Psychic Prodigy

Psychic Prodigy

A world famous favourite among the religious psychics is a female – Joan of Arc, born in 1412

Joan heard even as a child what she later described as voices.  These voices prompted her as a teenager to don armour and lead the French army against the English to end the siege of Orleans, her home town.  After Joan suffered several

Psychic Prodigy
Psychic prodigy
Joan of Arc
Psychic medium

defeats at the hands of the English, they captured her and returned her to the French theologians (who were English loyalists).  They called her a heretic due to her ability to hear voices.  A psychic prodigy indeed.

To save herself, Joan recanted her reports of the voices she heard and appealed to the pope.  However, she was shortly returned to prison and raped by her captors, after which she withdrew her recantation and espoused renewed faith in her “voices,” causing her captors to burn her at the stake as a heretic at age 19.

A posthumous retrial in the mid-15th-century cleared her of heresy; it took only another 500 years or so before the Church proclaimed her a saint in 1920.

Psychic Masters

As you may have noticed, , many records of amazing psychic events occurred around the turn of the millennium 2,000 years ago. Remarkable leaders Buddha, then Christ, and a little later Mahummad and Zoroaster,all visionaries and all referred to as prophets-lived at that time.  Those leaders both benefited from and added to the growth of ides that were passed along the Silk Road between the East and West.  Their brilliance survived the formidable Dark Ages that followed, an era that leaves a gaping hole in our knowledge of many subjects.