My Cat

Fluffy the cat
Fluffy the cat

This is a beautiful poem titled My Cat given to me by a dear friend who passed to spirit at the age of 42. Linda passed with throat cancer and yet never smoked in her life. The gift and poem was not given to me until after her passing, by her partner. The poem is called  My Cat and was written on place mats inside an ornate tin.




My Cat

You’re loveable, playful, intelligent, bright,

Sleepy by day and active by night,

Gracefully beautiful, impeccably groomed,

No need for fine feathers, expensive perfume.


Sultry, provocative, seductive and more,

You’re the one my heart will always adore,

When the day has been bad and life feels flat,

I return home to you my darling cat.

It always amazes me how spirit loved ones can communicate with us, just like the discovery of these place mats. Having lost three cats in a very short space of time, I was musing about all the happy memories I have of them and just how much I missed them all, when Linda came into my head with lots of memories of our friendship and apart from having a good chuckle at out misdemeanours, she also  showed me where to find the mislaid tin of place mats. I am now using them constantly and they give me a lift to know that Linda knew how I was feeling that day.

Our spirit loved ones never cease to care for us here on earth, or to give us strength when we are feeling sad. I also heard that my feline babes are well and happy but they miss me too so it is not one way, this feeling of loss. However I am aware that they visit me often which is a great comfort and when something goes bump in the night I know exactly which cat is up to his old tricks. Spirit cat or not.

Pompom my Spirit Cat

This is pompom my spirit cat.  She was summoned to the spirit realms two years ago, after being very ill.  We had a brilliant 12 Years together and she enjoyed her tickles and loves and oh I had better not forget about her prawns at every meal or else!.I was nagged into submission all the time. A very loud purring, very vocal puss cat. As a tiny kitten I wondered where the loud noise was coming from and sure enough it was Pompom purring from under her mother, at 2 weeks old, the size of a grasshopper too.

pompom cat
pompom cat

Today she jumped down as she has done twice before and landed next to where I was working and the same thing happened with the picture of her above my head. The picture started to move from side to side. It seems I get a loud visit every few months and other days she is just around everwhere, coming into my thoughts with the other animals I have lost in the physical sense. I also have a labrador and two stbernards dogs in spirit and hopefully they wont try one of her landings from what seems to be 3ft above.  I sense her sitting in her favourite spots in the house and I just know she is there. Pompom has reminded me of just how strong her personality was when she was an earth cat and how as an angel cat, she has never changed. She will not be told what to do and used to demand that her food was brought to her bed because with 4 other cats in the house, she was terrified she lost her bed. Again the loud cries didnt die down until she got what she wanted.  Who said animals were mute.

For any one who has lost there beloved animal, try hard to visualise them or send your thoughts to them because this can help you both to connect. Your pet will pick up on your thoughts and your love and just never ever feel that there passing is the end.  Today I did nothing to entice her to come. She was always the boss in my house and I guess she always will be, even as a spirit pussy cat. Thank you for your wonderful visit Pompom.

Our Spirit Pets


As much as I am spiritualist medium I am aware of the loss of the physical presence of my beautiful pets, and the huge void they leave in our lives. They are spirit pets now unfortunately. No one can wish there pet would go to spirit. It is surely something that we all dread and would rather not think about. The transition of our earthly pets to become spirit pets. Speak to your animal/s every day. Don’t be shy. How would you like to visit a loved one and be completely ignored because that person is not aware of your presence. Trouble is on earth we have so many other matters to deal with in the course of a day. We cannot always marry a spiritual visit with our mood frame at the time. If you truly loved your animal, bird, reptile, you will feel they are very much part of your heart and mind and that’s how spirit works. The fact that my cat had to jump down from a height to land next to me tells me that certainly the spirit realms start 3 foot above our ground. I wont believe what others have written, we all need proof from spirit then so do I need proof by experience. Don’t believe everything these authors, mediums write about spirit. That is only there thoughts on the subject. Settle for nothing less than proof otherwise it is second or third hand knowledge that you are reading about.

No one really knows and neither are we meant to have all the answers about the great Spirit Lands until we wake up there ourselves one day. Seeing is believing, not reading someone else thoughts on the subject.

Real and Undisputable proof that our pets return from spirit.


My cat Billy would always play inside plastic carrier bags when he was an earth cat. When he passed over to Spirit with Cancer a few days went by of extreme grief on my part until one day I heard a plastic bag rustling in the kitchen. I thought it was my partner who was out shopping but thought it strange I didn’t hear him come in the front door. I went to investigate and there was a plastic carrier bag moving on its own for what seemed like a good 5 minutes. It was obvious there was a bulk inside it but I couldn’t see anything. Billy’s favourite play time was climbing inside carrier bags and rolling around in them. This was Billy coming back to prove that he had survived the physical passing to spirit and had returned to let me know that he was okay and that life just carried on as normal. He was still very much around in the house and was letting me know.

When the veil of grief clouds our sight to spirit it is difficult to see or sense anything. I could not deny what I had witnessed and from that moment on I knew that Billy was alive and in his spirit body and had come home to continue his life. I moved on and pulled myself together after that and felt happiness and peace come back into my life. How spirit look after us but sometimes we are too grief stricken to sense anything.

Deceased Pets

Deceased Pet Cat Fluffy
Fluffy the cat

What happens to our deceased pets, when they are buried or cremated. They pass to spirit and into there astral body and carry on with the next part of there lives as we all will. We will all be reunited in the Spirit realms.
Have you any spiritual experiences to do with your beloved deceased pets, returning from the spirit world.

Please send your story in and it could be published to help other bereaved pet owners.
When our beloved pets pass over to the spirit world we feel the devastating loss as badly as losing a member of our family, human or animal the love and loss to the owner and family is no less. A Deceased pet is no more dead than you or I are.
I have several experiences of my pets returning from the spirit world to visit me and I wonder how much time they actually spend with us once they are in there astral bodies as we all will be one day.
I would like to build up a collection of true experiences about our beloved animals coming home, because this in turn will help other bereaved owners to cope and to know that they have only lost there pets for a short time.

Cat Deaths on the Roads

Make It Illegal to cause a Cats Deaths on the Road, In The UK!

A petition for signatures about cat deaths on the roads, has just been started and is ongoing and I would appreciate your support. This petition will be going to the Scottish Governement, as others are petitioning for England and Wales. Please click on the link below to read more. If you would like your pet included on this page then send me your photo and details. Your help would be so much appreciated to stamp out hit and run drivers of cats and small furries.


tiko cat death
tiko cat death

In Loving Memory


Tiko Allison 18+ Years

Hit by a car near 1 Deas Road, Inverkeithing around 11.30pm on Friday 19th July 2013

Tiko suffered a broken back and two broken legs and the driver never stopped. He was left to suffer until his owner found him. A reward is offered to anyone with information. He was paralysed and later put to sleep. Cats deaths, on the roads should be made accountable for.

We are a nation of cat lovers but that cant be said for any motorist who hits an animal knowingly and just drives off. I wish they were made to see the pain and trauma they have left that animal in. Not to mention the grief felt by the family.
Time to change the laws so that anyone who causes a cats death on the roads, has to report it to the Police. Yes we know the police are busy but we pay our taxes and some of us never bother them in a lifetime.
I personally couldn’t hit any animal or bird without stopping to see firstly that it was dead. If that animal is still alive, it should be taken to the nearest vets. There is no excuse for causing a cat death anywhere and there are some evil sub human people out there.
There is no true animal lover that would not stop. It is so cruel and selfish and I hope the perpetrators suffer in other ways. Karma

Stray Cats


Can we think of ways we can help the stray cats in Britain, fundrasing, donating to animal charities, and putting out meals at nights for our 2 million abandoned and stray cats.
Any ideas you may have will be helpful im sure so please contribute your ideas through the contact form. Any stories or titbits sad or happy I will pleased to hear from you.
People worry about encouraging a stray cat by feeding and offering shelter but you can even a make a home for them outside, because the chances are they have turned feral and wouldn’t thank being pulled indoors.
In my experience of Cat and animal rescue charities, they do there utmost to help people who care enough about those poor animals, to feed and offer compassion to them. A very unselfish act on your behalf. We also worry about disease spreading to our domesticated cats which has happened to me in the past, but honestly who could turn there hearing off to a poor hungry cat on a stormy wet night. Stray cats usually come out at 5pm and have body clocks like our watches and clocks. Please spare a titbit for those unfortunate stray cats and pick up the phone to one of your local charities who will be pleased to help to rescue a poor moggy.

With approximately 2 Million Stray Cats out there in the UK alone, I wonder how we can call ourselves Animal Lovers. An Animal Lover isnt someone who just indulges in a pet for their own personal pleasure. An Animal Lover is someone who actively does something about the plight of abandoned and frightened animals. How can we sleep in our warm beds at night. I know I cannot.
As the weather gets colder, why not save up all your food waste in an airtight container in the fridge and put it out each night for the stray cats. You are not encouraging strays because they are out there hiding in daylight and coming out when it is dark and they feel safe. A bit like rats, we may not see them in daylight but believe me there are probably 50 rats in the foundations or pipework of your home as it is. A stray abandoned cat is very frightened and with 2 million of them in the UK there will be a stray starving cat near you.
An abandoned cat may well have lost its human parents due to death, and veterinary fees being what they are, a lot of cats are put out side under the miss apprehension that they can take care of themselves.
Domestic cats have been with us for too long and need warmth love and food.

Please donate to any shelter,veterinary surgeon blankets,food and all helps but the shelters are all full up to turning animals away. The next step is euthanising those poor pets. How would we like to wake up with no Mum and no explanation,because shes maybe passed away.

It is also a good idea if you are over 50 to make your plans for your animals known to your family and friends so that there is no misunderstanding. Keeping an animal alive isnt always a kindness because some cats will not settle into any old home thats offered, especially one with young children when they are used to peace and quiet so id be very wary about leaving my cats to chance.

Deceased Pet Returns from Spirit Realms

If someone asked me as a psychic medium “Will my deceased pet return from Spirit Realms I would say definately yes. My deceased pet returns from spirit realms, when she feels like it and not from any beckoning from me. Yesterday while working on my psychic email readings, a weight landed next to me, but I couldn’t see anything, then the photo of my deceased cats, on the wall above my head, started to move gently from side to side, for a good few minutes. I swear that is what happened.  All I know is, I sensed the cat and that she, was a she, was big and heavy, and my table shuddered, with the landing. Who says our beloved pets cannot and  do not come home from the Spirit realms and when they are dead they are dead. What utter nonsense.

My Cat Pompom visits from the Spirit Realms
My Cat Pompom visits from the Spirit Realms

Like our spirit humans the continuity of life is eternal and I truly beleive that all my cats and dogs will be waiting to greet me along with my human family, when it is my turn to go home to the Spirit lands.

In the first week of my latest cat Fluffys, passing, I was taken over to spirit in astral travel, and there I saw all my animals including a tiger, a badger, unbeknown cats and birds in the trees.  The grass was long and all the animals looked so happy and content and of course pleased to see me as I sat under a tree. In the bible it quotes “that the lion will lie down with the lamb” and that was certainly the case here.

I often see my labrador and st bernards dogs too but in my mind as I couldnt imagine, one of there landings on my table.  My visit to Spirit, also proved to me that the spirit realms seem to be higher by about 3 feet and I have certainly heard other mediums discuss this. Maybe this is why a lot of sightings of humans are with no feet. Just a thought but as with all things spiritual there will be plenty to think about.

I believe that our language is universal and is scrambled in the universe for all to understand ie humans and animals.

If you would like to communicate with your pet in spirit please contact the lady below. I have read Jackie Weavers books and would recomend you read them to help you cope with your loss.


Jackie Weaver Animal Psychic

Pet bereavement

If you have any experiences of your deceased pets returning from the Spirit Realms then please share with me, to have your story published on my website. I can change your name if you would prefer but by sharing, you are helping other bereaved pet owners to accept, heal and know that there little Tiddles or Basher the Bull Dog still lives on.
Pet Bereavement is a very deep and painful subject just as a human passing is and to some the passing of a much loved pet can be just as bad emotionally.
Some people who live on there own rely on there pets as with the disabled and blind. What a lovely gift from god to own a pet. Rat, bird, cat, dog, horse or stick insect, when care is given along with that a love is born which grows and grows. Where ther is love there can be no parting , only in the physical sense of the solid body but our soul and spirit lives on whether we wear fur feather tooth or claw.
We sall have to do our time on the earth plane and just as it can be bad for humans it can also be worse for animals who cannot speak or properly defend themselves. Animals are mute but certainly not stupid and there language I believe and ours is universal. When you talk to your dog or cat using one liners, thinking they wouldnt understand anything else then try this! try chatting to your pet just like you would do with a human friend. Watch that pet listen to your every work intently.