Same Day Psychic Answers

Same Day Psychic Answers

You can send me your most pressing questions and as long as I receive them before 8 pm you will receive a same day answer. Sometimes it is not convenient to use the phone for a psychic reading. Everyone in the household or office, can hear your conversation so not much privacy at all.

With a Same Day Psychic Answers, email reading, you are guaranteed privacy.

I notice since the “stay at home” policy has been in place, that the number of psychic telephone readings has dropped down. Now! is this because husbands and wives, partners are all under the one roof or is there another reason.? Sometimes we treasure our little bit of privacy and by using the email service no one can hear or see your answers, unless you want them too.

Sadly the amount of medium ship readings have increased and I do not charge for a bereavement reading. It is so painful for those left behind and I am only too happy to use my gifts free of charge for the genuinely grieving. However we can all help and pray daily or as many times as you feel you need to. All prayers are heard and sending love to someone who has gone home before you is wonderful for them, also asking for healing for the earth plane and the devastated families left behind to cope helps too.

Sylvia Browne predicted in her book “End of Days” that this pandemic would just get up and leave mysteriously, well lets hope Sylvia’s predictions were correct. End Of Days is available in ebook formula on Amazon for a few pounds. If you try to buy the original book it would cost a small fortune.

Send your email Questions after purchase either by contact form on the email page or by emailing me at lily for a quick answer to your questions.

Keep well and keep safe and if life and people are getting on top of you, remember they are all probably feeling the same way deep down, but dealing with life in a different way. The power of prayer and a bit of meditation in Nature, listening to the birds or the crash of the waves or if you cant get out! play your favorite music for an instant lift. A good film on the box for a bit of escapism. God knows we all need it.

Keep Well and Keep Safe