Feedback & Reviews for Joan Lily Porter

Feedback & Reviews for Joan Lily Porter

Hi there this is Joan Lily Porter.

This is a small amount of the feedback and reviews for me, Joan Lily Porter, that I have received. I am so proud to deliver accurate readings. I have written dates next to the feedback.  Please email me your feedback good or bad and I will always reply to thank you. try a day out here its great from Joan Lily

FEEDBACK and reviews for Joan Lily Porter

Already your reading starts to unfold Joan Lily. I needed this badly Wonderful Work 10th January 2020

Thank you for a wonderful reading 10++++ Sarah Mane 14th December 2019

Had a heart attack when you brought my Mum through Amazing Woman Irene Bailey 1 st Oct 2019

I have taken the advice of spirit and find myself in a better place. Marion James 30th Sept 2019

Enjoyed your reading Lily it was amazing or rather you were. A natural Medium and as a cool as cucumber it is so natural to you.

Many thanks for the great reading. There is a lot of food for thought
there and it has given me a good sense of well-being. I feel that the reading is
very accurate so thank you so much for connecting me with my loved
ones. Tony 19/01/2019

Thankyou so so much for your wonderful, mesmerizing & beautiful reading. Its absolutely wonderful & exactly what I needed. Yes I love books, so not suprised my grandad showed those to you & the comment he made about any men around is so him! He was always very protective. And you’ve eased my mind so much about Robert – yes he had a dog, that would be the one you saw. And Robert laughing & crying makes sense too. I will indeed do as suggested & learn about where he is now ( heaven). Just one more thing – oddly enough – one of my cats was acting very strangely at the exact moment you sent the email. ( we have 4 cats!) and our little Sheena all of a sudden started staring at the lounge door, & was very obviously following something with her eyes! Her ears were pricked up & her tail was moving, as if excited about something! I now believe my Grandad & Robert were here at that moment.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely return for a reading again soon!
Warnest wishes, Anna 20/01/2019

Thank-you so much for the last reading that you gave me. It was incredibly helpful to me. I really appreciate it.
Lizzie 23/01/2019

Ab Fab reading Joan Lily, they should put you on the tele 10+++++++++++ Sarah XX


Thank you Lil for a wondeful reeding. Half of what you said has come right just waiting on the rest to happen now. Jennifer Coombes
recd 15/08/2018
I always come back and I am never disappointed thank you so much Linda XXXX
recvd 26/08/2018
You never let me down and always go a step further. A loyal fan *****
recd 06/09/2018
Thank you thankyou thank you Great reading always accurate its scary Julie P
recd 10/10/2018
10+++++ Joan sooo good to share in your brilliant gifts Kathy
recd 02/11/2018

Spot on as usual Joan Lily Will let you know what ha1ppens Craig 15/4/18

Oh my goodness I dont know what to say. 100 % spot on, feedback for you. ……….
You describe my worrying perfectly. I am going to remember those four words you said “All will be well”.
received 18th October 2017

An excellent reading with every prediction coming right.  She is SPOT ON! and this must be my umpteenth reading with Joan Lily.  She is sincere honest and makes time for us all.  My friends use Joan’s service too.

The Kirkcaldy Nurses          3rd Sept 2017

Absolutely Brill 10 +++++++  Mary X                      recd. 15th August 2017

Enjoyed the reading emensely and will be back for another.  Everything you have predicted has come true so far, so this reading today gives me  hope for the future and something to look forward too. ty Ilene   rec.03/06/2017

thank you so much for my reading Joan.  I can move on now with confidence that all will be well.  Wish you all the best from Karen Rennie xxxx                                                                                          received on 14th April 2017

Hi Lilly
Just to say thanks for the great reading. What you predicted has come true and I am waiting now on the outcome which you predicted for May. I well let youknow in due course. Linda  X        xoxoxo    received   17/03/2017

Brillaint reading 10+++ have tried other mediums but always come back to you Joan Lily. You are so accurate and gifted. Kind regards
May Whittaker X                                                                                                               received on the 3rd February 2017

Cant thank you enough. A sobering reply but i acted quick on your guidance and things are working better that i wished for.
Mwah Liz Cummings

ecstasy that every thing came true Joan Lily thank you so much from Rita xoxoxoxo           received  01/12/2016

waited 3 weeks to get a reading with you but it was meant to be as it turned out. what a strange life we live in. I trust you so much Joan to keep your mouth shut, use my feedback but change my name please. love ya! girl

received on 19/09/2016

Thout you were funning wit me I was shocked when he walkd in after nearly 2 years.  I cried so much we both did and the pain all needs heeled. A huge smack on the cheks from me nora ramsey xx           received 03/09/2016

Thank you Lily for a wonderful experience on the phone today.I felt I was talking to my mother once again.  Keep up the good work.  Cathy                                                                                                                       received    20th August 2016

Thank you so much for your delicioous reading Joan it was spot on. I cant thank you enough. Jacqueline XXX (20th July 2016)

A great reading as usual Lily or Joan..You must be nackered after all my probs. Great stuff thanks Robert x (9th July 2016)

What a reading! wow! you certainly have that cos i was gobsmacked. Hope it all comes true though..thanks Mary XoXoXo

After our reading today I feel I have been reunited with my beloved Tom who died a few weeks ago. Isnt this an amazing gift you have to join two people. I am so grateful to you Joan, Lots of love from Irene XXXXX   9th may 2016

Thank you thank you thank you * once again you have blown me away. *Rusty 30th april

What a wonderful gift and so happy I phoned you. quick response and no wait for my reading.  I like that I get the reading with you Joan and not some one using your name.  Accurate and informative and a lot of prediction “super”

Val Clark xxxx        23/03/2016

thank you Lily you’ve been such a help at this time. lol   Maggie  2 nd feb 2016  :lol:

Cant thank you enough for a brill reading. just the job  Brian B  Kirkcaldy  20/1/2016

What a fascinating reading from Joan tonight.. gob smacked by the info she gave me. how could she know all that.  Will be back for more  Jackie Lloyd  29th December 2015

Hi Joan Lily
Just to say a big thank you for my reading. Everything you said would happen has! Ive been amazed at your accuracy and cant help but smile when it all comes true.  My friends will be phoning you for readings.
Doreen Drinkwater  4th Dec.15

What a great reader 10++++++++++++++++
George XXXX     Dec 2015

Dearest Lily, I only wish to say “thank you” for my lovely lovely telephone reading, with you, this afternoon.  I was so mixed up and now I know, that I need to be patient and things will happen when they are ready :-) you have set my mind to rest with your kind reassuring words, truly amazing information and extreme accuracy ….. even down to the colours of his eyes!  I am so pleased to have spoken with you, I feel really blessed x    **** *******  27/08/2015

Couldn’t believe my email reading arrived so quickly. It was accurate to the point my mouth dropped open. thank you so much..I’l be back joan lily Il be back haha!  gail rooney  15th august 2015

Feel so much better now after a reading with Joan lily  don’t settle for second best cos life is too short

Catherine French..Australia.. 1st aug.15
Enjoyed my one to one reading yesterday. It was awesome Joan. Thank you Carol (Anstruther) 17/05/2015
Consistently spot on readings from Joan. Wouldnt trust any one else with my life. Cath 1st April 15

One word Lily – wow… G. 18/03/2015

Caring, compassionate and so honest, to help me and not to hinder or waste time. I feel I have had a genuine reading and makes so much sense. Bless you and your guides Lily Ruby X 06/08/2014

What you see is what you get with Lily but what a gifted reader. I am back time and time again for more Kristy X May holidays 2014


Whoopee Lily all you predicted has come right and far beyond my expectations. You are a marvel and your guides. thank you thank you and god bless you and your great work. Love Marcia x 22nd April

Thought you were kidding at half you told me but its 100% You should be so proud. Judy XXX

Thank you and God bless you ever so much for your sweet honest and prompt reply. I am definitely going to work on myself. You’ve put that smile back on my face tonight. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sweet dreams x T******** 12/03/14

I want to thank you for the wonderful reading I had with you last Friday morning, that was a birthday gift from my friend Gemma.
I really enjoyed the experience and I am benefiting and feeling great from having had the communication from loved ones in spirit.
The natural ease and kindness with which you delivered the reading was very encouraging and healing to me.

I thank you too for my cupcake. I enjoyed a wonderful Birthday.

Wishing you well

Sheena 10th of March 2014

once again 10+++++++ Lil everything you said has come right apart from one and I am waiting for that but know its not due until next month but I will let you know. You are amazing and our readings have lead to friendship from New York Amanda Feb 2014

Your predictions are awesome Joan Lily and I love your Edinburgh accent. You are so clever. Suzy Koo 1st Jan 2014

Another hit with Lily. Why have a beef burger elsewhere, when you can have a steak with her. Laney 20/07/13

Just had a fab reading with Lily, she was amazing and from start to finish I sat with my mouth open at her accuracy. How did she know all that. I am still stunned and have been on the phone to all my pals and family. Keep it up Lily You ARE THE BEST, this is my umpteenth reading with her and she is spot on, funny, friendly and has a lot of love and concern in her heart. Carey Adams 16/06/2013

Totally brill and cannot recommend highly enough many thanks Lily from Christine K 5th May 2013
My son passed to spirit very suddenly at 23 and Lily told me how he passed and why and described him to a tee she also told me his favourite foods and a habit he had while he was here with us. ha ha> Brian. thank you so much Ester XXXX 2nd September 2012

From doom and gloom to hope and positivity with a lot of proof thrown in. An misunderstanding cleared up with a deceased loved one too. It was an amazing experience for an hour of my life. I can move on with a certain goal in mind. I also felt very loved and uplifted..19th April 2013
Lily told me i was pregnant and i told her it was not to be. Low and behold a month later I tested positive. We now have a baby boy after an 8 year wait. so much love and thanks to you lily lamplight. Your amazing truly and what a gift.8th July 2012

Lily predicted my house sale to the day. Incredibly accurate, polite and to the point, what a weight was lifted the day i rung her for my reading.
God Bless You Lily and your Guides from Amie Graham 21/5/12

Have had consistently amazing readings from Lily…never ever been disappointed! Lily does not ask questions and just tell you

what you want to hear…she gives astonishingly accurate, down to earth readings. I would never have a reading with anyone else

and I would not hesitate to recommend her…she is simply the best! Lily is truly gifted.. and a genuine, decent lady…her prices

are incredibly cheap for someone so good! and she must be the ONLY psychic medium offering a free aftercare email reading..

she is a blessing herself… truly amazing..


Anita ( sent in on Wed 14th May 2013)


Dear Lily, from Carol 22nd November 2013

Many thanks for my telephone reading tonight. I found the experience both
reassuring and healing. I actually spoke with you a few weeks ago and had
forgotten much of what you had said during that first reading.

So this time, weeks later I booked a second reading with you, and armed with
pen and paper to jot your comments down, I began to recall some of the things
you had told me previously. Much to my amazement my reading was similar in many
respects to my earlier one. Information about my past and present tallied which
both shocked and delighted me – how could you know so much about me and yet not
know me at all? I think you are truly gifted and it’s wonderful that you
provide your service at such reasonable rates.

I particularly liked the fact that you ‘read’ to me without asking too many
questions. You provided a sense of clarity about my current dilemma around
issues of study and work. You also gave me details about events concerning
future relationships including my immediate family. I will most certainly email
you to keep you informed about personal developments as you are a great teacher and i have learned a lot from you over one reading

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