Cats Who Stray

We all know the worry when our puss doesn’t come home one night for supper. Cats who stray cause so much worry and upset around the family. When their absence runs into 3 or 4 days, the feelers are out. Hours are spent searching the neighbor hood looking through the photo box for mugshots of puss to place on a missing poster and social media.

Neighbour’s are alerted, the animal charities and vets informed, in fact our puss has never been so famous. Psychic mediums are asked when the cats return will be. Cats who stray turn the world upside down until they saunter home having spent time with a new found friend. A kindly old lady has started to feed your cat and he decides he likes having a second home and might have a break there.

My cat called Georgy went missing for 6 weeks. I didn’t know whether to grieve for him or to keep praying and try to think positive during his absence. It was the not knowing that was the worst emotion of all.

6 weeks later and I heard that familiar cry as he jumped in the bathroom window and although he was very pleased to see me I was shocked. He was in great condition, obviously well groomed and fed and he just cuddled up on my lap and went to sleep. The wait was over and no explanations needed or forthcoming. Was he a traitor to me? and preferred a change of food elsewhere. I will never know but he never went away again and broke my heart.

Cats who return

Cats who stray can come back as an imposter. Another cat I had disappeared for 2 months and turned up. After a year of his return I took him to the vet for a check up to find out this cat was whole but my other cat had been neutered. Black cats look all the same to me.