What can I do about Money worries

Money Worries

What can I do about Money worries
What can I do about Money worries

What can I do about money worries is a question I get asked every day, in my psychic telephone readings and psychic email readings.

I cannot wave a magic wand through my readings and indeed asking if finances will get better is the most common question I have to find an answer too.  It is disheartening for all concerned if the answer I come up with is something along the lines of “in order for money worries to cease, changes must be made”.  Sometimes work and income, is just not an option, whether through illness, lack of jobs or other commitments.  The demands in Scotland for food banks have increased 400% and who do we blame.  Well I have my own thoughts on that question.

Money worries cause relationships to collapse, homes to be repossessed, landlords to go on the war path, and is the most common cause for sleepless nights which doesn’t help with ill health and folk with depression.

Lets consider that we have had to give up all those expensive habits like drinking, smoking, buying clothes and treats.  We have eradicated all those ‘want to haves’ and have even fore gone the ‘need to haves’ to clothe the kids and  cope with the bills and daily living expenses.  No wonder depression has hit Britain with a vengeance. The people my heart goes out to are those who have just given up and taken there own lives.  If I wasn’t self employed I would be in a similar position with no physical work because of Sciatica.  I thank God for my gifts every day that I can work from home.

Get the law on your side and make sure you keep close contact with any creditors you may have.  Without stating the obvious, have you even considered moving away and starting again.  Is there some work you could do for yourself to improve your lot, like baby sitting, dog walking, and house sitting.  Renting out a room.

Dog Walking can be very lucrative and I know of one man and woman who walk 12 dogs a day at £10 a dog, 4 days a week, while the pets owners are at work.. No paper trail.!! and they boast about it too! It is a case of beat the system or be beaten, out in that big wide world, I am being told.  Think of all the other services you could provide from your own home as your base.  It is going on now so why should you sit on the fence?.

These days to have a spare room is a bit of a luxury.    Great for those of you who do not have children, that you can move on and start again somewhere new..  but for those of you with children then I suggest you have to swallow your pride and take all the help you can get from social services and those kinds of bodies.  Ask and you will receive having children in your care..

What can I do about money worries.. get on that phone to the angels and ask for the inspiration and strength to get through the phase that you are in. On a practical note, swallow your pride and ask for help from family, friends and charities.  The whole country is aware of how difficult it is to raise a family and meet the bills. Think of how you can utilise some of your spare time to make a bit of income.

I hope this post on what can I do about money worries will inspire some of you readers and if not then let me wish you well in any changes you plan to make.




Help from the Angels

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Help From the Angels

Whenever I am feeling a bit low or fed up with my lot, I pray for help from the Angels, for upliftment, guidance and strength.  Maybe work hasnt been going too well or I am worried about finances, in which case I pray to the angels and ask them to send me in work or the means to pay a bill. I swear that every single time I have asked for help, that help has come to me and usually within a few hours.

I believe that if we are not greedy in what we ask for, that help will be delivered. It is amazing how sometimes worries can be alleviated, through a friend, or finding money you didnt think you had, or a bit more in the bank account than you had reckoned on. Physical and mental health issues can sometimes do with a lift and who better to ask than the angels.  I do not pray to any particular archangel or angel, I just pray, with faith, that I will be heard.

If we all put something back into the universe ie helping someone every day, no matter how menial, a good deed a day, praying for someone elses welfare or sending absent healing to people you know are ill, the stray and sick of the animal kingdom, all those deeds thoughts and prayers are heard and acted upon.

Asking for the not so easy to acquire, ie a new job when you havn’t even bothered to look for one or the lottery numbers for Saturdays draw, is a big ask, but with a positive mental attitude and effort on your part you can make your wishes come true.

Quite a few people I know ask for help from the angels, in that they ask for a parking space to be available or the train to be late, or the boss to be in a good mood. I have heard of hundreds of different forms of  help, coming from the Angels or the higher power.

Be good, act good and all will be good.