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Lovers Cheating

Lovers Cheating

A Drunken fumble and what to do about it?

Have a good cry,then go for a long walk, ring a trusted friend. Its a terrible blow to your heart but you will calm down and start to recover. You have to box clever here and if you still love your man, woman, and this is a first time, then give him/her the benefit of the doubt. If its the second time then for goodness sake clear the rotten energy that is around you and move on.

To err is Human and to forgive is sublime. To forgive more than once is giving the other person permission to do it again and get away with it. Lovers cheating on one another is not real love, it is purely abuse.

We all know what it feels like to be cheated on by a Lover. Relationships and Love, all hopes, trust and respect, flown out of the window. Give it another go??, Where do you go from here…Well you dont just sit down and take it, thats for sure. To err is human but to forgive is sublime but once and only once and I cannot reiterate on that point enough, as a counsellor and a psychic reader to many people.
If its the first time then you have to soul search and think why it happened but for goodness sake do not blame yourself.An embarrassed silence usually follows along with the refusal to discuss the matter. A break and time and space is required and a chance for you to heal.
The guidance is here ALLOW YOURSELF A CHANCE TO RECOVER FROM THE SHOCK AND TO HEAL, BEFORE, you enter into negotiations.
Anything built on sand will quickly fall flat on itself so if your other half has had a drunken fumble or a “you know what” in the dark, then sometimes you do have to forgive their stupidity.