Will Your Love Last

Will your love last
Will your love last

We have all been experienced meeting someone new and the feeling of intense attraction, but do not let your new love affair, be built on sand. The Love and Commitment words are dangerous, if mentioned too early on, in any relationship.

Give yourself a chance to test each other out and explore each others pasts and current habits and remove the rose tinted glasses and see each other, warts and all.

As a psychic reader I hear so many times how “he/she is my soul mate and the connection and attraction is so strong that we must be fated to be together.”

Tread carefully!, are the words that spring to mind and when the newness wears off, we are left with a couple who have to split up and take a break from each other, because the intensity was too stifling and too much to cope with. Scary stuff when we feel everything is moving at great speed and you have to ask yourself do I really want to be tied to this person or share that house we agreed on. What have I agreed to?

There is of course the huge matter of sexual intercourse in the early days, leaving both people feeling like they owe each other something, if not a second date. Women are the worst offenders for pushing for commitment. If a couple truly love each other then equally they should want to spend more time together and not be apart, instead of one making excuses for not turning up and the other nagging away at being let down so often. When two people love each other truly, then more commitment will be the most natural, next step, in the world, to both parties and not just one.

Push for more, too quickly and you push the other away from you. Not to mention your self respect going out the window, and you looking like a needy demanding human being.

In all my years of psychic readings in relationships can I advise you NOT to mention the L or C words too soon and the old saying “treat em mean to keep em keen” seems to have the desired effect in the respect department. It is nice to be nice too, but also good to say no! I cant make it once in a while.