World War 1 Memorial


World War 1 Memorial. I can imagine a child lying about there age, to go on a great adventure, namely to war. Like a great camping trip.. unbeknown to them. It breaks our hearts as parents to think it would be too late to turn back when faced with the cold brutality of war but on a brighter note, at least all the fallen are enjoying the Spirit Realms in there eternal life.

I think we have all shed tears every November and now the centenary of “The Great War” but we cannot keep crying.

This memorial will go on for the four years, the duration of the war and we cannot cry for all that time. Those souls have moved on and we will join them one day too. I know they are happy and not crying for us. We have to be strong too and cope with our own lives. We will never forget the sacrifices that were made and it is so humbling to see whole countries pay there respects. So typically British to have a total blackout on the 4th. August 2014. I don’t know about you but it proved to me that despite all the adversity and struggling and poverty going on in Britain that we did pull together as a nation just as we did in the wars. It gave me back my faith in human nature