Psychic Meanings

Automatic Writing: is when the reader listens to what the Spirit Guides are saying and either types or writes the messages down. It is used a lot in email readings and msn readings and is very accurate. On par with an audio typist dictating for the spirit guides.

Astrology: The art of using the position of the planets in the heavens to understand the world around us. Most commonly used to look at the character and destiny of individuals. An ancient form of divination.

Auras: the psychic meanings of the Auras are fields of energy, which are found around every living thing. Auras will vary in colour and density depending on the well-being of the subject, and on the proficiency of the reader. (See section on Auras.)

Chakras: the psychic meanings of the Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that allow psychic and spiritual development and spiritual communication to happen.

Circle: This is the modern day format used for spiritual development, i.e. people sit in circle to develop through meditation and other practises. In circle spirit communication is often established for the first time by the individuals sitting in the circle.

Clairvoyance: In its most literal sense this means ‘clear sight’, so a clairvoyant is someone who sees clearly. A true clairvoyant will get pictures in their mind’s eye that can provide very useful information for the client.

Clairaudience: is ‘clear hearing’ and clairaudients hear spirit voices which guide them in their readings. Clear hearing of spirit voices within the mind.

Clairsentience: the psychic meaning of clairsentients is a relatively modern term to describe those individuals with a heightened awareness. Clairsentients do not actually see or hear things, but are able to ‘sense’. In days gone by, they were termed ‘Seers’.

Crystal Ball: A spherical glass or crystal ball in which the seasoned practitioner can see pictures and images. It takes most people a long time to train themselves to see images, which can be both literal and symbolic. They are often used as a focus for Psychics and Clairvoyants.

Divination: The true spiritual origin of all fortune telling methods.

Dowsing: Is the using of pendulums, rods or other devices to divine for water, minerals, energy lines, ley lines etc.

Ghosts: Are disincarnate spirits who have not left the earth plane after physical passing for whatever reason. There are many types of ghosts.

Medium: A medium is a person who is in communication with spirit. An individual with the ability to sense the other side and commune with beings. Someone who contacts spirits of the deceased. In ancient cultures Shamans used to do this, now in the West it’s the Spiritualists. Rather than telling the future, they endeavour to provide evidence of life after death, and messages from departed loved ones.

Ouija Board: This is an old Victorian method of communication with the spirit world. It is not a common method of spirit communication in today’s society.

Poltergeists: This is a spirit that is causing physical activity in a room or a building etc by his or her actions.

Psychic: A psychic is someone who gets impressions through non-rational means. This can be in the form of visions, sounds, sensations and dreams. All of us are psychic to some degree, and these abilities can be enhanced through training and practice. A psychic can work with our without spirit intervention.

Psychometry: This is the reading of an object by its auric energy. This is a psychic tool. A Clairvoyant or Medium will be able to get a spirit link often by holding a personal item of the reader. The art of picking up impressions by holding an item of personal value. Metal is popular, as it is believed to store energy. Psychics can also get impressions of previous owners. Wedding rings and keys are commonly used.

Runes: A Nordic system of fortune telling that may have originated with the Vikings. Runes are traditionally made from wood or horn, and the simple and evocative images can give very direct answers to questions. They are often used as a focus for Psychics and Clairvoyants.

Seance: An old fashioned word, which simply means gathering together to communicate with spirit.

Spiritual Law: Spiritual Law is also known as Karma and ‘the Tao’. Spirit Law is a series of observations of how things work in the Universe. The word spiritual stands for the life force that penetrates everything and is mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. The Chinese call it the law of the Tao; the way of things; a cosmic process within which everything is a continuous flow of contraction and expansion. This flow is called change. The Chinese observed that when situations develop to the extreme they naturally turn round and become the opposite (i.e. if you walk far enough north you will eventually be walking south). This is seen as an interplay between two opposites; however, a pair of opposites is also seen as a unity; the conscious and unconscious are a pair of opposites that are at one with each other. The movement of Tao, or the way, is not a force that is put on something but occurs naturally and spontaneously. Spiritual Laws are not written down and can only be seen to work by personal observation of situations; by looking at why things happen inside and outside yourself; and looking into physical life and beyond it to get a wider perspective of how and why things work according to their own natural patterns.

Table tilting/Turning: This is an old method of communicating with spirit which involves a number of individuals sitting around a table linking and inviting spirit to communicate. This is done by the moving or wrapping of the table by spirit.

Tarot: The Tarot deck is the forerunner of our modern playing cards and consists of 22 Major and 56 Minor cards. There is much debate about their origin, and their mysterious images still exert a powerful hold on our psyche. They are often used as a focus for Psychics and Clairvoyants.

Telekinesis: Causing the movement of and object by psychic forces. This is not done by spirit.

Trance: There are many forms of trance but the state of trance allows spirit to talk directly through the medium.

Transfiguration: The mediums features change to that of the spirit communicator.