Did Jesus Die on the Cross for Us

Did Jesus die on the cross for us

The Bible is full of rubbish I feel, with stories handed down and added to over the centuries. Did Jesus Die on the Cross for Us?  How can we tell what is real and what is false in that Bible? There are some beautiful teachings and stories in the bible and the hell’ us sinners will face when we pass over is really quite frightening.  Some of the writings by negative angry people, bible thumping about something they believe in.  Of course,  I could have it all wrong too.

My first huge disagreement is that Jesus died on the cross to save us all.  What nonsense.  Do you think God would want his son killed so cruelly when he had just started his preaching and spreading the word of God?  Where is the love? Jesus did not die to save us all.

Jesus was cruelly crucified on the cross by man, not God.  By a man’s greed for power and ego.  We all blame God when there is a disaster which incidentally is nearly always caused by man.  Human error in every occupation across the board and man made machinery, cars, and trains to name a few.  Illness and fatalities caused by bad diet and lifestyle.

If we all lived on fish and loaves of bread and vegetables from the land, I wonder if the disease numbers would fall.

Yes, there have been medical breakthroughs that can save lives from the womb to the grave. Mother nature has a lot to answer for too, but again she gets blamed for every disaster.  Between Mother Nature and poor God upstairs, they are the whipping boys.

I do believe that we get the real answers revealed slowly when we pass through to the spirit realms.  In the mean time, our children are being taught that Jesus died to save us all.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Thank you so much for reading my post.  Please leave any comments because this is a subject I would be interested in hearing other peoples views on.[sgmb id=”

Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily

All About Psychic Email Readings

Psychic Email Readings answered until 9 pm daily.  The usual time was 7 pm and clients have been asking for this later time.  Especially if you are working all day and have dinner to make, kids to see too, the big kid in front of the tv with his shoes off! waiting to be served dinner.  The list is endless for us housewives or house hubby’s, whether you are working all day or not.

I will answer any questions until the last lot of questions come in at 9 pm, then questions after that will be

Psychic email readings answered to 9pm

Psychic email answers same day

worked on the next morning. Only I will do your reading as I work on my own.  This is a popular service even more so than a telephone reading.  The reason is, other people can hear you on the telephone.  A psychic email reading is silently delivered and quickly.  Sometimes telephone readings have to be booked to ensure your reading is when you want it and can fit it in with your daily routine. You can order an email reading at any time of the day or evening then just wait on your answers.

If my readings are ever late then I always give my clients a free one or two question email reading.  If I am a bit slow it is due to the volume of work but you will be answered as you come in the queue that same day.

I use clairvoyance and clairaudience to conduct my readings and I can only give you what I hear and see from the spirit guides and helpers.  If I can not get an answer then I will tell you this and refund you for the reading.  This doesn’t happen very often but when it has the client has to “wait and see” or work it out for their self.  Its the way of spirit communication and I would not be doing my job to just reply with any old answer.

I am a genuine psychic medium and take my work very seriously.  I hope to hear from you and thank you for having the patience to read my web page.

Kind regards from Joan Lily XX




Working in the Psychic Industry

working in the psychic industry

working in the psychic industry

Working in the psychic industry is not for the faint hearted.  A lot of budding psychics and mediums tell me they wouldn’t have the confidence to work on the psychic lines.  Believe me when I tell you it is through those psychic lines that you will get the best “in the deep end” training and that confidence will start to come after your first shift.

After all, you are on the end of a phone.  Not in front of the client where you see every crevice and wrinkle on their faces.  Every frown of disagreement.  The smile when you have got your information correct.

Working in the psychic industry can mean low pay and long shifts to make a decent wage every week.  The work will never run out and if you are keen enough you could possibly work for two psychic lines at the same times.  dependant on the hours you have chosen.

Very handy indeed for a young mother or because you just want to work from home.  You save on bus fares and petrol.  Canteen bills and hanging about in the freezing cold for lifts. Working at home means you are comfortable in your own space.  Because you are comfortable and relaxed you will give better readings I always feel.

Always have your tarot books to hand or even better a chart that will have the meaning of every card you draw.  This gives you peace of mind that the information you are giving your client is correct.  The secret of a good tarot or angel card reading is always in the divination.  Shuffling is the most important part and then the layout is important too. Make up your own layout but as long as you understand what the layout means.  Card no 1 could be to do with love and card no 2 could be to do with money and so on. Write your own little chart so you remember.  There are lots of layouts in the tarot books but I have found I know in my head what each card is pertaining to. This comes with experience though.

Practice with family and friends then pluck up that courage to apply to the psychic lines for work.  You will get a start within a day if you are any good.  Go for a decent wage, no timetable and weekly wages unless you prefer monthly money.  I will be adding more articles and posts about how to get started and other forms of psychic work you could be doing over the weeks ahead. I hope this article will help you to take the plunge.  There is more work out there in the universe than you could ever get through in a life time.

Good Luck

Joan Lily Porter  © 2017

Unwanted Spirit Visitors in your home

Psychic Readings

Joan Lily Porter
Psychic Readings

As a spiritualist medium,  it comes as no surprise when people approach me to ask why they are having problems in their home or work place.

If ever you feel uneasy or could swear that someone unseen was in your company, this is what to do.  Pray to the higher power, God, Jesus, Mary,  whoever your saviour is and ask for protection against unwanted guests.  Unwanted Spirit Visitors in your home can be very distressing but if you can find the courage how about trying to talk aloud and say “I don’t know who you are but I do not want you here, please go to the light to be with your own loved ones.” Keep saying your prayer, it need not be anything from any book either.  Just say what you want to say to above.

The gentle approach is always best.  We may feel very angry that someone is pestering us but whoever it is has lost their way and means you no harm.  Could be they lived in your home many years before you were even born.  To that spirit person, this home of yours could be the only place they can identify with.

The most usual time to have unwanted spirit visitors in your home is when there has been a passing to spirit.  If the visitor is indeed someone who knows you?  maybe you are going through a difficult time and they have come in to let you know that you are not on your own.

The truth is we are never on our own.  Unseen spirit people carry on with their lives just as they did when they were here on the earth plane.  Yes, it is a different realm in which they exist but they are all powerful in knowing and sensing.  Remember the love bond between an earth person and a spirit person never dies. Only strengthens.

I grin when people say well let the deceased person rest in peace!  What a joke considering they are more active than you or I are.

If you are suffering from a bereavement then keep praying and visualising your loved one.  They are only a thought away and will hear every word thought and deed you send to them.

By feather, fang, tooth or claw, we all go to the spirit realms.  Animals,

birds and humans alike.  Reunions are going on by the hundreds every minute of our day and your day will come too when you are reunited with your loved one.  The secret is to get on with your life here on earth.  Try and do a good deed a day to help someone else.  Be it a smile or a kind word.  To a lonely person, a kind word or a nod can mean an awful lot.  The stray cat in the street, or the hungry bird, all these things help you to be a truly better person and God will be pleased with you.

I hope this information is useful to someone today.

Happy Praying


Joan Lily Porter

Psychic Development School in Pittenweem

Psychic Development School

A Psychic School is due to start in Pittenweem in September 2017.  A one day workshop where beginners and the not very confident can come and learn about meditation, tuning in with spirit and healing.

This will be a busy day and what we cannot fit into the class will be in the form of further reading in your student notes, for you at home.

The basic principles of tuning into your higher power, are always a good place to start and no matter what your confidence levels are this workshop will boost that confidence.  We all have to start somewhere so this particular class is for beginners.  You can spend many years being a beginner

You can spend many years being a beginner and held back through commitments etc but we always know when the time is right to do something for us.  This is a very personal choice and something for you only.

The class will start at 10 am prompt with breaks throughout the day.  There will be hands on training in healing and prayer.  This you can practise on family and friends and you will be amazed at the feedback you will receive.

Whether you want to study mediumship, clairvoyance, psychic reading as a career move, or just to feel closer to God and your loved ones in spirit, then this is the class for you.

Mediumship is a different class and requires a whole days workshop.

All workshops cost £60 for the day.  The fees are payable in advance and this enables me to have control of the number of students for each class.  This fee is non-refundable unless there are extenuating circumstances ie a student cannot attend due to illness then a refund of £40 will be made.  This also guards against time wasters.

We will have a happy class where no one will be more advanced than the other.  You will all be spiritual fledgelings preparing to fly.

Please watch the website for dates and payments in August.

Joan Lily Porter



Spiritual Cleansing every day

Spiritual Cleansing every day is a must for those of us who work in the psychic industry.  Whether you work in a psychic way or not we could all do with a bit of cleansing after a hard day at work.  An even harder day at home with the children all day and night or the permanent worry of meeting the bills every month.  Yes, we have all been there.

As a psychic medium, I used to visit people’s homes and different venues to give psychic readings.  I made a big mistake though.  I forgot to spiritually cleanse every day or night.  After a party booking, I would arrive home in a bad mood.  I felt scruffy and so tired.  I had forgotten to cleanse myself of everyone’s troubles.  As a psychic other people’s problems stick to me until I say a prayer and brush myself down using my hands.

Another way to get rid of stuff that is bugging you is to get an imaginary newspaper and pour all your problems into that newspaper, scrunch it up into a ball and stand at your door and imagine throwing it up high into the atmosphere.  let the universe dispose of it.  Try it because it does help.

Offloading, our worries to the Angels is another way of helping yourself.  Pray to the Angels every day or night, even send your thoughts, and invite them into your life to give you the help you need.  The Angels love to help us but we must invite them into our lives first.  Watch for miraculous solutions to appear in your life.

If you are finding life a real struggle and dread every day arriving then go and ask for help ie your doctor, best friend or family member.  Share those problems and don’t add 20 years to your life just worrying.

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing Everyday

Addicted to Psychic Readings

Would you believe me if I told you that once upon a time I was addicted to psychic readings by telephone.

I am human too and have weaknesses and needs like everyone else.

It all started when I fell in love with this man.  Yes! I met him on a dating site.  The first and the last time I would use a site like that I quipped.  From that period onwards I decided if some man was for me I would leave it to fate,  I have been on my own ever since because I have put my heart and soul into my work.  Call me a hermit if you like and maybe a big coward too! not wanting to go out there for another dose of pain and disappointment.


what can a psychic tell me

Addicted to Psychic Readings

The psychic readings helped,  filled me full of false hope.  I read into those readings what I wanted to believe.  Out of 50 readings for an example, only 3 told me the truth, the guy was just a waste of space and wouldn’t be around for long.  He was looking for a woman with money and a ready home for him.  I had my phone disconnected because all of those psychic readings cost double what I earned.

How did I stop the cycle of psychic readings each day, afternoon and evening?  It was like I needed a hit like a cup of tea that hits the spot.  I did without my phone for 1 month until I could pay the bill.  In that month I hated myself for being without my phone and for being so stupid.  yes! I learned to loathe this man and that feeling of stupidity on my part made me move on.  The pain was incredible but once my phone gave out its first ring after the silence I had to control my urge for another reading.  I prayed to The Angels for the strength not to use the phone for readings and every time I got the urge I prayed and it worked.  I found my strength in the Angels.

All those psychic readings were a buffer to help with the pain I was feeling.  Pity, it was all one sided.  A shame he didn’t know I owned my own house and was self-sufficient.  A few months later he had the nerve to contact me but I just told him I was far too busy decorating my home and that I had met someone new.  I did meet someone new and that was The Angels, every night before I went to sleep I would ask them for the strength to move on.

I pray for anyone caught up in the psychic reading trap, that you find the strength to stop it.

What you should expect from a mediumship reading

What you should expect from a mediumship reading


What you should expect from a mediumship reading is grounded sensible information.  Proof from through the veil of who the spirit person is that is communicating.  What their habits were or even something that has happened to you recently.  The information given from that spirit person will only make sense to you and other members of your family.  That information can be jaw-dropping in its clarity or gobsmacking information in its entirety.

What we cannot expect from a mediumship reading is to sit down in front of the Medium and expect whoever is on our mind to communicate.  Spirit loved ones do not come to order.  If they love you then it is assumed that they will be around you in your home anyway.

I remember one sitter who I was giving a reading too.  he had recently lost his wife and communication wasn’t very good between us but her favourite plant started to dance on its own. Yes! right in front of our eyes.  There was no need for words because when this lady was ill on the earth plane and in the hospital she always nagged about her favourite plant and was it being watered.?  Well, this huge plant said it all.

In most other cases the information is clear and consistent and I just love when my clients go away home and feel like they are walking on air because they have suddenly realised that there husband wife or child has not died at all.

I laugh inwardly when people say about a deceased person well let them rest in peace.  What a load of old cobblers when spirit persons are more lively than you and I are.

What are you doing right now?  Are you on your own reading this?  Can I say that your angel will be there with you and indeed your loved one. Watching tv with you in their favourite chair.  yes they know they are a spirit person but if you ever feel that feeling of someone there then speak or send your thoughts silently.  Is that you Brian? or whatever their name is because you will feel that you know who it is.  Ask questions or say something but for goodness sake let them know that you know they are there.

A New Psychic Broom Sweeps Clean

A new broom sweeps clean

 New Psychic Broom Sweeps Clean

A new psychic broom sweeps clean and this can apply to any area of our lives that we choose.  If you work psychically then you can cleanse yourself with incense, pray or visualise standing under a shower and asking the higher power for cleansing.

Cleaning the home can give us a lot of pleasure too and can be like another fresh start. Changing rooms around, new curtains, polished furniture, shining mirrors.  These actions can make us feel so good even though it can take a big effort to get started.

Stand at your front, back door and visualise all your problems are wrapped up in a newspaper,  let the bundle fly into the universe to be dissolved. This can give us a sense of hope too.  I stand at my door every few weeks and visualise all the negativity I have had to listen to, as part of my spiritual work, flying away in that imaginary newspaper.  Try it and see but take your time and savour your thoughts starting with your most pressing problems.

Visualisation is a powerful tool and can bring you money, dreams realised and hope, strength and love.

I love a good old rake in the charity shops and this alone can fill your home with clutter and junk.  I wonder what negativity resides on those ornaments we bring home.   A good idea is to cleanse everything because you do not know the back ground or story behind each ornament.  Do think about that.  I would never buy a second hand purse because you do not know if that purse held much money, plenty or poverty.  A persons old purse or handbag is a very personal object and has maybe been worn for several years. Every object carries its own tale, good or bad, so lets spring clean everything that comes into our homes.  Soapy wash, incense smoke and a little prayer or blessing to keep everything positive within the home.