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Joan Lily Porter
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As a spiritualist medium,  it comes as no surprise when people approach me to ask why they are having problems in their home or work place.

If ever you feel uneasy or could swear that someone unseen was in your company, this is what to do.  Pray to the higher power, God, Jesus, Mary,  whoever your saviour is and ask for protection against unwanted guests.  Unwanted Spirit Visitors in your home can be very distressing but if you can find the courage how about trying to talk aloud and say “I don’t know who you are but I do not want you here, please go to the light to be with your own loved ones.” Keep saying your prayer, it need not be anything from any book either.  Just say what you want to say to above.

The gentle approach is always best.  We may feel very angry that someone is pestering us but whoever it is has lost their way and means you no harm.  Could be they lived in your home many years before you were even born.  To that spirit person, this home of yours could be the only place they can identify with.

The most usual time to have unwanted spirit visitors in your home is when there has been a passing to spirit.  If the visitor is indeed someone who knows you?  maybe you are going through a difficult time and they have come in to let you know that you are not on your own.

The truth is we are never on our own.  Unseen spirit people carry on with their lives just as they did when they were here on the earth plane.  Yes, it is a different realm in which they exist but they are all powerful in knowing and sensing.  Remember the love bond between an earth person and a spirit person never dies. Only strengthens.

I grin when people say well let the deceased person rest in peace!  What a joke considering they are more active than you or I are.

If you are suffering from a bereavement then keep praying and visualising your loved one.  They are only a thought away and will hear every word thought and deed you send to them.

By feather, fang, tooth or claw, we all go to the spirit realms.  Animals,[sgmb id=”1″] birds and humans alike.  Reunions are going on by the hundreds every minute of our day and your day will come too when you are reunited with your loved one.  The secret is to get on with your life here on earth.  Try and do a good deed a day to help someone else.  Be it a smile or a kind word.  To a lonely person, a kind word or a nod can mean an awful lot.  The stray cat in the street, or the hungry bird, all these things help you to be a truly better person and God will be pleased with you.

I hope this information is useful to someone today.

Happy Praying


Joan Lily Porter

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Joan Lily Porter, aged 61, Scottish born and bred,Popular and Accurate Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritualist Healer since 1974. Angel and tarot card reader. Obsessed with domesticated and wild animals, especially small furry ones. I love my work as a Clairvoyant medium, tarot and angel card reader. No two days are the same in my work and I meet some lovely people to read for. My greatest joy is to connect a bereaved person with there spirit loved one and to give proof of that persons survival. I enjoy reading the cards and the positive feedback this generates. I live in a tiny fishing village called Pittenweem in Fife, Scotland. My home is right by the sea and in stormy weather I have been known to pick seaweed off my front door handle.