Free Psychic Healing for All inc Animals


To be added to my Free healing list, please send your name and email address in the form below. You will be added to my healing last and your name and nature of illness read out, each name will be read and people have even felt a bit of a buzz at 10pm when the world unites in prayer.

Free Psychic Healing is sent out at 10pm each evening by a “Reading out of the names”. I link up with the Universal Healing Time of 10pm and from the feedback I have had from others, they do feel better knowing they are being thought of. This applies to those who wear SKIN, FUR, TOOTH, FANG OR CLAW because animals and birds need our help too. Whether you are physically or mentally or just in a low mood, knowing that you will be included in the prayers for Free psychic healing, can make you feel a whole lot better.
Psychic Healing is obtained by tuning in with out Spirit Guides and Angels and asking for the Healing Energy of the Spirit Realms to be sent to all on earth including the animals and birds.