One to One Psychic Prediction

One to One Psychic Prediction

One to One Psychic prediction is available by appointment only.  Please ring 01333 313351 or enquire by email to  The only thing you have to bring, is yourself.


A private One to One Psychic Prediction cost £45 for an hour, which is very competitively priced.  Refreshments are available.  I am based in Pittenweem, fife and people travel from as far as Newcastle, to have a reading with me.


People book readings for anniversaries, birthdays and as gifts for others.  This is a very special gift to give someone. Just ring 01333 313351 to make your appointment.  Please enquire to see if there are any appointments free on a certain day or evening.

Medium ship Readings

A medium ship reading has to be booked in advance as I have to meditate first, to get the best connection for you. A One to One Psychic Prediction can be conducted without any tarot cards or other aids as I am listening to the spirit guides and helpers.   I like you to leave here happier in the knowledge that your loved one lives on, in a better world.


One to One Psychic predictionPsychic Readings in person
One to One Psychic Prediction


What can a Psychic tell you


What can a Psychic tell you?  Psychics are probably one of the most misunderstood groups of professionals. What can a Psychic tell you?, well most things, but solving a mystery on demand doesn’t work for me. How a person died and who did it?

Some of the questions I am asked

Who stole out my purse? Most people are unrealistic about what information we can give you.  The month a persons house will sell. How much? Everything from lottery numbers to the address of the house they will move into.  One lady even asked me what her shares would be worth if she sold them.  Major decisions must be taken by you the client. We cannot do that for you but what we can do is suggest a positive direction.

Psychic Phone Readings Now
What can a psychic tell you

Signs and Symbols and Tuning in

What can a psychic tell you? hopefully the truth.  Genuine psychics are very intuitive and can pick up on most things without being given any information.  We have to tune into the person we are reading for first, then let the information build up.  We can see where a separation turns right around and a fresh start is coming.  If the relationship has ended for good I see a brick wall on the pathway.  Some times the higher power shows me symbols instead of pictures. An aluminium shoot represents a persons mental health and if they are at the bottom middle or top of the shoot.  Some one at the bottom tells me a relationship has broken down or there has been a recent passing.  A devastation has taken place in there lives.

I conduct psychic email answers to questions, some of the content of the questions are shocking.  However, if I receive any answers from the higher power, who am I to criticize? If I get no answer, then I will say so and ask the client to choose another question.

Whether you are an existing client,  thinking about giving a psychic email a try, then please check out my feedback and accreditation.

With Love and Light

Joan Lily Porter

Same Day Psychic Email Answers

Same day psychic email answers.  Your reply, same day if ordered before 9pm.

Same Day Psychic Email Answers

Do you have a worry or feel anxious about a situation in your life?

Send your question to me at 

A One Question Email Answer costs £7.99 and upwards.

The reason I can deliver so quickly is because you will receive an answer and not a full blown psychic reading. I will tune in with your question and relay what the guides have said in reply.  This is a very popular service and the last same day psychic email answer will be no later than 9pm at night.  I need my beauty sleep too! If you order later than 9pm you will receive your reply the next day.

Psychic email questions are performed with me tuning in with the higher power.  I listen to what I am being told and also anything spirit show me clairvoyantly and report it back to you.  This is a very fast way to sort out a problem. The email questions are very competitively priced.

You can ask any questions about anything except the sex of a child. You can have either a One, Three or Five Question email answer. Your reading is payable on the website by Paypal or most bank cards.

I hope to hear from you one day soon. Please check out my feed back.

Tested and Accredited by Tony Stockwell
Tested and Accredited by Tony Stockwell



All too many of our beautiful cats go missing, never to be seen again.  The probability is they have been killed on the roads. Make cats deaths by traffic accountable for. Sign my petition above. Cats have a terrible habit of dosing under a car where they feel safe from passers by. Drivers can hit your animal and speed off. The drivers do not care about the distress and pain the animal may be left in.  As long as they get away with the confrontation and blame of the incident. The devastation caused to the family and worse still is the “not knowing” what has happened to Tiddles  or Patch.

I feel strongly that all cats should be given one right. That right being a report filled out to the local council at the very least.  Luckily as we progress more and more close circuit cameras are going up so it wont be so easy to “hit and run”

If you have killed an animal then at least have the decency to report the incident or even get the cat to the vets. Don’t leave it to someone else to clean up while you make a run for it.

psychic email readings fast
Same day psychic email answers


Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily

All About Psychic Email Readings

Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily.  The usual time was 7 pm and clients have been asking for this later time.  Especially if you are working all day and have dinner to make, kids to see too, the big kid in front of the tv with his shoes off! waiting to be served dinner.  The list is endless for us housewives or house hubby’s, whether you are working all day or not.

I will answer any questions until the last lot of questions come in at 9 pm, then questions after that will be

Psychic email readings answered to 9pm
Psychic email answers same day

worked on the next morning. Only I will do your reading as I work on my own.  This is a popular service even more so than a telephone reading.  The reason is, other people can hear you on the telephone.  A psychic email reading is silently delivered and quickly.  Sometimes telephone readings have to be booked to ensure your reading is when you want it and can fit it in with your daily routine. You can order an email reading at any time of the day or evening then just wait on your answers.

If my readings are ever late then I always give my clients a free one or two question email reading.  If I am a bit slow it is due to the volume of work but you will be answered as you come in the queue that same day.

I use clairvoyance and clairaudience to conduct my readings and I can only give you what I hear and see from the spirit guides and helpers.  If I can not get an answer then I will tell you this and refund you for the reading.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it has the client has to “wait and see” or work it out for their self.  Its the way of spirit communication and I would not be doing my job to just reply with any old answer.

I am a genuine psychic medium and take my work very seriously.  I hope to hear from you and thank you for having the patience to read my web page.

Kind regards from Joan Lily XX



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Spiritual Cleansing every day

Spiritual Cleansing every day is a must for those of us who work in the psychic industry.  Whether you work in a psychic way or not we could all do with a bit of cleansing after a hard day at work.  An even harder day at home with the children all day and night or the permanent worry of meeting the bills every month.  Yes, we have all been there.

As a psychic medium, I used to visit people’s homes and different venues to give psychic readings.  I made a big mistake though.  I forgot to spiritually cleanse every day or night.  After a party booking, I would arrive home in a bad mood.  I felt scruffy and so tired.  I had forgotten to cleanse myself of everyone’s troubles.  As a psychic other people’s problems stick to me until I say a prayer and brush myself down using my hands.

Another way to get rid of stuff that is bugging you is to get an imaginary newspaper and pour all your problems into that newspaper, scrunch it up into a ball and stand at your door and imagine throwing it up high into the atmosphere.  let the universe dispose of it.  Try it because it does help.

Offloading, our worries to the Angels is another way of helping yourself.  Pray to the Angels every day or night, even send your thoughts, and invite them into your life to give you the help you need.  The Angels love to help us but we must invite them into our lives first.  Watch for miraculous solutions to appear in your life.

If you are finding life a real struggle and dread every day arriving then go and ask for help ie your doctor, best friend or family member.  Share those problems and don’t add 20 years to your life just worrying.

Spiritual Cleansing
Spiritual Cleansing Everyday

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Same Day Psychic Email Answers

A Merry Christmas To You ALL
A Merry Christmas To You ALL


Same day psychic email answers are quick accurate and private. From £6.99  If you do not want someone to hear you on the telephone having a psychic phone reading then email answers are for you.  Handy if you are at work too.

I offer same day psychic email answers to the last order at 6pm at night 7 days.  You may receive your answers in the evening, depending on when they are ordered. I offer 1 to 5 questions from £6.99 to £17.99.  A full general email reading for £25 deliverable within 24 hours.

Psychic email readings delivered same day and evening
Same Day Psychic Email Answers

A full psychic email reading will cover a general reading.  I tune in with the higher power in all cases and listen to what I am being told and type it out and send it to you.  This is a full reading covering work, finances, health, relationships and love, and any guidance the spirit guides give me for you. The psychic reading will cover from when ordered until up to one year.  I will say if its sooner or longer than that time frame.

Whether I am conducting a telephone email or one to one sitting, the method is always the same.  I tune into the higher power which is my spirit guides and helpers and listen and sense what they are saying.  I also see clairvoyant pictures very clearly.  I take great pride in delivering to you an accurate psychic reading which will unfold.

You have your psychic answer or reading written down so you can keep going back to read it.

Psychic gift vouchers for ALL occasions
Psychic Gift Vouchers for ALL occasions

A Happy Christmas to You All
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Psychic Email Readings same day

Psychic email readings same day, are accurate and fast, more privacy than phone readings, one question from £6.99, clients give rave reviews, A proud service.

Order before 7pm latest.

Psychic email readings same day and evening are becoming more popular than telephone readings.  Quite a few of my clients tell me that an email is more private when you do not want anyone listening in on your phone conversation.  The email reading can be filed under family photos or something like that, for safe keeping and future perusal.  A very private email.

Psychic email readings delivered same day and evening
Psychic email readings same day 


1. Delivery

I aim to deliver your psychic email readings same day, up to 7pm each night.  Any order for readings that arrive later than that will be worked on the next morning.  Psychic email readings delivered same day and evening are becoming increasingly popular.

 2. Price

The price for my psychic email readings will be £6.99 for 1 Question, £12.99 for 3 Questions and £17.99 for 5 questions. You will also receive Angel Guidance for the month ahead.

3. Accuracy

Read my feedback for accuracy rates from clients. Clients return again and again and if you have a worrying problem then it is comforting to know that you will get help that same day. To conduct my same day psychic email readings I tune in with my Spirit Guides and Helpers and listen to the answers clairaudiently and also watch the pictures being shown to me clairvoyantly.

4. Connecting with the Higher Power

When I know a connection has been made with the higher power, I find my typing speeds up faster than I can cope with at times.  This is called automatic writing which I have done since my early 20’s.  Instead of using a pen or pencil I am using my keys.

A phone reading can be forgotten very quickly but an email reading is there in black and white for you to read and refer back to.

As in all cases, timing is very difficult and I always say well we haven’t been given this information for no reason so the timing may well be out, but it will happen.



Same Day Replies for Psychic Email Readings


Do you need the answer to a concern of yours quickly.  I am offering a Same Day Reply for psychic Email Readings up to 7pm in the evening. 7 days a week. Do not let a concern or doubt worry you all day when you can have your psychic email questions answered very quickly.

Check out my email tab on my website for prices for 1, 3 and  5 questions answered.

For love, relationships, friendships, work,  finances, any question you have will be answered with integrity and confidentiality.  I do not answer questions about the sex of an unborn child though, or any serious health outcomes.  Those are the only two areas I cannot help you with.

Psychic Email Readings delivered same day
Same day replies for psychic email readings

Only myself will answer your questions in a confidential and professional manner.

How do I conduct my psychic email readings?.  I tune into your questions and wait for my spirit guides and helpers to answer so I infact hear the answers.  Your psychic email reading will be unbiased.

Always remember the Spirit guides and helpers can see the bigger clearer picture and I take there answers as “guidance from the horses mouth” or from “the higher power”.

My same day replies for psychic email readings have proved to be so accurate and I have oodles of satisfied clients on my data base who return again and again.

If you would prefer a psychic telephone reading instead then please go to the relevant page on my website

Same day psychic email readings

Psychic email answers delivered same day and evening
Psychic email answers delivered same day and evening

Same day psychic email readings can be very accurate.  They can be delivered quickly.  They save waiting for answers.

I have had brilliant feedback about my  same day psychic email readings. You send your questions to me via the website where you will find the form to fill in with your details and your questions.  Depending how busy I am depends on how long you have to wait for delivery.

As long as you order before 6pm you are guaranteed delivery same day.

Using the same methods as all my readings.  I will tune into your questions then wait for clairvoyant pictures to reveal themselves.  I may or may not use tarot cards in your reading.  This is dependant on what you ask for though.

Clairvoyance for seeing pictures.  tarot card readings for predictions.  Angel card readings for guidance and prediction.

If you have a problem then pray to the angels for help with it.  The Angels love to help us but only if we invite them in to our lives.  We all have bad times to deal with and even I go to a trusted psychic for guidance.  When you find your accurate psychic reader then hold on to them for dear life. Same day psychic email readings can give you something to refer back to in the future.

At least with a same day psychic email reading you have written proof.  Can refer back to your reading time and time again.

Same day psychic email readings are available 7 days but remember the 6pm deadline for same day delivery.