Are You a Psychic Junkie

Are You A Psychic Junkie

A Psychic Junkie is someone who can have up to 5 + readings a day. Are you a psychic junkie? It is great to have a psychic reading by phone or email. A psychic reader gives you the answers you wanted to hear, hopefully. You experience a feeling that all is well after the reading. To find in about an hour, you are full of doubts about whatever problem you are trying to deal with. Why not ring up for another psychic reading with a new psychic reader and so it goes on. Are a Psychic Junkie. The readings become like a drug you must have. The cost goes through the roof and then you question were those people who predicted my future authentic psychic readers.

The truth is you have to “suck em and see” but the proof is always in the pudding. You have to wait on those predictions coming right. I like to have a psychic reading but it has taken me years to find a few tried and trusted psychics. It is therefore good to write down the readings you have had and make notes about the outcome in the future. How to cure a Psychic Junkie is to stop completely before your phone is disconnected because these readings can run into hundreds of pounds. Yes you are worried about the future but adding financial burdens to it is not helpful. Bite the bullet and how about asking the Angels for help or learn to self read a pack of Tarot Cards with meanings instead.

I hope this helps you kick the habit. Think positive and positive things will happen. A pack of good tarot cards can be bought on Ebay for £6 upward and