Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

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proof that the angels help us

Proof that the Angels help us in times of need

The other day I prayed to the Angels to send me in more work.  This post is Proof that the Angels help us in times of need.

One website I have was not bringing in much work and after my prayer suddenly it seemed to take on a life of its own.  The website is not very high ranking either, but I have not looked back and have been so busy since about an hour after that prayer.

This is proof that the angels help us but only if we invite them into our life.  They will not just step in and interfere.

What can we ask the Angels for

Some people ask the Angels for money to pay the bills.  Romantic obstacles to be lifted from their lives.  Guidance to find a new job.  Strength to cope with all sorts of situations.  Healing for those who are sick.  Those are just a few examples of what we can ask for.  I have even heard of people asking for a parking space when they reach there destination and each time I hear a very positive report of the Angels at work.  Angel cards can be a great friend to have by your side.  Choosing an angel card a day will give you guidance on what to work on for that day or that week.

Do have faith that they will come to you and help.  Maybe not in an obvious way to start with but you will soon feel better for asking for help from them.