Is There Anyone There

Is there a spirit near me
Is there anyone there

We have all had the feeling that we are not alone in a room.  Help! I think I am being haunted. Is there anyone there.  Something has touched our hair and yet there is no one there, that we can see.  An object falls to the floor but it has sat unmoved for months. A feeling of dread about something we cannot quite put our finger on.

We are all psychic and at certain times can be very tuned into the spirit realms, whether we are aware of that or not.

On a day to day basis, we have so many material things going on in our lives, our awareness of spirit is almost blocked out.

There are times too when we can feel quite frightened. Is there anyone there we ask ourselves.  On those occasions, I would suggest that you say a Prayer of Protection.  The Lord’s prayer or your own words asking who or whatever to leave you alone.

An Uncle of mine who was always experiencing spirit visitors told me what to do.

“sit up and tell whoever or whatever, in the worst language you know, to leave you alone and to go and annoy someone else”  Well in my younger years I have tried that particular routine and didn’t feel too proud of myself.  Now that I have no fear of spirit I ask the spirit person to walk towards the light of spirit, to be happy and reunited with their own families and animals.  Creepy feelings should not be tolerated by anyone.

There is, of course, a dark side to the spirit realms and this is why we have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help us.

If you have been emotionally upset, ill or just generally run down,  a wandering spirit person can latch onto our weak bodies and minds quite easily. Remember to pray and ask God to take this person away.

Sometimes a spirit loved one well let us know they are around.  At times of worry or illness in your life, they do come around to bring us healing and love.  This should be nothing less than a warm feeling of love and peace.  If it does not feel warm and safe then recite your words gently.  It could be that you are a budding medium and weren’t aware of it before.  If those feelings happen on a regular basis then attend a Spiritualist Church or group to understand what is going on in your life.

I am a great believer in incense and smudge sticks to cleanse negative energy from my home. I conduct a lot of readings from my home and by phone and email, and I can pick up on negativity which I clear at least once a week by going from one room to the next.  Cleansing every corner of your workspace and home, with smoke from the incense can be wonderfully uplifting and reassuring.

Lastly, do not dabble with an ouija board unless you really know what you are doing.  You can open yourself to all sorts of spirit energies using one of those.  I should know because I had a bad spirit attach itself to me when I was young and inquisitive.   I eventually got whoever to leave, with the help of my spiritualist church helpers.  I felt an unbelievable fear with this entity hanging around and that is why I would like to help anyone suffering this by writing this post.

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What does a spirit person look like

What does a spirit person look like? A spirit person or animal or bird, looks exactly the same in there spirit bodies, as they did in life here on the earth plane. The only differences I can find, is that they are free from any aids for disability and illness and are totally free from all impediments and ill health. They usually look  there best and choose the age they want to be, to materialise and present themselves.

If anyone can remember the TV series The Invisible Man, then this is where only certain people can see the invisible man.  Randall and Hopkirk was a good example too. For our younger readers and developing psychics, there is truly nothing to fear and our Spirit Loved ones would do absolutely nothing to frighten us in anyway.  If you sense, with fear, then this is not from the normal Spirit Realms.

Just as in life here on earth, there is good and bad, we must protect ourselves by saying a prayer or just asking the bad feeling to go and do one!. I have even been known to swear at lower spiritual entities and this is where fear is born.

When you try to contact anyone in spirit you open the doors to let whoever in, so do make sure you surround yourself with white protective light before you attempt to communicate.  I cannot stress the importance of this.  People who say your guides in the spirit realms protect you, obviously havnt had dealings with the lower realms..I have and I avoid this like the plague. Those people are folk that refuse to accept an eternal life or that there physical body is actually deceased, the spirit person can look perfectly normal but they may be bad people or even evil. Never but never dabble in anything you do not know enough about concerning the summoning of spirit beings.


A spirit loved one or friend will come when summoned, and it is convenient for them too, and you should sense nothing but Love and maybe a sense of weepiness, over all it is a wonderful truth., where the feeling you sense is of lightness, love and even laughter.


Do protect yourself, all you would be psychics and mediums.