Psychic Certificates & Accreditation

Animal Healer,
Can heal the furries and feathered friends
Reiki Healing
Second Degree Reiki Award
Reiki healing certificate,
Reiki Degree 1
Psychic certificates
Absent and hands on healing
Spirit Healer Award

I attended a one week Mastery of Medium ship course to be tested and accredited with Tony Stockwell in Essex.

accredited for psychic reading by Tony Stockwell
accredited for psychic reading by Tony Stockwell

Psychic under the Spotlight was where the Editor of the magazine contacted me to conduct two psychic readings with two strangers.

fate and fortune magazine
tested by Fate and Fortune magazine

All psychics and mediums should be tested by a proper body.  The Spiritualist Church or by someone who is tried and tested as a Professional psychic.  For the clients peace of mind but also for Insurance purposes, a psychic certificate is necessary.


Whilst working for I attended a one week course in Brentwood, Essex, where Tony Stockwell took the class for the week to test us all out.

I gained the Psychic Certificate “Mastery of Medium ship”   Through these Professional psychic certificates,  I gained Accreditation from the UK’s top Psychic medium and thus enabled Insurance for me in the Psychic Industry.  I am also a full member of The National Spiritualists Union and have been since 1974. I hope to study and complete my SNU dip.  I am only 60 but still learning about this wonderful truth.

Mastery of Medium ship
Tony Stockwell awarded this Certificate