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angry couple - how to keep your lover
angry couple

In my experience of psychic readings I would say that 90 percent of all readings is about troublesome relationships, breakups etc.
Hence how to keep your lover is about when two people are attracted to one another and they hit it off in all areas, as they get to know each other then irritations appear. Some are surmountable with a bit of communication and some are not. I have found through my experience that a woman pushing for commitment is one of the biggest passion killers known.Women seem to be in more of a rush than men and certainly more insecure. OK one of you calls it a day and wants time and space. If you’ve been dumped!

The best way to get your lover back is to do NOTHING. No communication,No letters texts or otherwise and certainly no excuses to make contact like “I have left a CD behind or a lighter or something so petty it is an obvious excuse for contact again. When a breakup has happened it means no contact and time to mull things over and give each other peace to think things through. I cannot think of a quicker way to push your lover away than to come over as needy, cant survive without them etc. We look for in our partners, strength, pride and confidence and not a bag of emotions that bleed. Lose your pride and you have lost everything, including your partner. Be seen to be getting on with your life even though your heart is breaking inside. You immediately become more desirable and attractive once again.
The bottom line is if your lover has not been back in touch again, after say a month or two then it is truly over for now. If they are not trying to contact you to work things out after that time, then they are not thinking about you.That is the reality of the situation, so why boost their ego by chasing after them.
The real test of Love is silence and No Contact then see who breaks down first but if you are female, dont let it be you. Men are better at hiding their emotions but suffer too. If you are meant to be together then let fate find a way forward ie bumping into each other etc.
If you feel your heart is breaking in two then pray to The Angels for strength and ask them to help with your current distress and relationship issues. They will not interfere in your life, unless you invite them in by prayer or thought. If the Angels cannot repair the damage then ask them to give you the strength to move on.

FACT : Only 5% of married men/women, actually leave their partners and it is usually boredom that makes them stray in the first place, too many bills to pay and over commitment, so by having a fling….. this is like reading a good novel, as a temporary escape route.”Yes theres a bond with you bla bla bla.” “My wife and i dont sleep together” “Never known anything like sex is with you ” If you find yourself in this situation…Protect your heart.
Mess with a married person and it will be you, who is the predatory husband or wife eater, not to mention marriage breaker so don’t fall into someones boredom trap.Believe me as a seasoned relationship reader Ive heard it all and time after time the marriage will not be broken apart by you. You are the real victim here and it is so sad. Again Protect your poor heart.

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It is hearbreaking and confusing when a couple split up or fall out and some of the most commonly asked questions I receive through my psychic readings are…will we make up…is there any hope….have we a future… does he/she feel…and so on.
Sometimes there is no closure and we are left hurt angry and very confused.
If it is you that has been dumped or told the relationship is over, then give yourself some time to catch your breath and reflect and try to come to terms with what has happened and why.
Were there signs that you ignored or chose to ignore? No matter what has happened to cause the break up, do not chase after your partner. It boosts there ego and makes you look small. You are far more attractive to hold your own and show strength, dignity and pride. Instantly it makes you more attractive. Let the dust settle for a few weeks and if there is any hope of reconcilliation, you will both find a way to recommunicate once again. There is no spell that will make a partner want you again. Just be yourself and hope that your other half will start to remember the good points about you and your relationship. It is amazing how a couple some times have to go at a distance to come back closer together again. Knowing and understanding each other just that bit more.
It is sad that people feel because they have been together for years that they belong together and that there is a special bond. Sometimes that bond can be “being stuck and in a rut”, being out of love but still have love for each other, not wanting to hurt the other by leaving, so you stay put ” those reasons arent a special bond,but more like a fear of the future and going it alone.”
One of the most over used statements I hear is soulmate and twin flame connection. We felt as if we’d known each other for years yet only just met. The next thing I hear one has gone at a distance because it was all too much, too quickly, so be realistic when you fathom out what went wrong. What people dont realise is, that those self same attractions can be the things that drive us apart in the end.
The commitment issue:
If a couple love/need? each other so much that they cant stand to be apart they will find a way to be together without one partner pushing for commitment and the other not being so interested, then theres a fall out because the person who is ready to commit feels there partner cant love them because the poor man/woman, isnt ready!. Women are terrible for this. Pushing and showing insecurity.
In the beginning if the person you have just met isnt ringing and texting you then they really arent thinking about you but when a relationship is on its last legs you wouldnt expect communication. Give it a month before you make any decisions about moving on and certainly do not contact the dumper. Do a fair bit of cursing and throw an ornament or too but no contact and if there is still no contact after that month, then I think you can say its over. Couples can and do make up after months of being apart but usually to find the same old flaws appear, quite soon into the fresh start.There is a sea of potential partners out there and if you feel your relationship has had more downs than ups then maybe you have had a lucky escape but remember
“You have to kiss a few frogs to kiss a prince/princess”.
Healing.. Ask the Angels for help every day and night. They wont interfere unless you invite them into your life.
The Basic signs are Loss of Interest in each other
Poor communication
Avoiding making plans for the future
Sex predictable and boring
Picking fights to find an escape route
Not missing each other any more,
Avoiding spending time together,
Fantasising about other people,
One cheating on the other.

The ultimate insult in any relationship.The end is near if you can answer YES to 2 of those statements.
Work needs to be done by both to save or selvage what is left of the relationship,but if only one is interested, there is no point in wasting any more energy on something that is going nowhere except the scrap heap.

Before an affair takes place be firm, fair and honest. If already you are sensing distance then its time to look at when he started to go off you. Some men are never satisfied and must prove themselves by always flirting but that’s just insecurity on their part.

Are you a nagger, a whinger or a moaner, If yes! you stand a very good chance of losing there interest, and your partner heading away from you, for peace. Some men don’t want to spend time with there other halves though thinking that handing over the housekeeping is there job done. If your partner is only interested in you in the bedroom department then time to move on. Don’t be a waitress, cook and housekeeper. Its not what your parents wanted for you Im sure. Some men are trapped in their mothers upbringing and do nothing around the house etc etc. Well this is the 21st century and if they want meals on the table etc etc when are they treating you to a nice meal out instead of cooking.

Don’t make a rod for your own back by just doing everything for your man to please him and show what a great wife you would make. Be fair and honest but stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Most of us ladies do but there are the minority that just ask to be walked over.


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