Deceased Pets

deceased pets
Deceased pets live on

What happens to our deceased pets, when they are buried or cremated. They pass to spirit and into there astral body and carry on with the next part of there lives as we all will. We will all be reunited in the Spirit realms.
Have you any spiritual experiences to do with your beloved deceased pets, returning from the spirit world.

Please send your story in and it could be published to help other bereaved pet owners.
When our beloved pets pass over to the spirit world we feel the devastating loss as badly as losing a member of our family, human or animal the love and loss to the owner and family is no less. A Deceased pet is no more dead than you or I are.
I have several experiences of my pets returning from the spirit world to visit me and I wonder how much time they actually spend with us once they are in there astral bodies as we all will be one day.
I would like to build up a collection of true experiences about our beloved animals coming home, because this in turn will help other bereaved owners to cope and to know that they have only lost there pets for a short time.