Can Magic Spells Work

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Can Magic Spells Work

Before I would part with any hard earned cash I would ask myself “Can magic spells work” and when am I likely to get results. I am presently conducting a study on some of the Magic Spells out there on the internet, just ready to purchase but always in the back of my mind is do magic spells work. Do fairies and the little people exist.  What proof do you have that a spell is being carried out on your behalf. Of course we can send something in the post to say the spell has been done, but was it really?

Being very open minded I would love to believe in fairies and I do believe in the power of the moon

Today and quite by chance I watched beautiful colours on my carpet coming from a crystal sun catcher on my window. I got my little home made magic potion of heather mint and other dried herbs and placed the little pot in the centre of this beautiful light with the hope that the lovely colours and powers from the crystal would empower the contents. Tonight I shall make my wish at my front door and blow a little of the contents up and into the Universe.

I shall let you know of any outcomes and would be pleased from anyone else, who has good or bad news from casting spells at home, to help with my little study.

I once bought a spell online and alas I did not see anything positive to date but it is nice to have hope. Maybe they do work and maybe they don’t but I will have a good try with different spells to find out. A lunar calendar is a good idea because at certain times of the year the Moon is more powerful. If you are not into spells how about a plate of silver coins under the full moon or a sprig of mint in your purse and bank statements to bring in money.

Candle Magic for Spells

Candle magic for spells, intiates ritual. It acts as an announcemnt of your intention to work candle magic for spells.  In candle magic we use Black candles, to rid ourselves, or a situation of negativity, Silver candles are for psychic power and moon magic, Brown is to create wealth and positive situations around others, Green is for nature, fresh beginnings and abundance, and Blue is for wisdom and healing. These colours are just a few that are used as the focus for magic, but the ritual needs to be properly prepared.  You can anoint a candle with oil to cleanse it. Say a prayer to the candle for cleansing.

Choose a new candle and an essential oil that corresponds with the spell. Anoint the candle and if the ritual is intended to send energy out, you should wipe the oil along the candle from the middle to the ends.

If you are performing a spell that aims to achieve or attract something, wipe the oil from the ends of the candle into the middle.

Wind a length of couloured ribbon around the candle to bind your intention to it.  Choose a colour that corresponds with your magic.

Casting spells using candles is one form of basic magic that is simple to do. A spell is a set of words that are sung, chanted or written, that asks for a specific kind of change to come about. Lighting a candle to signify you are beginning the spell and then snuffing it out at the end gives your spell a start and finish.

I will be adding basic simple spells and you can even make up your own words but I shall tell you of basic spells and ingredients each week and the outcomes of the spells I have tried myself.

candle magic
Candle magic to improve our lot