My Cat

Fluffy the cat
Fluffy the cat

This is a beautiful poem titled My Cat given to me by a dear friend who passed to spirit at the age of 42. Linda passed with throat cancer and yet never smoked in her life. The gift and poem was not given to me until after her passing, by her partner. The poem is called  My Cat and was written on place mats inside an ornate tin.




My Cat

You’re loveable, playful, intelligent, bright,

Sleepy by day and active by night,

Gracefully beautiful, impeccably groomed,

No need for fine feathers, expensive perfume.


Sultry, provocative, seductive and more,

You’re the one my heart will always adore,

When the day has been bad and life feels flat,

I return home to you my darling cat.

It always amazes me how spirit loved ones can communicate with us, just like the discovery of these place mats. Having lost three cats in a very short space of time, I was musing about all the happy memories I have of them and just how much I missed them all, when Linda came into my head with lots of memories of our friendship and apart from having a good chuckle at out misdemeanours, she also  showed me where to find the mislaid tin of place mats. I am now using them constantly and they give me a lift to know that Linda knew how I was feeling that day.

Our spirit loved ones never cease to care for us here on earth, or to give us strength when we are feeling sad. I also heard that my feline babes are well and happy but they miss me too so it is not one way, this feeling of loss. However I am aware that they visit me often which is a great comfort and when something goes bump in the night I know exactly which cat is up to his old tricks. Spirit cat or not.

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Joan Lily Porter, aged 61, Scottish born and bred,Popular and Accurate Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritualist Healer since 1974. Angel and tarot card reader. Obsessed with domesticated and wild animals, especially small furry ones. I love my work as a Clairvoyant medium, tarot and angel card reader. No two days are the same in my work and I meet some lovely people to read for. My greatest joy is to connect a bereaved person with there spirit loved one and to give proof of that persons survival. I enjoy reading the cards and the positive feedback this generates. I live in a tiny fishing village called Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland. My home is right by the sea and in stormy weather I have been known to pick seaweed off my front door handle.