boys.   A quiet room will be required and a table and two chairs.  I can no longer read on beds or staircases.  I am getting too old.

A lovely evening can be had by all and this is a great way to gather friends and family together.   Maybe have some sausage rolls or sandwiches for hungry guests.

Please ring me on 01333 313351 to discuss dates and time.  Payments can be made via the website or taken over the phone.

Have a Great Week ahead and put your best foot forward.  I hope to hear from you soon!

email me at

Psychic Readings in person
Private Psychic Readings in Fife

The best psychic readers

The Best Psychic Readers

same day email readings
The best Psychic Readers

The best psychic readers are those who are experienced, have professional certificates, and who have high standards.

Development of Psychic Gifts

We all have to start somewhere and develop our psychic gifts. I worked for THE CIRCLE for 7 years and was required to attend various courses, to obtain accreditation. They employed only the best psychic readers. Testing for accuracy, the professional delivery of a psychic reading.  Required to enable us to obtain liability insurance.  Those requisites made us the best psychic readers on the internet.

Ways a Psychic Gets Known

We all know the cost of marketing a psychic website and the fierce competition we face.  The ways a psychic gets known is by Word of mouth and social networking.  Accurate readings bring repeat clients.

Psychic Sweat Shops

Some of the less reputable psychic companies don’t care how long their readers sit online, as long as they make a profit.  A psychic must work for 10 pence a minute, after 200 minutes the rate goes up to 12 pence. No one earns a good wage as an online psychic.  The companies that pay well I could count on one hand.

The best psychic readers are those who work for only a maximum of 4 hours at one time, get plenty of fresh air and rest. Have a good, fresh and nourishing diet.

Psychic Burn Out

Psychic readings can tire the reader after a 4-hour stint. Where there are pressure and the odd vile client, the mental strain can be quite draining.

90% of clients are good decent people who do not expect miraculous solutions to there every problem. They just want honest guidance and prediction for the future.  The other 10% of callers can be very nasty, abrupt and demanding.  This builds an instant blockage and wall of dislike, both ways.  Not the right conditions for clear communication.  Time to politely end the call when this happens.

Brilliant Psychics online

The best psychic readers are those who do not ask questions and tune in with whoever and get into the psychic reading in a polite and professional manner.  There are some brilliant psychic readers online, one who I use all the time.  I look forward to a bit of psychic guidance and prediction myself.  I cannot read for myself.!!

Phonies and Charlatans

The bandwagon psychics who tell you what you want to hear. The poor psychics that work for hours on end.  It is certainly not an easy job and the biggest reward is not monetary, but the satisfaction of reuniting a bereaved person with there deceased loved one. More importantly giving absolute proof of who we are communicating with, from the spirit realms.  Dogs and cats, rabbits and hamsters, birds too, they all come in and very rarely do I conduct a mediumship reading without the families deceased pets coming in too.

The psychic part is being able to give accurate and concise readings and the guides help with this.  The client gives feedback any time up to a year after the reading.

Trust your psychic and build up trust and after each reading, the link will be stronger.

I wish you all, many happy, genuine and accurate psychic readings.

Joan Lily Porter


Angel Messages every day

Angel messages every day

Angel messages every day, where  you do not have to be a psychic reader. Know about your life and the pathway ahead.  Buy a set of Angel Cards with the meanings book from Amazon, Ebay or your local book store.  Whether you can read the Angel Cards or not is immaterial.  Divination is the key.

Once you have your box of cards and meanings book you have to learn about divination.  Divination is learning to sit peacefully and clear your mind, then ask the angels to send you messages.  Shuffle the cards and cut the pack then choose the first two cards. Look up the meanings of both those cards and hopefully, you will receive uplifting guidance and even some answers to problems on your mind.  Do the same every day that you feel you need help from the angels.

Angel messages every day can help all of us.  Whether things are good or bad in our lives.  We may even be worried about others and Angel messages can help us there too.  Our guardian angel is aware of what is going on in our lives and with our families.  If a problem or worry affects us it affects our guardian angel too and they will pull the stops out to get a sign to you.  Feathers are common, repeat numbers, dreams and numerous other things happen to get our attention.

Divination is the act of seeing the future using prayer, and meditation with tarot, angel, crystal ball or focal point to tune into.

Psychic Workshops in Fife

My Psychic Workshops in Fife are due to start soon. In one day pupils can get a basic training in protection prayers, meditation and how to tune in with the higher power. A one to one programme where everyone is active and not just sitting listening to the tutor. You will actively tune in with the higher power and learn one to one healing and communication.
The classes will run once a month or where there are more than 10 booked for one class, two separate classes will run on different dates.
Obviously, there are many aspects to psychic development and mediumship. Specialist workshops will run in mediumship, and working in the psychic industry. Healing for Humans and Animals (separate classes)
Each class starts at 9 am prompt and finishes around 4 pm. Tea breaks and a lunch break throughout the day. There are cafes in Pittenweem or alternatively, you can bring a packed lunch and make tea and coffee in the classroom.
The classes will start soon and will be advertised on facebook and twitter. Pittenweem is where the classes will be held.

Psychic Workshops in Pittenweem

I have asked many people which day they would prefer and it seems a Saturday or Sunday suits most. Where there are too many pupils for one class then a Sunday class may follow.  I hope to make the classes interesting but fun too and more importantly where we can all share our experiences of strange happenings and how we feel about the higher power and working under that umbrella.

I hope to see you soon and my website will keep you posted on dates.

Working in the Psychic Industry

working in the psychic industry
working in the psychic industry

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Working in the psychic industry is not for the faint hearted.  A lot of budding psychics and mediums tell me they wouldn’t have the confidence to work on the psychic lines.  Believe me when I tell you it is through those psychic lines that you will get the best “in the deep end” training and that confidence will start to come after your first shift.

After all, you are on the end of a phone.  Not in front of the client where you see every crevice and wrinkle on their faces.  Every frown of disagreement.  The smile when you have got your information correct.

Working in the psychic industry can mean low pay and long shifts to make a decent wage every week.  The work will never run out and if you are keen enough you could possibly work for two psychic lines at the same times.  dependant on the hours you have chosen.

Very handy indeed for a young mother or because you just want to work from home.  You save on bus fares and petrol.  Canteen bills and hanging about in the freezing cold for lifts. Working at home means you are comfortable in your own space.  Because you are comfortable and relaxed you will give better readings I always feel.

Always have your tarot books to hand or even better a chart that will have the meaning of every card you draw.  This gives you peace of mind that the information you are giving your client is correct.  The secret of a good tarot or angel card reading is always in the divination.  Shuffling is the most important part and then the layout is important too. Make up your own layout but as long as you understand what the layout means.  Card no 1 could be to do with love and card no 2 could be to do with money and so on. Write your own little chart so you remember.  There are lots of layouts in the tarot books but I have found I know in my head what each card is pertaining to. This comes with experience though.

Practice with family and friends then pluck up that courage to apply to the psychic lines for work.  You will get a start within a day if you are any good.  Go for a decent wage, no timetable and weekly wages unless you prefer monthly money.  I will be adding more articles and posts about how to get started and other forms of psychic work you could be doing over the weeks ahead. I hope this article will help you to take the plunge.  There is more work out there in the universe than you could ever get through in a life time.

Good Luck

Joan Lily Porter  © 2017

Spiritual Cleansing every day

Spiritual Cleansing every day is a must for those of us who work in the psychic industry.  Whether you work in a psychic way or not we could all do with a bit of cleansing after a hard day at work.  An even harder day at home with the children all day and night or the permanent worry of meeting the bills every month.  Yes, we have all been there.

As a psychic medium, I used to visit people’s homes and different venues to give psychic readings.  I made a big mistake though.  I forgot to spiritually cleanse every day or night.  After a party booking, I would arrive home in a bad mood.  I felt scruffy and so tired.  I had forgotten to cleanse myself of everyone’s troubles.  As a psychic other people’s problems stick to me until I say a prayer and brush myself down using my hands.

Another way to get rid of stuff that is bugging you is to get an imaginary newspaper and pour all your problems into that newspaper, scrunch it up into a ball and stand at your door and imagine throwing it up high into the atmosphere.  let the universe dispose of it.  Try it because it does help.

Offloading, our worries to the Angels is another way of helping yourself.  Pray to the Angels every day or night, even send your thoughts, and invite them into your life to give you the help you need.  The Angels love to help us but we must invite them into our lives first.  Watch for miraculous solutions to appear in your life.

If you are finding life a real struggle and dread every day arriving then go and ask for help ie your doctor, best friend or family member.  Share those problems and don’t add 20 years to your life just worrying.

Spiritual Cleansing
Spiritual Cleansing Everyday

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A New Psychic Broom Sweeps Clean

A new broom sweeps clean
New Psychic Broom Sweeps Clean

A new psychic broom sweeps clean and this can apply to any area of our lives that we choose.  If you work psychically then you can cleanse yourself with incense, pray or visualise standing under a shower and asking the higher power for cleansing.

Cleaning the home can give us a lot of pleasure too and can be like another fresh start. Changing rooms around, new curtains, polished furniture, shining mirrors.  These actions can make us feel so good even though it can take a big effort to get started.

Stand at your front, back door and visualise all your problems are wrapped up in a newspaper,  let the bundle fly into the universe to be dissolved. This can give us a sense of hope too.  I stand at my door every few weeks and visualise all the negativity I have had to listen to, as part of my spiritual work, flying away in that imaginary newspaper.  Try it and see but take your time and savour your thoughts starting with your most pressing problems.

Visualisation is a powerful tool and can bring you money, dreams realised and hope, strength and love.

I love a good old rake in the charity shops and this alone can fill your home with clutter and junk.  I wonder what negativity resides on those ornaments we bring home.   A good idea is to cleanse everything because you do not know the back ground or story behind each ornament.  Do think about that.  I would never buy a second hand purse because you do not know if that purse held much money, plenty or poverty.  A persons old purse or handbag is a very personal object and has maybe been worn for several years. Every object carries its own tale, good or bad, so lets spring clean everything that comes into our homes.  Soapy wash, incense smoke and a little prayer or blessing to keep everything positive within the home.

The Death Tarot Card

The Death Tarot Card

The death Tarot card, no 13 in the tarot deck.  Most people panic when they see the death card pop up in the spread laid out in front of them.

The death card does not mean physical death. This card means Transition, transformation, rebirth and permanent changes ahead, and in no uncertain terms.

A blockage in our life

Are you in the habit of clinging to the past? If so then expect a complete turnaround.  Quite suddenly your situation changes dramatically but in the end improves very much for you.

death tarot card
death tarot card



You dread getting up from your bed in the morning to go to work.  You can’t sleep at night because of the dread relating to the next day.  You are tired and worn out with it all and feel like crying sometimes.

You have stuck out a job you hate, purely for the steady income.  You may lose this job or quit, but you will replace it quickly with something better and may even go back to school to add another string to your bow.


You end the relationship that you have outgrown.  You have fallen out of love with your partner but stick it out for the children.  You have been afraid to leave and have worried what would become of you and maybe a son or daughter or both. Yes, it may hurt you deeply to leave, alas it is another broken dream.  In the end, you find a happier, more fulfilling union with a new partner.  Sunshine after the rain.


A door shuts and there is no going back through that door but you will find you are moving on because you have no choice, but the difference is,  your life will be changing in all areas for the better.


Loss of finances or a poor financial forecast but only to be replaced with great improvement.  You not only learn from this period of hardship but gain financially too in the end.



Transformation occurs when you start to release all that is not good for you. A relationship with someone who makes you so angry or irritated that he/she has worn you down.  Dont put up with anything from anyone that does not try to make you happy.

We can have very little money but be so  content with our lot because the devil that we know, has gone away and off our pathway, whether that be a tired or violent relationship, bad job, poor finances, Go and find yourself again.