Help from the Angels

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Help From the Angels

Whenever I am feeling a bit low or fed up with my lot, I pray for help from the Angels, for upliftment, guidance and strength.  Maybe work hasnt been going too well or I am worried about finances, in which case I pray to the angels and ask them to send me in work or the means to pay a bill. I swear that every single time I have asked for help, that help has come to me and usually within a few hours.

I believe that if we are not greedy in what we ask for, that help will be delivered. It is amazing how sometimes worries can be alleviated, through a friend, or finding money you didnt think you had, or a bit more in the bank account than you had reckoned on. Physical and mental health issues can sometimes do with a lift and who better to ask than the angels.  I do not pray to any particular archangel or angel, I just pray, with faith, that I will be heard.

If we all put something back into the universe ie helping someone every day, no matter how menial, a good deed a day, praying for someone elses welfare or sending absent healing to people you know are ill, the stray and sick of the animal kingdom, all those deeds thoughts and prayers are heard and acted upon.

Asking for the not so easy to acquire, ie a new job when you havn’t even bothered to look for one or the lottery numbers for Saturdays draw, is a big ask, but with a positive mental attitude and effort on your part you can make your wishes come true.

Quite a few people I know ask for help from the angels, in that they ask for a parking space to be available or the train to be late, or the boss to be in a good mood. I have heard of hundreds of different forms of  help, coming from the Angels or the higher power.

Be good, act good and all will be good.