Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression


Here we are 4 months along the road, and still dealing with grief and depression. It may as well of happened yesterday.  When will it feel easier to cope with the physical loss?   We must learn to live with what is, and be strong for other loved ones too.  There is help out there. Through your faith and church or through the organisations I mentioned in Part 1.  If you do not believe in any religion why not give the Spiritualist Church a go. See what you think about your experience after you have been.  There is also free physical healing given there, which covers mental healing too.  Mental health issues should be dealt with by your GP.  Suicidal thoughts! well you need a huge cuddle, and a cuppa. Maybe a trip to your doctor.  Do not be ashamed of your feelings because it is a natural part of bereavement.

A Rose to Brighten Your Day

Suicidal Thoughts

Dealing with grief and depression, takes a strong focus but most of all faith and courage.  Suicide is a pretty selfish act. To bring more grief to our families.  Especially, when peoples lives are taken from them, through illness and accident.  God is not to blame.  It is not Gods wish for people to die horrible deaths.

I am so lucky and blessed to have my faith and gift of medium ship. Thanking god every day for my experiences with spirit, but I too must experience the physical loss.  Chatting away to my son Kevin all day and night because I know I am communicating with him.

Waking up in Spirit

Imagine waking up in spirit and not wanting to be there but wanting home with ones family. How frustrating must that be?.  I do not believe we wake up in spirit and everything is hunky dory.  When we pass through the veil we can need healing too. Depending on the circumstances in which we passed over.  Was there a long illness or a sudden death.  We will never be prepared that is for certain. Do our passed loved ones not grieve for us? Yes they do.

Light a Candle and Pray

I suggest to all my sisters and brothers out there dealing with grief and depression, to light a candle next to your loved ones photo. If that doesn’t help you, then remember that every thought and memory we have of our loved ones, they will know about. They can see us but we cannot always see them.  Spirit loved ones will do there utmost to attract our attention. From Electrical disruptions to feathers and animal behaviour changes.  The dog or cat watching a certain chair.  Animals are very psychic and intuitive and are usually the first sign that you have a loved one with you.

Light a Candle and Pray
Kevin's Grave Stone
Kevin’s Grave Stone

Please contact me if you are finding your bereavement hard to cope with and I will do my best to help you

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Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression

Dealing with Grief and Depression.

Part 1

Recently I lost my son Kevin to Pneumonia.  He was only 40 when he passed to spirit and if it had not been for my great faith in life after the physical death and the spirit realms and how we all go home there, I would never have come through the great void he has left behind.  He passed through the veil 15 months ago and it has taken me until now to talk about my loss with others.

We have to grieve the physical loss first, no matter what our beliefs tell us. Nurse our broken hearts and try and  make some sense of what has happened. My daily prayers help me and give me strength.  The prayers help me because I know Kevin will hear every word or thought I send to him.

We must think of how our loved one must feel, having lost there life.  Now whether they were young or old, suffered illness or were suddenly taken from us “How do they feel? leaving there loved ones on the earth plane.  They grieve too, for us, someone has to be strong and say well “do we sail or sink into the bottomless pit of depression.”

Dealing with Grief and Depression In the early days is hard going.  I contemplated suicide to be with my son but what stopped me was! I thought how dare you end your life voluntarily when Kevin had his life snatched from him, through illness.  Needless to say I am still here.  Imagine the shame on your family, not to mention those loved ones who have passed through the veil before you, to do a cowardly thing like that.  We will all be united in the spirit realms. Kevin’s passing means he can teach his family when we all go over to the spirit realms. This feeling of loss is only temporary until I can see him properly and do what we used to do together.

As a spiritualist medium Kevin was well aware of my work and the communication  is fantastic between us.  I have 3 well tried and tested mediums who conduct my readings. I take turn about every 4 weeks and it is almost like Kevin is stood right next to me.  He can tell the medium what I am wearing and what I have been doing that week, so it is the physical loss we have to cope with.

Go to your local Spiritualist Church or hire a well established medium.  I can recommend spiritualist and psychic mediums to you if you email me at and save you a lengthy search, not to mention monies.

If you really cannot cope then how about joining a group online ie

Visit your GP to discuss what can be done to help you numb the pain a bit. Most GP’s direct us to Cruse so worth having a look and reading what others are going through.  This alone can be a great comfort knowing that others are going through what you are.

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