Psychic Development School in Pittenweem

The Psychic Development School in Pittenweem date to be arranged.  The cost is £60 per workshop.  Facilitated by Professional Psychic Medium and Healer Joan Lily Porter.  Students fees must be paid first, then you will be booked onto the workshop.

Psychic Development School
Psychic Development School in Pittenweem


As a Psychic Medium it is expected by “The Higher Power” that I teach all those who wish to learn and advance. Teach and advise those students who want to work in the psychic industry.  I am very excited to share some of my secrets and adventures with you.

The Psychic development school in Pittenweem, Fife, will start at 10 am until 4 pm and we will start at the very beginning with an Introduction to Psychic Awareness.

You will be learning to tune into a higher power before the day is through.  This particular workshop is for absolute beginners and those wishing to advance, so whether you want to develop your psychic abilities, which we ALL have lying dormant, or plan to work in the Psychic Industry eventually.  You may want to develop mediumship. You can obtain more information from me on 01333 313351 or by emailing

Notes, folders and homework will be issued on the day, leaving you to decide if you want to further your studies and attend other classes.  An itinerary of the other classes will be in your folder, helping you to decide if you want to continue and advance. The classes will continue in rotation starting again with the basic course and follow on classes.

For all students who attend my classes,  A Certificate of Successful Completion will be awarded and merits awarded in the relevant areas.  This certificate will enable those of you wishing to work in the Psychic Industry, to obtain personal liability insurance, with the Spiritual Workers Union.

A class will have between 5 and no more than 15 students. Refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits will be available as part of your fees but you are advised to bring a packed lunch at your own cost. Cafes are open on the High Street all day. You can either have your refreshment breaks indoors or out, weather permitting. 15 mins tea break morning and aft and 30 mins lunch break. The workshop classes are on a Saturday and Sunday, and it may be an idea to offer lifts to other students and chip in with petrol, but the bus service is very good.

Classes will be happy, informative and you will be working and learning and not just sitting bored, listening to me droning on.

As a teaching medium of 10 years, with experience of 40 years in psychic, angel and medium ship readings, I am looking for genuine people who want to learn and advance with this wonderful truth.

Hope to see you at school. Follow this webpage for the full curriculum of each of the workshops coming up.