Clairvoyance & Mediumship

Clairvoyance and Mediumship

Clairvoyance is seeing, Clairaudience is hearing and Clairsentience is sensing or using intuition. Experiencing smells and scents is Clairalience. As a Clair everything Medium i see hear sense and smell and the smelling is a great way to remember someone. When my father comes through from spirit i always smell engine oil because he always loved working on his Jaguar cars. His calling card’ you could say. To hear a voice isnt so easy to recognise ie an accent or male or female but somehow a smell is more distinct in telling you who it is. To see a spirit person well sometimes you can see them that clearly you can describe each mark on there face or they will accentuate it this for you so you can describe this to the sitter. All these gifts are designed to make communicating easier for all.There is the medium, the Sitter, and the Guides all taking part in one act of communication. Thanking the guides afterwards and the spirit communicator or loved ones should be a must as it takes great energy to come through from a different level of existence. Clairvoyance and medium ship is a truly fascinating gift from God.

My Mother passed to spirit suddenly in August 2004 and yet she has gone nowhere. The passing was sudden and we never had the chance to say cheerio apart from in the chapel of rest.
I was very close to my mum and had the greatest respect for her.
For most of my adult life my mother lived at a distance geographically mainly because she remarried. We didnt actually become close until her husband died and mother moved in with me in Scotland until she found a property of her own, just round the corner. She was the kindest most thoughtful and honest person i knew in my life. I could talk to her about anything under the sun and that closeness just grew and grew. I cant help but feel that Mum coming home to her native Scotland was our chance to get close and share like we used to all those years ago.
Today i do not feel my mother is very far away infact i could almost swear that she is around me every day, protecting her family like she always did. Making sure we were ok and fussing around. I feel her presence often so to anyone out there who has lost their Mum or Dad. Yes… it is the most devestating loss for you but remember love does not stop at death or at least the physical death and when our deceased loved ones take up their Astral bodies they can spend as much time with us as they choose to. We are the ones left to grieve as we cannot always see and sense our loved ones but they can zoom in close to us and are just a thought away. That is LOVE in its truest form. I hope this article will comfort and help those newly bereaved. God Bless you all Lily X
Ghostly Visitors
You may all think I was dreaming but a body lay next to me in bed last night and yet I live on my own. I felt the warmth and length of this person lying next to me and yet could see nothing. Instead I felt a beautiful peace and tranquillity surround me and complete happiness, so much so that tears filled my eyes at what I was experiencing. Any Psychic Medium would feel the same. As a professional Spiritual Worker I am used to visitations but they are our friends and loved ones. This person had a lovely scent come from their body and yet while fully awake, the presence has gone, but the scent hasn’t. I can smell it on the sheets and pillowslips. I feel I have been honoured by a spirit person coming to keep me warm and assured, because I have been worrying about a few areas of my life of late.
I feel I need a psychic reading now preferably from a medium so will treat myself today instead of reading for every one else.

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