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Whether you decide to stay with your beloved pet or not while the vet injects the cocktail of drugs used to render the animal unconscious then stop the heart, it is a very quick and humane process. I decided not to watch the process but kissed my pet goodbye and told her to wait for me until we were reunited. The vet took her away to perform the procedure and within ten minutes she was wrapped up and handed back to me as I wanted to take my beloved pet home for burial.

You know that your hand has been forced to go through such an abrupt farewell, but also you are aware, that it is a kindness to let the old or diseased animal go, but the months of grieving that follows is very hard indeed. You basically agreed to take that animal to its death and that can take a lot of living with. All part of the grieving process until eventually when you are healed a bit more you will start to see the act, as an act of love. My cat seemed to sense her days were numbered and fought not to go into her pet carrier but she had lost so much weight with cancer and was very unwell. She didn’t want to leave me that’s for sure and spent the last 2 months of her life on my bed, until eventually she stopped drinking and eating. My second cat went the same way in a matter of 2 months. You think you are prepared but you NEVER are.

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