Our Loved Ones in the Spirit Realms

Our Loved ones in the Spirit Realms

We all wonder about our loved ones in the Spirit Realms. I am amazed when people say a dead person is resting in peace. As a spiritualist medium, I know only too well that our spirit loved ones are busier than you and I.
If they are not fussing around worrying about us, they are guiding us and trying to send us inspiration.
Anyone can communicate with a loved one in spirit. You certainly don’t have to be a medium to make that contact.
All it requires is a peaceful place to sit in the quiet. A place where there is no noise or anything to distract you. By sending your thoughts to a particular loved one you are making contact.
Because a spirit loved one does not have a human body anymore, they have instead a spirit body which can pass through anything solid. They can travel faster than the speed of sound.
Imagine sending a thought into the atmosphere.  How long did it take you to send it?  We are dealing with a super duper higher power when we transmit our thoughts to our loved ones in the spirit realms.
Send your love to your grandparents or parents and relatives. Talk to your favorite loved one as if they can hear you because the truth is that they can hear every word and every thought you send. Sometimes we have thoughts we don’t want to send out. In this case, our thoughts are kept private where no one can read them.
It is down to us if we wish to stay in touch with our loved ones in the Spirit Realms. I feel so sad for those who have made the transition to the spirit realms and after their funeral, they are remembered for a short while then forgotten about. This must be so hurtful to our loved ones in spirit, to be forgotten about in this way.
A spirit person has feelings too.
For those who do not believe there is a beautiful life ahead for us after the earth plane, I feel sorry because to lose a close relative or friend must hurt ten times more. Believing they no longer exist. How painful that passing must be.
With love and Light
from Joan Lily Porter XX

Spirits Subtle Messages

I don’t know if you have ever had a psychic or mediumship reading where spirits subtle messages can leave you with your mouth open in wonder.
How did that psychic woman possibly know that?. The truth is the psychic or medium is listening to or seeing what the wise ones in spirit are conveying to them telepathically. Depending on how tuned in, the psychic is, depends on how clear you will get your message relayed.
If the psychic is not properly tuned in then messages can be very vague. When you are given names and places, situations and current affairs pertaining to your life and those events register with you, then this means the psychic is on the ball. Has properly tuned in with the higher power before your reading or sitting. We are the telephone link between the spirit realms and the earth plane. We are not special in any way. Just very lucky to have the gift of seeing what most others cannot.
A wonderful gift and one to be taken very seriously. People scoff at my work on a daily basis but if their minds are closed off or they do not understand that there could be another part of our lives not yet visited then they are entitled to there opinion too.
I read many peoples books and their viewpoints on the afterlife and communication. Do not believe everything you read is my viewpoint. Make up your own mind about what lies ahead and be proud of your decision. The truth will be revealed when we go through the veil at the point of the physical death.
Messages are given from spirit to us in a very subtle way so that only we can understand them. Can you imagine sat in an audience having your life revealed in from of all. That would never happen. Spirit loved ones are conveying messages to boost us and direct us onto the correct pathway. That has got to be good. Thank you for reading my post. Joan Lily XX

Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

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proof that the angels help us

Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

The other day I prayed to the Angels to send me in more work.  This post is Proof that the Angels help us in times of need.

One website I have was not bringing in much work and after my prayer suddenly it seemed to take on a life of its own.  The website is not very high ranking either, but I have not looked back and have been so busy since about an hour after that prayer.

This is proof that the angels help us but only if we invite them into our life.  They will not just step in and interfere.

What can we ask the Angels for

Some people ask the Angels for money to pay the bills.  Romantic obstacles to be lifted from their lives.  Guidance to find a new job.  Strength to cope with all sorts of situations.  Healing for those who are sick.  Those are just a few examples of what we can ask for.  I have even heard of people asking for a parking space when they reach there destination and each time I hear a very positive report of the Angels at work.  Angel cards can be a great friend to have by your side.  Choosing an angel card a day will give you guidance on what to work on for that day or that week.

Do have faith that they will come to you and help.  Maybe not in an obvious way to start with but you will soon feel better for asking for help from them.

A Spirit Love Story



A Spirit Love Story

It was during World War 11, November 1941 to be precise when, as a member of the WAAF, I lived loved and died inside.  As a radio operator, based at Biggin Hill, we were all feeling very war weary, while  trying to cope with the never ending bereavements, all around us.   Comforting our families and even complete strangers and comrades.  It was a living nightmare.  On a lighter note, I would like to share with you A Spirit Love Story that has kept me alive and happy, right up to today, in 1980.

Serving as a radio operator in the Waafs I could keep up to date, with my gunner husbands’ whereabouts.  On sorties and dangerous missions it was always a huge worry, so I was very lucky doing the job I did, that I could be kept  updated.  When after 12 missions, he returned home to base, I was one of the few who felt guilty, because I hadn’t lost anyone so close to my heart, but my turn arrived.

On parade
A Spirit Love Story

One day Pete was killed in the air and I was left feeling lost shocked and devastated.  We had only been married 9 months and I cried for my love and also that we had never managed to have our baby which we so desperately wanted.  At least I would have had a very small part of him if I had been lucky enough to become pregnant.

6 months after his death, when I had cleared out, most of his belongings, I kept my head held high as I continued to work away and refused to leave the WAAF, even after the war had ended.  I had nothing else to live for.

I felt his presence more and more as the months went by, and looking back, probably he was always around me, but in my grief, I had created a brick wall, regarding communication from him in the spirit world.

One night I was awoken by a strong sense that I was not on my own and I felt the rush of love and joy, because my husband Pete was lying next to me, warm and very real in the bed.  I felt warm, happy and very well loved, like nothing had happened to us.  We made beautiful love, the best ever.  It was happiness and contentment, multiplied by 100.  I thought if this was just a dream, which I was enjoying so much, then do let it continue.  I did not want it to end.

My husband Pete seemed very happy too and we went off together to a lovely house he had built in the spirit realms.  Every daydream I had ever had about our home and life together was starting to unfold at great speed.  Yes it was all there and when I looked down there was a large bump in front of me and I realised that our baby was due.

After the birth of our daughter, who we named Rosalind, we were reunited with family and friends, even old comrades who had lost there lives in the war.  Some kind aunt brought a soft toy called Jerry the giraffe,  for our baby girl and gifts of baby clothes and toys from everyone.  We had a great party to celebrate our daughters birth and also being reunited with everyone belonging to our families,  who had passed over.  The champagne was flowing and everyone was enjoying themselves immensely.

After our guests, had gone home to there own houses, a knock came to the door, and there stood a man with white hair and white robes with a beautiful glowing light surrounding him.  Pete informed me that this being of light, was a highly progressed soul and that he had come to advise us.  The kindly spirit being, informed us that our baby was an unwanted pregnancy and as no one would lay claim to her in the distant future, that she was ours for all eternity.

We had not managed to conceive on the earth plane and she was ours for ever, so we were never to worry about this fact in the future.

A rainy day in Finchley Central, London, brought me back to the realisation that I was in fact in my own bed and still on the earth plane.  Where was my beloved Pete and my beautiful new born baby Rosalind.  I felt I had been bereaved all over again and cried and cried until I decided to pull myself together and make the bed.  There in front of me on the pillow was Jerry the Giraffe we had given Rosalind and a strong smell of my husbands aftershave.  Oh how I pray for Pete to come and collect me for another visit to our real home in the summer land.

I realise that my visit to the spirit realms was a taste of things to come and now I knew who and what waited for me when it was my time to go over.  I have no fear of death and every night I dream or maybe I actually travel across with Pete and Rosalind.  I can never replace my wonderful husband so I am happy at 70 odds to know my time here is not for much longer.  I also know now that, had Pete showed me what lay ahead in the spirit world for me 20 years earlier, that I would have tried to take my own life to be with him.  Maybe some things are best kept secret when it comes to our futures after our ‘earth plane death’.  Jerry the giraffe sits on my dressing table and when I feel lonely I pick him up and sleep tight with him in my arms.  I have grown to love my visits to spirit and the great speed in which I am taken there.  Astral travel is wonderful, but always better when someone comes to collect you and take you over.  My family await my permanent arrival over there in that wondrous place where flowers are huge and highly scented, with fragrances you could not imagine, and you can actually see the flowers breathing.

I have never seen the being of light again, on my many other visits.  I feel sure that the spirit wise ones, test us out to see how much truth we can handle and can we get on with our lives on earth, after our experiences?.  There is no other man for me and yet I came close to loving again, but somehow I knew there would always be three of us, Pete, myself and  our beloved daughter Rosalind.


Lily (C) 2015







Crippled Man Walks Back from the Spirit Realms

While conducting a private psychic reading, face to face with my client, I asked her who the man was building up in the distance.  This man called Robert was walking towards me carrying a folded up travel rug.  I could not think why he was drawing our attention to the blanket he was carrying, then suddenly the lady sitter said “it cant be Robert because he was a cripple when he passed over, but he did always insist on his favourite rug to cover his legs while in his wheelchair”.  Robert the crippled man walks back from the Spirit Realms.

All other blankets itched through his trousers she said and we giggled at this, but then the realization dawned that Robert had actually walked back from the spirit realms and onto my wave length to let me see he had full use of his legs now and no longer needed the cherished travel rug, which he had folded up so carefully and handed to me.

The giggling soon ended and myself and the client just burst into tears at the subtle message conveyed to us and also the intense emotion all three of us felt, and I do mean Robert too was feeling tearful but elated.

Psychic Phone Readings
Loved ones returning from Spirit World

It is not unusual for a psychic medium to pick up on the intense emotions we feel when communicating with spirit people and there loved ones.  I keep tissues handy at all psychic readings I conduct.  It is not all boo hoo! and depressing in content, as some psychic readings can be a real hoot! and we have tears streaming down our faces with laughter, for all involved.

Communicating with people in spirit is such a wonderful gift and to this day I feel so proud that I can reunite people with there so called? deceased loved ones.  Honestly they are more active than you and I at times and it is indeed because we are not tuned in with their higher vibration that we can hardly see them in this daily life.

Never feel you have lost anyone to the Spirit realms.  The chances are they are having “a ball” with there loved ones who went into the other room before them. They will visit you regularly and be around when you are crying and laughing. Celebrations and baby’s being born. Our spirit loved ones miss nothing.

Sometimes if I let the odd swear word slip I apologise to my Mum in spirit straight away.  She could not abide bad language.  Not that I swear often I hope.

Astral Travel

When you fall asleep, your spirit body separates from your physical body. Your spirit body makes for the Astral planes. This is the phonemona known as Astral Travel or an OBE. Out of Body Experience.

Usually in the morning on waking we cannot remember anything about our travels but for all you know you could have met up with a loved one and had a high old time together the night before. We could have visited a planet with strange creatures.  If we could remember our travels to the Astral Planes or visited the Spirit Realms and  experienced the beauty there , we would all be queuing up to get there permanently, so the Higher Power in its great wisdom, wipes our memories of each visit. Bells can ring at times when some thing or person seems very familiar to you, or you feel you have met a person  somewhere else. The imaginary step or door that isnt really there but yet your astral body knows different, that it really is there. We can hover a few inches above our human bodies or visit other planets even. The sky is the limit and thats an awful big sky.

We can however, train our minds to Astral Travelling and with a bit of concentration, be quite successful,  for the luckier people among us, they just close there eyes and concentrate on nothing, and off they go, travelling without a vehicle. The lower planes we visit can look very similar to our earthly surroundings but if you have been lucky enough to have visited the higher planes then anything is possible. I personally have seen huge living breathing flowers and I have met up with so called deceased relations and chatted and had a good time with them, like there is no death.  I could hear the huge flowers breath and the scents were breathtaking, but those are the spirit realms where we meet our folks and animals and enjoy each others company once again,  and see all the beautiful scenery.

I am a great believer that a lot of those obe’s are erased or we would want to skip out life on earth just to get there, but no, we have to do our time here, and depending on who we have helped and what we have given of ourselves, depends on where we will end up in the spirit realms.

A good deed a day can earn you, your place for later, and no matter what wrongs are committed in your life on earth, everything is forgiven, if and when you can forgive yourself.

Astral travel is quite safe so whether you want to visit the planets or the spirit realms Life is a great adventure. Joan Lily 2015

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Astral Travel


What does a spirit person look like

What does a spirit person look like? A spirit person or animal or bird, looks exactly the same in there spirit bodies, as they did in life here on the earth plane. The only differences I can find, is that they are free from any aids for disability and illness and are totally free from all impediments and ill health. They usually look  there best and choose the age they want to be, to materialise and present themselves.

If anyone can remember the TV series The Invisible Man, then this is where only certain people can see the invisible man.  Randall and Hopkirk was a good example too. For our younger readers and developing psychics, there is truly nothing to fear and our Spirit Loved ones would do absolutely nothing to frighten us in anyway.  If you sense, with fear, then this is not from the normal Spirit Realms.

Just as in life here on earth, there is good and bad, we must protect ourselves by saying a prayer or just asking the bad feeling to go and do one!. I have even been known to swear at lower spiritual entities and this is where fear is born.

When you try to contact anyone in spirit you open the doors to let whoever in, so do make sure you surround yourself with white protective light before you attempt to communicate.  I cannot stress the importance of this.  People who say your guides in the spirit realms protect you, obviously havnt had dealings with the lower realms..I have and I avoid this like the plague. Those people are folk that refuse to accept an eternal life or that there physical body is actually deceased, the spirit person can look perfectly normal but they may be bad people or even evil. Never but never dabble in anything you do not know enough about concerning the summoning of spirit beings.


A spirit loved one or friend will come when summoned, and it is convenient for them too, and you should sense nothing but Love and maybe a sense of weepiness, over all it is a wonderful truth., where the feeling you sense is of lightness, love and even laughter.


Do protect yourself, all you would be psychics and mediums.