Addicted to Psychic Readings

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Addicted to Psychic Readings

Addicted to Psychic Readings

Being addicted to psychic readings is a serious if not financially crippling experience.  Emotionally it can leave you more confused than when you first started out.

Most people have a lot of psychic readings because they are upset and worried about some issue.  Relationship break ups being the most common issue I have come across.  As a rule I read for my regular clients once every 3 to 6 months.

Like any addiction it is not easy to break the habit.  I would suggest to any addict that you trust in The Angels.  If you have Angel Cards then why not do your own readings.  I suggest you say a little prayer, shuffle and lay out three cards.  Using the guidebook that comes with your Angel Cards, why not learn each card individually.  Repeat this every day and see what the cards are trying to tell you.

Addicted to psychic readings by phone can be so expensive.  Charged by the minute, 20 minutes can just fly by.  Okay, you have been told by the reader what you want to hear.  You will get that high, that lasts about an hour.  The lift wears off and back you go.  Onto the phone, to ring yet another psychic company.

Psychic readers who work for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time

Psychic readers who work for more than 2 hours would get very tired.  The low wages paid out by those companies means psychic readers have to carry on regardless.  This is when the integrity of a psychic reading is doubtful.  If a psychic reader can read all day, every day, are they using a programme? that does all the work for them.  I feel they cannot be tapping into psychic energy because eventually tiredness would take over.  Think carefully before purchasing a reading and obviously if that reader has great feedback then limit yourself.

Feedback for Psychic Readings

Never leave psychic feedback for a reader because you have heard what you want to..Wait until the information unfolds itself then get back in touch with the company concerned to leave feedback.  There are a lot of excellent readers online and if you are lucky enough to find one that is true and does not work from ego then always stick with that reader.

Phone Bills and Credit Cards

For some people the only thing that stops all the readings being bought are the phone bills and if you are using a credit card you could stand to lose that too.  Moderation is not easy when your heart is broken or your house or job falls through.  What is needed is a giant hug from someone who cares about you not a barrage of psychic readings giving you different outcomes.

Good Luck and I hope you see the light very soon. Lily XX

Developing Psychic Ability

Developing Psychic Ability
Developing Psychic Ability

Developing psychic ability should come to you at a period in your life when you feel at peace with yourself.  I come across a lot of people who are psychic as we all are, but havn’t a clue what to do or who they can trust to go to. They would love to develop in this field but just do not know how to develop psychic ability. Learn to meditate is my first advice to anyone starting out unless you are a natural medium or psychic which most of us are not.

It is so easy to learn meditation and lift your awareness to a higher level. Sitting in the peace and quiet and listening to lovely music or a guided meditation tape or just listening to silence.  I would suggest though to any one who suffers from depression or has a lot on their minds, not to try to meditate until they are in a better place.  I do not feel you would make that connection easily so leave meditation until you feel better.

Developing psychic ability, comes through study, meditation and faith.  Choosing if you want to be a healer or a communicator, psychic reader, or if you just wish to be closer to spirit, will become clear as your development progresses.

Developing psychic ability is not hard to, do but being in the right place, at the right time in your life, can be just that bit more difficult.  You have to discipline yourself to maybe one hour per day or even thirty minutes of quiet, quality time, just for you.

Some people join groups to develop. Shop around and sit in on a few of those meetings or workshops.  The reason I say this is, that one bad tutor or someone who is full of there own self importance can be working from ego and not giving you the tuition you need.  Be on your guard for this sort of teacher or head of a meeting because the amount of people who have come to me and have been put off there development because they did not like there teacher would surprise you.  Tuition comes from a higher power and any teacher should be giving guidance from Spirit.

Everyone of us have our own unique way of tuning into the higher power and no one can tell you how to find your own comfortable way of doing this. We can only guide you towards your goal.

I will be starting psychic development workshops in Pittenweem, fife, just shortly and this will last for one day.  There will be different levels or workshop from the beginner to the advanced psychic.

I do wish you a happy fulfilling time in your psychic development and remember that you can only go at your own pace.

Lily 2016


My Bletchley Park Visit

My Bletchley Park Visit
My Bletchley Park Visit

My Bletchley Park Visit was well worth going to.  I enjoyed the whole day and just felt the warm psychic vibes in The Mansion and all around.  The visit was very informative and the lake being a favourite place for most of us was just awesome.  The peace and quiet I did not expect and fortunately my son and I chose a Monday which wasn’t too busy.  It was little wonder the code breakers used to sit in boats on the lake to think straight. The atmosphere was like a time gone by and it made me realise how lucky we are to be here with the codebreakers help.

Bletchley Park is near Milton Keynes and the entry fee was £18 and worth every penny.  We travelled by car from Swindon and arrived there in about an hour maybe a bit more.

There is every commodity there to have a good day out. A lovely cafe which serves excellent meals at a competitive price and a coffee shop.  Plenty of seating around the park for those of us who like a breather every now and then.

The Mansion was awesome particularly the ceilings and lay out and apart from the great history of the whole place, it is hard to believe that this building and Park was someones home before the second world war.

My visit to Bletchley park was very memorable and so enjoyable.  I returned home well fed, a bit tired but so pleased that I had finally made it there after several attempts in the past to visit there.  I would go back again and they do have a terrific computer museum, which unfortunately I didn’t visit.  Maybe next time though because I will definately be going back.

How a psychic telephone reading works

How a psychic telephone reading works is up to the reader.  In my own experience I use your voice vibration and also clairvoyance to tune in with you.  Through out your reading tarot cards may or may not be used depending on your personal choice.

Angel cards can be very beneficial in giving us guidance too.  Every day I shuffle my pack of Angel Cards and blindly choose one card for me for that day.  Pray to the angels for guidance while you are shuffling and you will be amazed at your card and guidance for that day.

Through the clairvoyant pictures I see, I can tell a lot about your life.  I also listen for voices from Spirit and maybe a name and description.  I am not in charge of how the reading will be delivered.  What the content will be lies with your questions.

Timing is very difficult and if I do not see a date written in mid air or hear a date then I cannot tell you.  Maybe this means that you just have to wait and see.

This is how a psychic telephone reading works for me as your reader.

I am available 7 days from 8am until 10am at night every night.


Psychic Prodigy

Psychic Prodigy

A world famous favourite among the religious psychics is a female – Joan of Arc, born in 1412

Joan heard even as a child what she later described as voices.  These voices prompted her as a teenager to don armour and lead the French army against the English to end the siege of Orleans, her home town.  After Joan suffered several

Psychic Prodigy
Psychic prodigy
Joan of Arc
Psychic medium

defeats at the hands of the English, they captured her and returned her to the French theologians (who were English loyalists).  They called her a heretic due to her ability to hear voices.  A psychic prodigy indeed.

To save herself, Joan recanted her reports of the voices she heard and appealed to the pope.  However, she was shortly returned to prison and raped by her captors, after which she withdrew her recantation and espoused renewed faith in her “voices,” causing her captors to burn her at the stake as a heretic at age 19.

A posthumous retrial in the mid-15th-century cleared her of heresy; it took only another 500 years or so before the Church proclaimed her a saint in 1920.

Psychic Masters

As you may have noticed, , many records of amazing psychic events occurred around the turn of the millennium 2,000 years ago. Remarkable leaders Buddha, then Christ, and a little later Mahummad and Zoroaster,all visionaries and all referred to as prophets-lived at that time.  Those leaders both benefited from and added to the growth of ides that were passed along the Silk Road between the East and West.  Their brilliance survived the formidable Dark Ages that followed, an era that leaves a gaping hole in our knowledge of many subjects.



Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, Fife

Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, fife

Private Psychic Readings in Pittenweem, Fife, are available by ringing 01333 313351 or by emailing me at  to make an appointment.  Private psychic readings, Pittenweem, fife, are very popular.  These particular one to one readings have proved to be in demand, and people enjoy there reading in a relaxed atmosphere.  I have a lot of repeat clients who like a psychic reading every few months depending what is going on in there lives.  Each psychic reading lasts for 30 – 40 minutes and I always leave it in the hands of the spirit guides and helpers as to when the reading should end.  People can record their psychic readings on there mobile phones or take notes.

A one to one or face to face, psychic reading can be very powerful as I am tuning into your energy.  A psychic telephone reading is where I work  with the voice vibration, which can be quite powerful but not quite as strong as face to face contact.

face to face private readings
Private psychic readings, Private Healing Sessions

Spiritual Healing Sessions

I also give private spiritual healing sessions when asked to do so.  The healing sessions last for 30 minutes and are not just for physical ailments.  Maybe you have been feeling a little down in the dumps or your energy feels low.  Like any  holistic healing, it can take a few sessions before you will feel the true benefit.  Like a bottle of medicine, you cannot expect to feel a whole lot better with just one dose but you should certainly start to feel the benefit mentally, after your first healing.

I am a qualified spiritualist healer for people and animals.

Medium ship Readings

I only conduct medium readings if asked specifically.  A lot of people prefer not to contact deceased loved ones for what ever reason and want prediction and guidance about current affairs and prediction into future ones too.  With a medium reading you cannot always guarantee who is going to communicate with you.  In my experience if someone was pushy on the earth plane then usually they will get to the front of the queue of people wanting to talk with you.  Whereas someone who was very quiet may hang about in the background waiting for a chance to talk to you.  The amount of people who say “Oh but I thought my Mum or this person would have come through” If he/she didn’t manage to communicate with you, then chances are he/she was there and waiting there turn.  Sometimes when loved ones want to communicate I can only describe it as a double decker bus unloading with all your loved ones.  Never feel your loved one doesn’t want to communicate with you.  Usually they are not at the front of the queue ie personality wise even though they are oozing with love for you.  Time runs out and then you can be left disappointed.  Keep trying or go to a Spiritualist Church or spiritual meeting which will cost you the collection fee.  You will be amazed even listeneing to others readings.

Help! I think I am being haunted.

We have all had the feeling that we are not alone in a room.  Help! I think I am being haunted.  Something has touched our hair and yet there is no one there, that we can see.  An object falls to the floor but it has sat unmoved for months. A feeling of dread about something we cannot quite put our finger on.

We are all psychic and at certain times can be very tuned in to the spirit realms, whether we are aware of that or not.

On a day to day basis we usually have so many material things going on in our lives, our awareness of spirit is almost blocked out.

Help I think I am being Haunted
Help I think I am being Haunted

There are times too when we can feel quite frightened.  On those occasions I would suggest that you say a Prayer of Protection.  The lords prayer or your own words asking who or whatever to leave you alone.

An Uncle of mines who was always experiencing spirit visitors told me what to do.

“sit up and tell whoever or whatever, in the worst language you know, to leave you alone and to go and annoy someone else”  Well in my younger years I have tried that particular routine and didn’t feel too proud of myself.  Now that I have no fear of spirit I ask the spirit person to walk towards the light of spirit, to be happy and reunited with there own families and animals.  Creepy feelings should not be tolerated by anyone.

There is of course a dark side to the spirit realms and this is why we have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help us.

If we have been emotionally upset, ill or just generally run down,  a spirit person can latch on to our weak auras and psyche quite easily. Remember to pray and ask the person to go away.

Sometimes a spirit loved one well let us know they are around.  At times of worry or illness in your life, they do come around to bring us healing and love.  This should be nothing less than a warm feeling of love and peace.  If it does not feel warm and safe then recite your words gently.  It could be that you are a budding medium and weren’t aware of it before.  If those feelings happen on a regular basis then attend a Spiritualist Church or group to understand what is going on in your life.

I am a great believer in incense and smudge sticks to cleanse negative energy from my home. I conduct a lot of readings from my home and by phone and email, and I can pick up on negativity which I clear at least once a week by going from one room to the next.  Cleansing every corner of your work space and home, with smoke from the incense can be wonderfully uplifting and reassuring.

Lastly do not dabble with an ouiji board unless you really know what you are doing.  You can open yourself to all sorts of spirit energies using one of those.  I should know because I had a bad spirit attach itself to me when I was a young inquisitive.   I eventually got whoever to leave, with the help of my spiritualist church helpers.  I felt an unbelievable fear with this entity hanging around and that is why I would like to help anyone suffering this by writing this post.

With Love and Light to All who read this and can identify with me.

What Can A Psychic Tell Me

What Can A Psychic Tell Me

A common concern today is the sale or purchase of a property, because of the expense and commitment involved, many people want as much information as possible.  Love and relationships where there are a lot of emotions at stake. Have I got the job? when will my life change for the better, on which dates will those things happen.

Nothing changes in this life, unless you the client, brings the necessary changes about, like starting to join social groups and saving money and looking for jobs and applying.  What can a psychic tell me is a fair question.  There is no magic wand and yet I do believe in magic but again one has to be positive and take positive actions to bring those things about. A lottery ticket, a prayer to the universe, visualising yourself getting what you want.

The majority of people have very unrealistic expectations of timings and think we can just answer every question with pin point accuracy.  No psychic is 100% accurate though and any one who tells you that they are,  is either too confident or working from ego.  No one likes a boaster.

A normal psychic reader, on the other hand, can hear and see very accurate pictures and even the dates in the months ahead.  As a rule of thumb if I cannot hear (clairaudience) or see the timing written in the air (clairvoyance) but know and sense that my prediction will happen, then I will answer that it will be within the next 6 months or longer if I feel that is the case.

what can a psychic tell me
What Can A Psychic Tell Me

A psychic reader cannot change your life.  He/ she can give you good guidance from the higher power but if you do nothing about that guidance then life will stay the same. I always think if you act like the victim, then you can be the author of your own misfortunes at times.

Of every one hundred people I read for I would say I will get one client who is really hard work and who comes back over and over only to be told the same thing. These people are usually the ones that dig there heels into the situation they are in and blame everyone round them.  I once had a lady whose husband had told her of his affair but she refused to accept that he no longer loved her and 6 years later, this affair was still going on, and she refused to leave him so he lived with the x and the current lover under the one roof,  this lady phoned every psychic she could think of, demanding nastily, to know what she should do?  I should know because I worked for 3 different online psychic websites in that 6 years.  When you’ve read for the same person with the same problem over and over again it becomes very hard work indeed and hugely draining mentally when they are just down right vile.

Skeptics are harder to read for, or people who are suspicious of your motives, the testers and the victims, negative people and the very depressed because they build a wall between themselves and the psychic.

A good psychic will not predict death or illness but we are allowed to warn you to take extra care, pregnancy and sex of baby questions I refuse to answer because of the sensitivity and emotional involvement. You can tell if someone will be pregnant and yes! what sex the foetus will be, but if I cannot see that pregnancy resulting in a birth, I would rather not say and that is why I refuse to answer those questions.

I have people ask for lottery numbers, when will I meet my soul mate, will my x lover return, but what if I cannot see a happy ending to any of those questions.  What is the point in building some poor soul up for a fall.   They have rung me for genuine psychic guidance and help and that is what I am here to give.

If we could give out lotto numbers I do not think there would be a poor psychic on the internet but alas this is not so.

Some information given from the higher power can be mind blowing, and the sitters mouth just drops open in amazement but over all I do not predict, on non endings.  Who and for what purpose would it serve.

Find an accurate psychic and stick with them because each time the pathway of communication becomes easier at each phone session or sitting.


God is not to Blame

God Is Not To Blame

We have all loved and lost someone, The most natural event in our lives is to experience devastating loss. How cruel nature can be too, especially when some one is taken home to spirit, prematurely through illness. Children and animals with barely a chance on the earth plane. Where is God and why does he let this happen we all ask our selves. Is he there at all ?

I can report as a Psychic Medium that all illness leaves the deceased person, on waking in spirit and a new and healthy body replaces the old one. I do believe that a period of healing is required in the spirit realms when a person has experienced a traumatic death. The Angels help that person to realise, why they have woken up in spirit and to settle down to there new life. Our stay on the earth plane is very temporary and most of our lives are spent as spirit people. A lot of deaths too are man made through machinery, diet, chemicals etc etc so we cannot blame God for decisions made by man on earth.

I often wonder about diet. If we stuck to what was eaten and mentioned in the Bible would our health improve, also in the Wars when Britains inhabitants were at there healthiest, despite the rationing etc etc. It gives me a lot of food for thought. We always want someone to blame but we are here on earth to learn so God in his wisdom can be totally helpless at times.

If someone chooses to end there life or someone steps in front of a car, does God have to supply an Angel to save the day for each person. If that was the case and he supplied on demand then surely there would be no death, no eternal life, no immortality..

How would this world turn around.

Grief can be the veil that blocks our sense of our spirit loved ones around us. It is very difficult to see hear or smell anything when our hearts are broken. It does however take a great deal of energy for a loved one to come in close, this could be in the form of a perfume or aftershave or indeed a medication that was used, but a distinct reminder of who it is coming in close to you. A sudden memory that was almost forgotten about springs to mind!! well that is your loved one communicating with you. You do not get a memory from the past for no reason. You may be more aware than you think.

If I can help anyone who is recently bereaved to come to terms with there loss then please contact me at no cost to yourself. It is my duty to help you in anyway I can. I can communicate with you by email but not telephone.

Have Faith in the Higher Power

I have conducted many psychic readings for clients throughout 2017 and the amount of negativity told me that Yes! 2017 was a negative year for a lot of people. Have Faith in the Higher Power. Many people are struggling financially out there, which means everything else is put on hold ie relationships, caring for others, and sharing, because it seems to be dog eats dog. A survival of the strongest.

Because of the psychic energy building up in my Reading Rome at home I decided that a good old cleansing from negativity would be best, to get rid of the residual psychic energy, and went round my whole house with burning incense to cleanse. I then stood at my front door in the dark, (In case the neighbours spotted me talking to myself) and remembered all the not so good things that have happened in my own life and other peoples, and visualised a large newspaper, screwed the paper into a large ball of negativity, then threw it out into the atmosphere. It felt good, like a feeling of release somehow. Do try this in your own life and ask the universe to dispose of your crumbled newspaper ball, and to send in Positivity. Have faith friends because faith and positivity can be hard to muster at times. Even the cleansing with incense will make your home feel better, and for your own personal nourishment then how about a prayer to the Angels and the Universe to help you in your life. If you are negative, because you are maybe a tad depressed, cleanse yourself under a hot shower and again the power of prayer can work wonders…Remember every word and thought is heard upstairs in Spirit and acted upon. Have no doubts about that.

Wishing all who read this article a Very Happy and Prosperous 2015 with Good Health and Bags of Happiness. from Lily XXX