Psychic Gift Vouchers for all occasions

Psychic Gift Vouchers for All Occasions

Looking for something different to give family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas time.

Look no further as  Psychic Gift Vouchers for all occasions, a Psychic Phone reading, psychic email reading or a one to one private sitting, can be quite an original gift.  Scroll down page for prices and payments by paypal and most bank cards.

Psychic Telephone Readings

For a psychic phone reading you can either buy here and tell me who it is for and when they would like there phone reading or I can send a gift card to yours or there home address, or a gift voucher by email.  Please state if it is for male or female. The recipient can then arrange with me, when they would like there reading and at a time convenient to themselves.

Psychic Email Readings

A psychic email reading works much the same way, either a gift card can be sent out or a voucher sent to the persons email address, either way an email reading can be delivered very quickly or at a time convenient to the recipient.

One to One Private Sittings

A one to one psychic reading, where the recipient of the gift comes to my home for there reading can be delivered in the same ways as above and arrangements will be made when the one to one reading will take place.

A lot of people are lonely at Christmas time or on there birthdays and maybe have no one to talk to, so what a treat to be booked in for a psychic telephone reading.

There are no private one to one readings on Xmas Day but telephone and email readings will be available all day and evening.