God is not to Blame

God Is Not To Blame

We have all loved and lost someone, The most natural event in our lives is to experience devastating loss. How cruel nature can be too, especially when some one is taken home to spirit, prematurely through illness. Children and animals with barely a chance on the earth plane. Where is God and why does he let this happen we all ask our selves. Is he there at all ?

I can report as a Psychic Medium that all illness leaves the deceased person, on waking in spirit and a new and healthy body replaces the old one. I do believe that a period of healing is required in the spirit realms when a person has experienced a traumatic death. The Angels help that person to realise, why they have woken up in spirit and to settle down to there new life. Our stay on the earth plane is very temporary and most of our lives are spent as spirit people. A lot of deaths too are man made through machinery, diet, chemicals etc etc so we cannot blame God for decisions made by man on earth.

I often wonder about diet. If we stuck to what was eaten and mentioned in the Bible would our health improve, also in the Wars when Britains inhabitants were at there healthiest, despite the rationing etc etc. It gives me a lot of food for thought. We always want someone to blame but we are here on earth to learn so God in his wisdom can be totally helpless at times.

If someone chooses to end there life or someone steps in front of a car, does God have to supply an Angel to save the day for each person. If that was the case and he supplied on demand then surely there would be no death, no eternal life, no immortality..

How would this world turn around.

Grief can be the veil that blocks our sense of our spirit loved ones around us. It is very difficult to see hear or smell anything when our hearts are broken. It does however take a great deal of energy for a loved one to come in close, this could be in the form of a perfume or aftershave or indeed a medication that was used, but a distinct reminder of who it is coming in close to you. A sudden memory that was almost forgotten about springs to mind!! well that is your loved one communicating with you. You do not get a memory from the past for no reason. You may be more aware than you think.

If I can help anyone who is recently bereaved to come to terms with there loss then please contact me at no cost to yourself. It is my duty to help you in anyway I can. I can communicate with you by email but not telephone.

Have Faith in the Higher Power

I have conducted many psychic readings for clients throughout 2017 and the amount of negativity told me that Yes! 2017 was a negative year for a lot of people. Have Faith in the Higher Power. Many people are struggling financially out there, which means everything else is put on hold ie relationships, caring for others, and sharing, because it seems to be dog eats dog. A survival of the strongest.

Because of the psychic energy building up in my Reading Rome at home I decided that a good old cleansing from negativity would be best, to get rid of the residual psychic energy, and went round my whole house with burning incense to cleanse. I then stood at my front door in the dark, (In case the neighbours spotted me talking to myself) and remembered all the not so good things that have happened in my own life and other peoples, and visualised a large newspaper, screwed the paper into a large ball of negativity, then threw it out into the atmosphere. It felt good, like a feeling of release somehow. Do try this in your own life and ask the universe to dispose of your crumbled newspaper ball, and to send in Positivity. Have faith friends because faith and positivity can be hard to muster at times. Even the cleansing with incense will make your home feel better, and for your own personal nourishment then how about a prayer to the Angels and the Universe to help you in your life. If you are negative, because you are maybe a tad depressed, cleanse yourself under a hot shower and again the power of prayer can work wonders…Remember every word and thought is heard upstairs in Spirit and acted upon. Have no doubts about that.

Wishing all who read this article a Very Happy and Prosperous 2015 with Good Health and Bags of Happiness. from Lily XXX